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Charl's Pendant WIP Rough Shaping Complete

By fewilcox
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Two of the many things my wife and I share are a love of making homemade jewelry, and that Charlotte Dunois is our favorite character in the anime/manga series Infinite Stratos. Thus this project. I am planning several decorative pieces inspired by various fictional characters. including the bracelet mode of the Witchblade from the TV show's pilot (and eventually the more complicated one they used for the rest of the sadly short-lived program), several Pokémon pendants in Sculpey, and a headband inspired by Shizuka's in Queen's Blade after her death scene moved me to tears.

This one is first because it's the only one that doesn't require me to expand any of my skills (adapting my limited experience soldering electronics to making wire jewelry) or learn completely new ones (like clay sculpting).

Stage one was to use a drawing I made of it to mark its outline on a bit of wood, then sawing out a rough blank. From there I used my whittling knives to finish roughing out the outline (sans wings since I'll be adding them later). My next step is to carve out the pendant's "eyes", and final shaping the rest. Finishing it will require some research as to what sealants are safe for jewelry since my current stock is strictly for furniture.

Two things have made this project tricky: I haven't done any whittling in years, so I'm adding rustiness to my usual shaky-handedness brought on by my back problems, and the pendant is never drawn the same way twice in the anime. In a way, though, that second one means I have quite a bit of freedom when it comes down to how it's supposed to look, but I'm aiming for something at least roughly like the one pictured here.
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