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Instead of spending a nice relaxing vacation with a friend, i wound up blowing all of the week working on stuff for Dragon*con, which i have to be ready for 2 days after i get back T_T.
Am i ready? Course not!! ^^;

this piece is one of them, another departure from the norm. This was loosely inspired by a Cirque De Soliel show i saw back in july, in one of the "scenes", the shows main singer was dressed in a costume and suspended from at least 25 feet up, her robe draping down til it nearly reached the floor. She had on a spiky wigthing that *loosely* resembles the blondish hair in this piece, kinda had a nature spirit thing going..

My friend posed for me, note the especially haughty expression.. she so cool :hugs:
had to use her Mac with Painter 9, both of which I'm very not used to..

will have to recommend seeing Cirque De Soleils "O" (over at the Bellagio).. i was expecting 2 boring hours of synchronized swimming or something, but it went completely beyond my preconceptions of it, and was that much better in person... amazing...
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w00t I bought a pin of that blinedfolded guy today at AX! I was nice meeting ya! n.n
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The shading is really excellent. You did an awsome job showing the muscles. The colors schem really helps impose a mood.
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This looks amazing! :clap:
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Once again the detail astounds me. This picture makes me want some chocolate!
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This is a rather nice change in pace as far as what you've been submitting goes. It's great to see your creativity at work this way.

I have wanted to go see Cirque since Idon'tknowwhen. @_@ But tickets are just not affordable here *cough$70istoomuchformybrokebehindcough*.
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Very nice. :) I like this.;)
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wow. that is truly beautiful. As always, sunning work!
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OMG... I am so glad I met you in Borders. You will quickly become one of my favorite artists! :+fav:
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HI spikes!
so sorry for the late response ^^;

hows that fantasy art book been working for you btw?
spikes-n-chains's avatar
They've been working very well, thank-you for helping me pick them out! ^_^ I will never look at fairies or trolls the same again! ^_^ Don't worry about the late response, I know how busy you are! I should be getting busy too... AWA in less than two weeks!
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Beautiful! This is an awesome work, and when you look at it it's like you can see a whole story behind it. Wonderful! I also like the girl there, you did her really well. I especially like it that she's real, not super-skinny and huge-breasted. You don't see that much from artists nowadays. God bless, keep up the wonderufl work! :hug: :+fav:
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This is really differet to your usual and still as amazing , I want to play with his hair *coughs*and the rest*cough* XP
fevereon's avatar
XD thanks mango..

beware teh bald chick, shes a tad possessive...
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Harder faster girl!! work work work :whip: Is there a whip emote? guess I will find out after I submit it.. bleh.. :XD: The guy in the background almost reminds me of one of the harkonens from the Dune movie :O_o:

You've done well! :thumbsup:
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Ooh, this is very different from your usual stuff. And it's nicely done. I like the colors, Fev. And that woman looks tough, yet still feminine. Definitely haughty. Heehee. I was wondering when I'd see some "O" inspired stuff posted. Yay! :D
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yeah, my friend can do a hilarious snooty/cruella De Ville thing.. this was a bit toned down from her full on impression..

yeh, i was really wanting to do this one, can't let those memories of the Cirque Shows fade without doingthing with them lol
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I haven't looked at a lot of Cirque de Soleil stuff, and it's a shame really, since there's like 4 (or more?) different shows on the Strip.

But this piece reminded me a lot of another artist's work. She's heavily inspired by Cirque de Soleil herself.
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do you live near to Vegas? kinda sounds like you're in the vicinity..

Regardless, they want an arm & a leg for a ticket to the shows.. if they're under 100 i think that its worth it.. beautiful stuff.. and so much going on, you prolly have to see it at least twice to catch everything :)
RetroSushi's avatar
Yes, I live up in North Las Vegas. I've only seen the Blue Man Group so far, and it was a really great show. Hopefully I'll get to see one of the Cirque de Soleil shows they've got sometime.
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Great color scheme and a combination of natural pose and great concept that just takes my breath away!
mklanglo's avatar those browns and yes Cirque de SoLeils is amazing or so my daughter tells me who works for the Bellagio...
Thanks for sharing.
Be Blessed
fevereon's avatar
wow.. out of curiosity, what does she do there?
i can't fathom how many staff are there handling all that goes on...
mklanglo's avatar
She works for the Bellagio in the Legal Dept. I'm sure you enjoyed the show immensly...
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sounds like your talking about Dralion.
I can see the where the inspirations came from, I love the Cirque du Soleil shows.
I've never seen one live, but I plan too...
I'd love to see Zumanity.

Anyways I love all that work you put into it :D
Esp. the mans clothing and hair, that’s really awesome :D
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