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For many years I have enjoyed watching the funny exploits of Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny from the popular American tv series 'South Park; which was created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone and developed by Brian Graden, for the Comedy Central television network.

Disclaimer: I do not wish to offend anyone. So, I  must warn the public and my watchers that 'South Park' is an adult animated sitcom. So, it isn't a programme, you would want your children to watch. This is clearly for mature viewers only, as it features a lot of profanity within its content; and the subject matter can be offensive to some people. Very similar to the kind of humour, you might expect to see in another adult American sitcom called 'Family Guy'.

I have recently been playing a game based upon the programme and its characters. Which allows you to also create your own 'South Park' character. I must say, I was a little starstruck to walk around the many places within 'South Park' and to interact with the famous characters from the programme. It almost felt like I was starring in one of the episodes, as I played the game.

I therefore decided to create a 'South Park' fan art featuring the four main characters Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny. And, I created a 3D version of each character! The other character in the scene is based upon a younger version of myself. So, I am playing the part of the 'South Park' fan. I also chose to make this scene acceptable, for everyone to view!

Created in Blender using the Cycles renderer and the Filmic add-on.   
Date night
After a hard week at work Lewis and Hannah took time out at the weekend, to relax on the sofa with a few beers; while watching their favourite romantic movie on the television.

Created using Blender 2.79 with the Cycles renderer and Filmic add-on. 
Wishing everyone a lovely Easter time! Best Wishes Paul
Easter Egg Hunt
Easter time had arrived, in the pleasant town of Happyville!

This year the important role of Easter Bunny was given to Annabel. And, to assist her in her task, she had her friend Harry the Hare, to help her hide the easter eggs; for the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt 2019.

It was a true honour, for Harry to help his cool friend, in this way!

Created in Blender 2.79 using Cycles renderer.
Bus journey
Creating vehicles is an area of 3D modelling, which I am constantly trying to improve upon. So, I wanted to challenge myself. And, I chose to attempt a classic London double decker bus, with the older shape; that I remembered, when I was a child!

This turned out to be more challenging to make; than I first anticipated, as it has quite an unusual design to it. I think personally there is still room, to refine it more, as certain parts could be more rounder than square.

So, there is definitely room for improvement, in the future; once, I have developed my hard surface modelling skills further. But, I am quite happy, with what I created this time around; and I am glad; that I gave it a go!  Hope you like!

Created in Blender 2.79 using cycles renderer and Filmic add-on.
The number 15 bus
Lewis the Bus Driver really loved his job. He was always courteous and engaging, to his customers. And, he enjoyed the route the number 15 bus took; as he got to see some nice locations, along the way. But, the highlight of his day was seeing a beautiful lady called Hannah; who often crossed his path, as she walked to work, in the morning. 

He would give her a gentle toot of his horn, whenever he saw her; and she would reciprocate by giving him a wave; and a warm smile. They both had a genuine affection, for one another. Little did they know; that fate was lending a hand. And, in a week's time; Hannah would spot Lewis within the crowd, as she performed on stage at the Battle Of The Bands! After that; a blossoming romance would develop between them.

Created in Blender 2.79 with cycles renderer and filmic add-on.  
A hate to be the bearer of bad news. But, sadly my sister passed away on 12th March 2019 at home. As you will understand. I am currently trying to help my sister's children, with funeral arrangements and other things. And, I am also trying to cope with my own loss, in the process; as her passing has hit me really hard.

Although my art is a nice distraction at times from the grief. I really need some time to mend. I will try to reply to any comments left on Deviant Art. But, I hope you can all be patient with me; if there is some delay getting back to you. I do appreciate your support, as always! Thank you!   
Pancake Tuesday
It was Pancake Tuesday. Maria and Hannah were making pancakes in the kitchen. And, Maria was showing Hannah, how to toss pancakes, in the frying pan. Unfortunately, Hannah's technique for flipping the pancakes needed a little more work; as Alex was soon to find out! Not that he was bothered by the mess, in the kitchen. He was happy enough tasting the delicious pancakes, which Maria and Hannah had made!

Made with Blender, using the cycles renderer and the Filmic add-on. 

Online Dating
In today's society, Online Dating has become a popular way, to find love. To begin with, it used to be frowned upon a little. But, now with the popularity of apps and social media; it has become a kind of taboo. There are some people, who have met their soulmate on the internet and are now happily married. So, love is no longer restricted, to just meeting people at work, or in bars and clubs.

I personally have nothing against Online Dating. It is up to the individual. And, if it is to your thing or not. Then that is cool! I certainly won't judge; whatever your preference. But, I do find it amusing, how some people like to exaggerate things on their profile, or leave certain information out; which is why I was inspired to create this artwork; featuring Pierre and Bianca meeting on an Online date!

Hope you like it.

This was created using Blender 2.79 and the Cycles renderer and Filmic add-on.   
A Peanuts Valentine Part 2 of 2

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

This is Part 2 of my Peanuts Fan Art.

Below is a link to A 'Peanuts Valentine' Part1…

I hope everyone has a wonderful and special day.

This artwork was created in Blender 2.79, with the Cycles renderer and Filmic Add-on.

A Peanuts Valentine Part 1 of 2
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

This year, I thought I would create another fan art, featuring the lovable characters from the Peanuts comic strip; created by Charles M Schulz.

I thought it would be fun and also great modelling practice, to challenge myself and create some of the other Peanuts characters in a scene, along with the characters I had previously made. However, I ended up creating the majority of them, in the end. And, with there been so many characters; I had to split them into two separate scenes.

So, this is the Peanuts gang enjoying themselves on Valentine's Day. It features some original characters, along with others who followed later, in the comic strip. I tried my best, to attempt each character, in my own way. Some worked; and others didn't! But, hopefully you will still be able to tell, who the characters are meant to be, from their details.

This was also a very useful experience, for practicing different hairstyles on the characters.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and special day.

This artwork was created in Blender 2.79, with the Cycles renderer and Filmic Add-on.
Let's rock

Chloe and Mira were excited. This would be the very first time, they had entered the famous
'Battle Of The Bands' contest. A daunting task indeed, for any newbies. Because, the competition was very tough!

But, these ladies weren't alone in their challenge. Chloe's elder sister Maria had agreed to be the bands lead
singer and she had brought along her close friend Hannah; who would assist Chloe on the guitar.

"We are 'Inspired!' And, we are here to entertain you"; Maria proudly announced to the crowd. As the other ladies of the group
moved into their positions on stage. They looked out at the awaiting audience. A positive thought
spurred them on, as they sang and played, to their heart's content!

Win or lose; this would be a most wonderful and fun experience,
for them all. An unforgettable memory, to treasure forever!

I dedicate this artwork, entitled 'Let's rock', to all those talented and creative musicians, singers and songwriters, who brighten up the world, with their beautiful music.

Wishing everyone a lovely and productive week! :)
Boeing 747
For a while now, I have wanted to challenge myself, by having an attempt at modelling a large aeroplane. So, I decided to try and model a Boeing 747.

To assist me, with some of the modelling; I found a brilliant tutorial by Andrew Price of Blender Guru on YouTube. Which was very useful. Below are the links, to part 1 and part 2 of this wonderful tutorial:……

I chose to deviate away from the tutorial; as I wanted to model in the windows and doors of the aeroplane. Unlike the tutorial, which uses a texture, to achieve this job!

Sometimes, people say. 'Less is more!'. And, in this case. It was true! By modelling in the windows and doors, I actually made the job much more complicated and I created way too much geometry, in the process. Because of this, my windows didn't quite line up properly and because the camera is further away. It didn't really add any value to the model, either. Although, there is a glass texture applied to all the windows of the aeroplane. You cannot see it; because of the distance from the camera!

So, despite my own mixed reactions over my artwork. I am still pleased with my efforts. I did at least attempt the model. And, I did learn from it. So, my experience wasn't only negative. I did find some positives in there, as well. I felt I did a pretty good job, with the shaping of the plane and colouring it. And, I also like, how my engines turned out.

There is certainly room for improvement, in the future. And, the next time I build an aircraft of similar dimensions. I will certainly be taking the texture route, instead, for the windows and doors.

Modelled in Blender 2.79 using Cycles Renderer and Filmic Add-on.

Denis breaks a tooth!

While Denis was eating his breakfast, he suddenly felt some discomfort in his mouth. He had broken his first
tooth! As he walked over casually to the bin, to deposit the small enamel object into it; his mother suddenly
cried out. 'No Denis, don't do that! Promise me, you will put that tooth of yours under your pillow tonight.
Because, if you do something magical will happen over night!'

Denis looked back, rather puzzled at his mum. He knew that his mother was wise. And, despite how crazy the story
seemed. He did have a big imagination. And, he knew his mother would never lie to him. So, as instructed.
He placed the remnant of the tooth beneath his pillow and he fell fast asleep.

As he slept comfortably; dreaming about knights of old and maidens requiring rescue from ferocious dragons. He
failed to notice that two magical, tiny people had entered his room. These cheery little folk were called

Clover the blue fairy had already dispatched the small tooth from beneath the pillow, with such precision
and skill. It was now the job for Primrose to excecute the most important part of all. She gazed at Clover, while
clutching a large, shiny coin, in her hands. It was very daunting for her! She was been trained by Clover, to
become a tooth fairy. And, this was her first night, in the field. Clover understood her fear. But, she had every
faith and confidence, in the talents of her pupil. 'Go ahead Primrose. You've got this!'; she said, with a gleam
in her eyes.

The next day Denis would awake and check under his pillow. And, to his astonishment he would find that his tooth
had mysteriously gone and a nice shiny coin would be sitting there, in its place!

Created in Blender using Cycles renderer and Filmic add-on.

The Tortoise and the Hare

This latest artwork of mine is based upon Aesop's fable 'The Tortoise and the Hare'. It features my characters
Harry the Hare and Tobias the Tortoise.

This is a story which I fondly remember, when I was a child. It is about an over confident Hare, who brags that he is
the fastest animal alive. Very soon, the Tortoise grows bored of hearing the Hare brag; so he decides to
challenge the Hare to a race.

As you would imagine the Hare sets off, at such a quick pace; leaving the steady Tortoise far, far behind. Because
the Tortoise is moving so slowly, the Hare makes the fatal mistake of taking a nap besides a tree. It is only,
when the Hare hears the animals cheering the Tortoise on; that he awakes. Again, he rushes off at such a pace and
heads for the finishing line. Only to find the Tortoise has already crossed and finished the race. It is that
moment, which I tried to capture in my artwork.

I personally think you can learn a lot from this fable. It is good to be proud of your work; and to get a buzz
from doing it. But, like the Hare got too over-confident of himself. It is far too easy to become conceited and
big headed, if you let it go to your head. As, they say. 'Pride comes, before a fall'. So, I think it is always wise
to stay grounded, in oneself, despite your abilities! I also like the steady approach of the Tortoise. In our world
today, it seems like everyone is rushing around, like headless chickens; wanting to go from A to B, as quickly, as
possible. Sometimes, it is best to take the slow, steady path, like the Tortoise did. Or, you can miss out on so much.
By taking your time. You can enjoy the wonders of the world around you; and also learn new exciting things, which might
have been missed, if you had rushed through things.  

I hope you like my interpretation of the story!

Created with Blender 2.79 using Cycles Renderer and the Filmic add-on. 

Wishing all my artistic and creative friends a lovely New Year's Eve celebration; and a fun and exciting Happy New Year, for 2019!
Beach Volleyball
This artwork entitled 'Beach Volleyball' was inspired by a childhood memory of mine, when I got the chance to play this wonderful. fun sport; while I was away on a school trip.

Here are a group of friends; who are playing the game on the beach.

Created in Blender 2.79, with the Cycles Renderer. 
Merry Christmas, one and all.

Thank you for your continued love and support; your favourites, watches and beautiful comments. They are always appreciated, along with your positive critique!

Happy festive and seasonal holidays to everyone! 
The night Chloe saw Santa
This is my latest festive artwork, entitled 'The night Chloe saw Santa'. I hope you like it!

Wishing everyone a fun and exciting Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

And, for all those; who don't celebrate Christmas. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Near to you, too.

Created in Blender 2.79 with Blender Cycles.


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