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Coloring Page #12 'Blizzard'

By fewilcox
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This one was a happy accident. I was trying to do something interestingly hexamerous with the snowman's head when I messed up and made the hexagon slightly larger than I'd intended. Thus when I polar arrayed it by 60° it overlapped itself slightly, creating a small diamond at each overlap. On a whim I created a triangle connecting the two diamond corners within each hex to its most distant vertex, resulting in the above snowflakes.

After recreating it in a separate document I had planned to expand upon it by adding more lines, but my wife convinced me that copying and arranging it like I did here is better. Once I did so I had to agree with her. It is "sheer elegance in its simplicity" (if you catch that reference then you have excellent taste in television), and adding extra lines to make it more complex would have ruined it. It's amazing how beautiful the simple repetition of two basic shapes can be.

© 2017 CC-BY Frank Wilcox, Jr (fewilcox)
Coloring Page #12 "Blizzard" by Frank Wilcox, Jr (fewilcox) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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