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From time to time, with my 3D modelling practice. I like to go back to basics; and learn, how other people model a particular item. This is a great way, to learn new procedures and develop new skills, which I might have missed before. So, I thought I would be inspired to create another dinosaur picture, after folloiwng an awesome tutorial by Karan Shah.

This is an excellent tutorial, for anyone wanting to create a low poly T-Rex. The links to part 1 and part 2, are below, for reference: In case, anyone wants to try, for themselves.

Despite the tutorial being very detailed on the modelling and UV unwrapping. Unfortunately, it didn't go into a lot of detail, about the texturing side of the model, accept for finished pictures and exporting the UV Map into a paint program.

I really liked the style of the dinosaur that Karan Shah had made. But, I felt that the result from my own initial painting wasn't giving me the lizard texture, which I wanted, for my scene. And, the UV map wouldn't work well, with my lizard scales texture.

I therefore decided to add a subsurface modifier, to my model, to make it a more higher poly model. And, I unwrapped the model and textured it differently, so I could get a more realistic feel, to the dinosaur.

I hope you like, what I came up with. This was modelled in Blender 2.79 and is entitled 'Prehistoric'.
A huge thank you, to KivaPappa, for your generous gift of a month's core membership. I truly appreciate your kind gesture. Thank you very much!
Wishing everyone a lovely and fun weekend! :)
The lure

Over the course of the week, leading up to Halloween; strange things had been happening, in the
small quiet village of Lighthaven. Villagers were been taken away, in the middle of the night; never to

The fiendish culprits behind these mysterious disapearances were Goblins, who feasted upon the inhabitants, with
their insatiable appetite, for human flesh.

Tonight was no different! A young solitary woman sits alone, on the outskirts of the village. She appears unaware
of the approaching menace and the danger, as they sniff the air keenly; with their green astute noses; picking up
her familiar scent. Her pale skin glistens, in the moonlight. This elegant women of slim stature and impressive
beauty is called Clara. To the Goblins. She will be easy pickings. A succulent morsal of food, who won't be able,
to put up much of a fight on her own; against a horde of Goblins!

But, things aren't always what they seem on first appearances! Although, Clara does indeed give off the sweet
aroma of a human being. This lady has a secret. Clara is also half vampire! She was turned a few centuries ago.
And, from that moment on; she needed blood to survive. Her bloodlust was unquenchable. And, after each victim was
dispatched; and she was full. A great sense of guilt prayed upon her mind. But, when the intense hungry took over
again; no one would escape her clutches!

Little changed over the years; until she was fortunate, to stumble upon a white witch called Raven; whilst on her
travels. This talented witch was very powerful with magic; and could have easily slain her; had it been her wish.
But, the kind witch sensed the good in Clara. She could see; that there was still love in her heart and some of
her humanity remained. Raven also felt the heavy burden; that she had been carrying, all those years. After all;
she never chose to be a vampire. It was forced upon her!

So, the good witch spared her and took pity upon Clara. She fashioned her a magical amulet, which when worn around
her neck; would show the true intentions and nature of any animal, creature or human soul. This way, innocent lives
could be saved. And, those who deserved retribution; would be punished. Clara had become a vessel of vengence.
From now on, she would seek redemption, by only feeding on those, who were unscrupulous, corrupt, unjust; or the
most evil.

As the Goblins slowly encircled their prey; their mouths drooled with anticipation, exposing their long, pointy,
white teeth. They sneaked closer, foolishly unaware of Clara's true nature! They pressed on in haste; not realising
that they were walking into a trap! From the second, they had chanced stepping out of the safety of the shadows;
Clara had known they were there. Her senses were more precise and keen. Being half vampire; she was also much
stronger than any Goblin alive. This had been Clara's plan all along! She had heard about the terrible plight of
the villagers going missing; and she had offered herself up willingly as bait; to ensnare the perpetrators.

Very soon, the Goblins would learn the truth, but by then, it would be too late. Only then would they truly
realise their folly; that they would be the ones on the menu tonight!

This is my second Halloween special. Modelled in Blender 2.79 using Blender Cycles and the Filmic renderer.

Wishing everyone a lovely Halloween! :)

I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday. Wishing you a fun weekend! :)
A study of magic
With Halloween fast approaching. I would like to show you my first artwork of two Halloween specials, which I hope to create this month.

The first artwork entitled 'A study of magic'; features my own character called Raven, who is a white witch. She often battles against the forces of evil. And, only last Halloween this valiant heroine came to the rescue of her close friend Chloe, as she was been stalked in the graveyard, by the skeletal remains of the undead. She soon saw off these deadly foes, with her powerful and accurately placed energy balls; and carried Chloe off to safety on her broomstick.

This Halloween 2018, she is taking it easy and staying indoors. She is using her free time, to study magic further. Raven already is a quick learner; and as you'll see, in this picture; she has already learned the levitation spell; which is assisting her with her bottles of potion, as she mixes each spell; in the cauldron, while reading from her books.

I thought that as Raven was indoors this time around, I would hang up her usual blue coak: and give her a nice fetching witches hat instead; and a pentagram necklace, for added protection against evil.

I hope you enjoy. Modelled in Blender 2.79.
The race

For some time now, I have wanted to model a bicycle in Blender. But, everytime, I considered doing the job; I couldn't decide on where to begin, with the project. So, I found myself procrastinating over it.

This week, I decided to take the bull by the horns and finally attempt it. So, I created a bike, based upon a BMX.

I have a fond memory of my childhood; where me and my friends used to race on bikes, or we would set up our own assault course and see who could complete it; in the quickest time.

This artwork entitled 'The race' shows Alex, Amber and Mira competing in a friendly race together on a BMX track.

I hope you like, what I managed to come up with.

This was modelled in Blender 2.79.

A beacon of hope

This artwork of mine is entitled 'A beacon of hope'.

It is a celebration of the marvelous invention of the lighthouse; that helps to keep mariners safe from harm, with its warning of nearby treacherous rocks and coastline. It also works as a guide at night. A light in the dark, when one is navigating the sea.

I hope you like it. Modelled in Blender 2.79.

The little red haired girl's revenge

This is my latest 'Peanuts' fan art, entitled 'The little red haired girl's revenge'.

When I was creating my last 'Peanuts' artwork, for my sister Karen. I told her; that I had another idea for a scene, while I was creating the other picture. So, after further thought, I decided to create this scene, as well.

Most 'Peanuts' fans will have watched the famous scene of Charlie Brown and Lucy together, with the American football. And, just as Charlie Brown is about to kick the football, Lucy always pulls it away, at the very last moment; and poor Charlie Brown goes flying into the air; and lands hard, onto the ground.

Because the little red haired girl was so fond of Charlie Brown and had a really sweet nature about her. I couldn't ever imagine her doing the same thing. And, if she was dating Charlie Brown. Then, she would want to protect him. So, I came up, with this artwork. I hope you like it! :)

This was created using Blender 2.79 and GIMP.

Wishing everyone a lovely and productive week!
Good for you, Charlie Brown

I dedicate this 'Peanuts' fan art, to my beautiful and smart sister Karen; who is going through a rough period, at the moment.

You have had a difficult and tough two weeks Karen: and I am so proud of you, for what you have had to endure! I hope that this artwork brightens up your day; puts a smile on your face: and helps, with your recovery.

Of all the 'Peanuts' characters created by Charles M Schulz. I think that Charlie Brown is my personal favourite. Because he has great m...oral fibre and integrity. And, when faced with such adversity, he never gives up! So, I hope this picture will inspire you; and help you, to stay strong through your ordeal.

Usually, Charlie Brown is portrayed in pictures, with one distaster, after another. But, I wanted to focus upon the positive side of Charlie Brown, when he met the Little Red Haired Girl.

So, this artwork of mine, entitled 'Good for you, Charlie Brown!'; shows Charlie Brown and the Little Red Haired Girl enbarking on a date, together! I also added Charlie Brown's family. Sally Brown, Snoopy and Woodstock, for good measure! :)

Wishing you a speedy recovery. Much Love and hugs Always, your brother Paul OXOXOXOXOXOXO

Wishing everyone a productive week! :)
Penfold's parking problem

My latest artwork is entitled 'Penfold's parking problem'.

It is a fan art of a children television animated series called 'Danger Mouse', which was created by Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall, for Thames Television.

I used to enjoy watching this excellent programme, as a child. So, I have based my modelling of Danger Mouse, Penfold and their car from the original 1981 classic series, which featured the vocal talents of David Jason and Terry Scott, in their roles as Danger Mouse and Penfold.

There is now a reboot of the television progamme, but I wanted to be loyal, to the original, in this case.

I hope you enjoy my interpretation of the characters and their vehicle.

Modelled in Blender 2.79.

Unicorns galloping wild and free

This new artwork of mine is entitled 'Unicorns galloping wild and free'.

I decided to break from the usual tradition of having a woodland location, for my unicorns: so I created the scene on a secluded beach instead.

My reasoning behind this; was that if the unicorn was a peaceful and shy creature of purity. And, they were seen by the real world, as only being mythical animals of fairytale and myth. Then, it was possible; that they could live in reality on a remote island, away from civiliation.

I also think, that when you visit a beach; and you are close to the sea. You get this feeling of tranquility and peace. Which I think would also appeal to the unicorns. Some horse riders even use the beach, to strengthen their horses legs; and the sea water can also be beneficial, for healing purposes, with the salt water. So, again. It would be useful, for revitilising the uncorn's health.

Finally, seeing as horses like to race each other. I also pictured the unicorns running wild and free together, as a group.

I hope you like what I came up with.

This was modelled in Blender 2.79.

A tale of two universes
For my latest artwork, I decided to create a fan art, with two separate universes combined.

I thought it would be amusing to create a fan art, with Bender from the television sitcom series 'Futurama' by Matt Groening and David X. Cohen ; and place him into the Star Wars universe, created by George Lucas.

In this scene on the Death Star, Darth Vader is having strict words with Bender about his work conduct.

Darth Vader: I commend you Bender for your enthusiasm and loyalty to the dark side. However, since you were appointed the position of Moral Officer, for the Storm Troopers Elite Forces; it has come to my attention; that there has been a 75% increase in Storm Trooper absence from their imperial duties. Also, due to the lack of staff, the maintenance and building of the Death Star has been delayed by nine months. Evidence suggests that this may be due, to you opening up a late night casino and bar, on the premises.

Finally, it is reported; that you gave a gift of a crate of Bender's own special brew, to the Emperor; who has now fallen ill. In fact, for fourteen hours, he has been confined, to his personal toilet.

We cannot tolerate such disturbances, in the force. With such evidence against you; a fitting punishment would be to end your employment with us, by cutting you down, where you stand; with my lightsabre!

Have you anything to say, in your defence?

Bender: Hic! Awwww thanks buddy. I have been looking everywhere, for a light! Fancy a beer and a game of Poker?
Physical fitness (corrected version)
I previously posted up my latest artwork, entitled 'Physical fitness' to Deviant Art.

After checking the picture further, I realised that I had made a minor error, with the colouring of the exercise bike. So, this is the corrected version, with the colouring, as I intended it to look. I also took the opportunity, to remodel certain parts of the image, which I previously wasn't happy with.

I would have just replaced the picture, on my previous post. But, it appears that Deviant Art doesn't allow you to change over pictures, with the edit command. You can only delete the post and restart. And, seeing as there was feedback under the image. I really didn't want to lose it, with starting afresh. I truly appreciate any feedback; that I receive; and I also enjoy reading your comments. All feedback is useful to me, when I am trying to grow in my art!
Physical fitness

This is my latest artwork, entitled 'Physical fitness'.

I wanted to practice creating some items, which you would use, for working out.

So, in this instance, I chose an exercise ball and mat, barbell and dumbbells set; and an exercise bike.

Here we have Alex, Amber, Chloe and Mira having a fitness session together. Chloe has just brought her friends some cool refreshments, from the juice bar, after working up a thirst.

The Rocket

For my latest artwork, I thought I would take a trip through time; back to 1829.

This is my interpretation of the famous 'Rocket' steam train, which was created by Robert Stephenson and company. Picture 1 of 2. Modelled in Blender 2.79.



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