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TF2 - Rocket Jump Waltz

As requested by a few people on Newgrounds,
here is the piano sheet of TF2's "Rocket Jump Waltz".

If you didn't hear it yet, just drop by on my NG page.
Don't be too slow on your left hand!
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"Piano sheet" ? Whatev ... Trumpet ft Booyyys
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now to transpose it to e flat, thanks for doing this!!
Waywardelvenmage's avatar
Thankyou GOd for this music
MeesterTweester's avatar
You can find most TF2 music here ==>
Marzipanzers's avatar

I'm listening to it right now! :D


It somehow has this classic Pixar feel to it!

applepie298's avatar
amazing um         one question how fast should i put metronome for?
Waywardelvenmage's avatar
C'mon your profile pic is a scout you should know by heart what the BPS should be
applepie298's avatar
That hurt my f33lings. 
Waywardelvenmage's avatar
Im sorry, high five?
applepie298's avatar
Yes please! *gives a gayfive instead*
Alyboxie's avatar
Thanks for making this! Saves me the trouble of doing one myself ;D
Jungmaeng's avatar
Nice! do you feel like transposing the right hand part to Bb so I can play it on clarinet?
Thank you, kind sir, for transcribing the wonderful piece of music.
Abrahazard's avatar
ausome, i love you so much , may i trandpose this so my h.s. pep band can play this?
MAKENNAW12's avatar
This is awesome! Now all I need to do is transpose the top line into Bb so that I can play it on the clarinet...
Kodai-Az-Kite's avatar
This song (this version) is pretty hard solo, on piano. Though, as a <any instrument here>/Piano duet... a cakewalk.
Dissonant-Harmony's avatar
That's wicked cool!
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The melody is perfect but I think some of the parts for the left hand don't sound right, especially in the 5th measure.
Purple-Turnips's avatar
I shall attempt to play it on the piano.:) I'm not sure if I'll be very successful though.:P
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