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Welcome to the Feudal Association's Deviant Art Group. This is a companion site to the Feudal Association awards guild that honors the fan-fiction and fanart works of Rumiko Takahashi's InuYasha.

While we welcome all InuYasha fans to join us in celebrating the authors and artists that share their work with us, we must also set guidelines for submissions and behavior as members of the group.

Feudal Association Guidelines

* Only members will have their work featured.

* Plagiarism and art theft in any form will be followed by a permanent ban.

* Original fanfiction and fanart only.

This means...

No screen-caps, cosplay, manga scans, dolls, bases, stamps, animations, graphics (Unless it's part of the fanart), or memes.

*OC fanart, or fiction that feature OCs as lead characters, must be accompanied by a character from InuYasha or it will not be accepted.

(i.e. Your OC along with InuYasha, Kagome, Sesshomaru, etc.)

*Story Banners and artwork/thumbnails for fanfiction

When submitting fanfiction to this group, the use of screencaps, or story banners made with screencaps, is allowed. However, if you're using thumbnails and/or pictures of artwork, you must be prepared to show proof of ownership or proof of permission from the original artist (that includes full credit and a link to the original artist in your author notes). The Feudal Association reserves the right to refuse any fanfiction using artwork that cannot be verified. If not, we will consider it a form of art theft.

* We're not grammar Nazis, but your work must be legible, understood, and in the English language.

* Adult fiction and art must have a mature filter.

* Members are limited to two submissions, per gallery, per day.

* Submit your work to the correct gallery or we will deny it and ask you to resubmit.

*No spamming, wanking, or harassing other members or staff.

* Admins reserve the right to decline any deviation, with or without explanation.

* We operate on a two strike system. Third strike and you are banned.

Fiction Ratings:

* G: Intended for those 10 years and older. Content should be free of any coarse language, hard violence, and adult themes.

* PG: Suitable for mature children, 14 years and older, with mild violence and coarse language. Should not contain adult themes.

* R: Suitable for teens, 16 years and older, with some minor violence, coarse language, and mild adult/sexual themes.

* NC-17: Mature adults only. May contain hard language, graphic violence, and explicit sex/adult themes.

**Shotacon and Lolicon will not be accepted in any category.**

Contact an admin if you're having a problem submitting your work.


Heart of Bakusaiga by Animaker131 Heart of Bakusaiga :iconanimaker131:Animaker131 622 97 ..+Forest of Secrets+.. by InuKagomeluvrs ..+Forest of Secrets+.. :iconinukagomeluvrs:InuKagomeluvrs 170 63 I know there's a heart inside by Zyephens-Insanity I know there's a heart inside :iconzyephens-insanity:Zyephens-Insanity 529 51 Modern Date by Ayamegusa Modern Date :iconayamegusa:Ayamegusa 102 35

Gallery Folders

Commission Bankotsu and Hiten fight by xong
Guardian Angel by Animaker131
35.+ GOLD.+. by InuKagomeluvrs
You are crying by TaniaC
Current Nominees
Award Winners - FanArt

Mature Content

IY: I won't leave you alone by Kay-I
inuyasha x sesshomaru by Yokuna-chan
Kohaku y Rin Obon by FanasY
Welcome Home by SangoXMiroku132
Award Winners - FanFiction
Canon Art
IY - A Free Moment by quirkypaynesgrey
Sunset Inu Kag by Azure-Harmony
couple drawing meme: Miroku and Sango by Unlovedneko-chan94
Foxy boy by Unlovedneko-chan94
"Fanon" Pairings
all i ever wanted was to have you by Unlovedneko-chan94

Mature Content

Lust by Unlovedneko-chan94
Protector?! by stormhelen
Sesshomaru and Kagura by inu-sessh-rin
Alternate Universe Art
rough night huh? by Unlovedneko-chan94
Big Dog by LenBarboza

Mature Content

Inferno by LenBarboza

Mature Content

EROween by LenBarboza
Art Inspired by Fan-Fiction
Byakuya (yomitan fanfic version) by Ikro2009
you are not monsters,you are half-demons by Unlovedneko-chan94

Mature Content

1616: Surat, India by AgustinaKazuyo

Mature Content

Alternative version. 1615: Surat, India by AgustinaKazuyo
IY with OCs or Crossovers

Mature Content

:I by Unlovedneko-chan94
Tired of your Bs by Unlovedneko-chan94
sup bro by Unlovedneko-chan94
Alone again by Unlovedneko-chan94
Humorous Art
tale as old as time by Unlovedneko-chan94
A for effort by Unlovedneko-chan94
damn  you Miroku by Unlovedneko-chan94
2017-NOV 10 sesshomaru by RYOxKJ
Lineart -Sketches-Uncolored
Sesshomaru by Mistress-Kagura
Troubles of the heart - cover by neko-comix
Fan-Fiction Rated R

Mature Content

IY: Volume II|Like Father Like Son| by OmuYasha


Seeing as we're having Site difficulties the March 2016 Term is on hiatus until further notice.

I apologise for any inconvenience.

Feudal Association
    Oct, 2015


Best Romance Artwork
1st - "Welcome Home" by SangoXMiroku132
2nd - "Kohaku y Rin Obon" by FanasY
3rd - "Inuyasha-Kikyo and Naraku" by Pangurbann

Best Overall Artwork
1st - "IY: The Sunset" by Kay-I
2nd - "They changed the World" by FRiizer
2nd - "Worthy Men Shall Be Rewarded" by Invisible Ninja 12
3rd - "inu yasha again" by xong

Best Kiss Artwork
1st - "Yuumoya" by Invisible Ninja12
2nd - "Hakage" by invisibleninja12
3rd - "Study Time" by Rocioo

Best InuYasha/Kagome Romantic Artwork
1st - "I Won’t Leave You Alone" by Kay-i
2nd - "IY: Two in the field" by Kay-I
3rd - "Inukag: Walking Routine" by Rocioo

Best Humorous Artwork
1st - "The Struggle For Power" by CarnivorousCaribou
2nd - "Hella-Inuyasha-Sess-Lame Hug" by Roryalice

Best Heterosexual Artwork
1st - "IY: Two in the field" by Kay-I
2nd - "Lovers" by Arlome
2nd - "The Sweetest Thing" by righteousred

Best Group Depiction
1st - "Inuyasha no Tachi" by fluffy-fuzzy-ears
1st - "Raindrops 08 -Cover Sketch" by youkaiyume

Best Dark Artwork
1st - "Fearless 2" by Lila-me
2nd - "Inuyasha: I tried (Color!)" by ebjeebies

Best Character Portrait
1st - "IY: Human Inuyasha" by Kay-I
2nd - "Kagura of the Wind" by Eeddey

Best AU/AR Artwork
1st - "Movie Moments – Prince of Persia" by Isadora-Legata
2nd - "Comm-Kitsunehime 89" by Roryalice

Best Yaoi/Yuri Artwork
1st - "inuyasha x sesshomaru" by Yokuna-chan


Feudal Association
Oct, 2015


Best Romance Fiction
1st - "Lord Charming" by forthright
2nd - "Kisu o Shite Moiideshyouka?" by Phoenix-Talon
3rd - "Midnight Masquerade" by LuxKen27
3rd - "No More Running" by Aijo Inu

Best Oneshot Fiction
1st - "The Kids Are (Gonna Be) Alright" by eruriku
2nd - "Hanyou" by FrameofMind
3rd - "A Different Kind of Family" by Reason 2.0
3rd - "Miscellany-3. The Wrong Brother" by Chie

Best Lemon
1st - "Spring Cleaning" by monophobian
2nd - "Heal" by Scribe Figaro

Best InuYasha/Kagome Romance Fiction
1st - "The Return" by Sweet Inu Girl
2nd - "Ride With Me" by ebjeebies
2nd - "Shades of Gray" by Fallenangel7583

Best Humorous Fiction
1st - "Stranger than Fiction" by Chie
2nd - "Mellow" by Evervescent
3rd - "Hands Off!" by Shauntal

Best Ficlet
1st - "Procession" by Starzki
2nd - "Trump Card" by Paynesgrey

Best Drama Fiction
1st - "The Coyote Child" by Terri Botta
2nd - "Chances Worth Taking" by kakkn
2nd - "Light Me a Lantern" by LittlestTrainWreck
3rd - "Second Chances" by kagome313
3rd - "The Real You" by Rory Maria

Best AU/AR Fiction
1st - "Feudal World" by sankontesu
2nd - "If You Only Knew" by TakaiWolf
3rd - "Headwind" by ebjeebies

Best Angst Fiction
1st - "Guilty Hero" by Eggry
2nd - "Getting Used to Drowning" by Shinjite Florana
3rd - "Fade and Flare" by Pinku

Best “In-Character” Fiction
1st - "The Return" by Sweet_Inu_Girl
           Character: Inuyasha
2nd - "Guilty Hero" by Eggry
          Character: Inuyasha
3rd - "To See The Unnoticed When Blind" by tearsofthecrescent
          Character: Kagome
Feudal Association, April 2015 - 10th Anniversary! :w00t:

Been some term, jeez, lol.
Term ran sweet, was all the BG and RL stuff that rather sucked >.>

Anyways... here be the Official Win List for the April 2015 Term.

All Awards are posted at our Photobucket Acct.

And would like to give a huge Thanks to jojo-kun for all the Award Art! :iconinuclapplz:

Links to the Awards:

Fiction Awards:…

Art Awards:…

Official Win List ...

Feudal Association, April 2015 - 10th Anniversary

Congrats to all winners!  :iconinuspazplz:

@@@@@@@@@@  FAN-FICTION @@@@@@@@@@@

Best “In-Character” Fiction
1st - Loyalty Tested by Griddlebone Character: Sango
2nd - Where the West Wind Blows
         by Evil-Sama Character Kagome

Best Angst Fiction
1st - Memories of You by Kmoaton
2nd - Beside You in Time by RosieB

Best AU/AR Fiction
1st - Uncontrollable by Kinky-Hoe
2nd - At First Sight by inufan625/auraxoxo
3rd - The Impossible Possibilities of Love
               by 3lue 3utterfly
3rd - Untitled by HugglesXKitten

Best Drama Fiction
1st - The Unquiet Winds by Pa
2nd - Heart's Landfill by Simonkai of Inuy
2nd - Of Consequences and Redemption by Strawberry Grasshopper
3rd - Beside You in Time by RosieB

Best Ficlet
1st - The Demon Market by Ginnemiko
1st - To Bind Her by Paynesgrey

Best Humorous Fiction
1st - Filial Piety by Tsuki no Tennyo (108am)

Best InuYasha & Kagome
   Romance Fiction
1st - Blackout by King Baka
1st - The Color of Hope by Neisha
2nd - Wild Honey by Neisha
2nd - Answered Prayers by auraxoxo

Best Lemon
1st - Wicked Verse by DaiyoukaiGeisha
1st - Philter by Starzki

Best Oneshot Fiction
1st - He Just Wouldn’t Stop
           by ArtisteFish
1st - What the Heart Wants
             by sarhea

Best Romance Fiction
1st - Philter by Starzki
1st - The HimeTradition
by Sesshoumaru’s Secret Admirer
2nd - The Hunter by Langus

Best Yaoi/Yuri Fiction
1st - Fetish by SplendentGoddess

@@@@@@@@@@@@@  FAN-ART   @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Best AU/AR Artwork
1st - The Clingy One by nonidipriv
2nd - Inuyasha – Kikyou and Naraku by Pangurbann
2nd - School Days – Coloured by QueenOfTheCute(artist)/Shinsei-Kokoro(colorist)

Best Character Portrait
1st - Lord Sesshoumaru’s Mother by eeddey
2nd - Kikyo by Gabrielleandhita
3rd - Yura the Hair Demon by Litteria

Best Dark Artwork
1st - Inu yasha Commission by Xong
2nd - Purifying Flames by Midorisa
3rd - Blood hunt by  ALM82

Best Group Depiction
1st - Modern men of Inuyasha HumanVersion by Jenkeo
2nd - 3p by bianbianhuagfang
2nd - Inu Yasha Group by just-milk

Best Heterosexual Artwork
1st - At the Climax by Blood-runs -thick
2nd - OniKik – Forbidden encounter by Nolven
2nd - Stealing a Kiss by Ambereyedinu

Best Humorous Artwork
1st - Fluffy by Miria696
2nd  Mom hugs by shakespearemelody

Best InuYasha & Kagome Romantic Artwork
1st - Inuyasha and Kagome 8D by tenchufreak
1st - Itsumo by Yutaan
2nd - IY: Returning into the Past by kagome-inuyashkina

Best Kiss Artwork
1st - SessKag : Kiss by Ebony-of-the-Moon
2nd - This Kiss by br3nna

Best Overall Artwork
1st - Commission – Inu no Taisho and Izayoi by Cati-Art
2nd - Inu yasha commission by Xong
2nd - Red Mountain by MoonofYomi

Best Romance Artwork
1st - Inu no Taisho and Izayoi by Fanasy
2nd - Your Flaws Make You Beautiful by Hanyou-no-miko

Best Yaoi/Yuri Artwork
1st - Naraku-Yukata-anniversary by Sesshomaruuke122
2nd - Please… stay by KadajSpira
2nd - Kikyou and Kagome by girlofinuyasha
That's right! The Feudal Association was founded in 2005 by author/artist, Dark Avenger, so this year is our 10 year Anniversary. :iconinuspazplz:

Our 1st term of 2015 is to begin tonight, April 1, at midnight so I hope lists are ready!

If you are not yet a member at our Main Yahoo Group, where all the nominating and voting takes place, it's easy to join.  Just go here;… , and sign up.  :iconinuwinkplz:

Come on in, take part and have fun!

More Journal Entries

Group Info

We are a group of writers, artists, and enthusiasts of the InuYasha fandom, but we are also an award guild that recognizes fan-fiction and artwork. Several times a year we nominate, vote, and hand out honors to some of the best creations in our fandom.

If you are a lover of InuYasha, we invite you to join us! Submit your fiction, art, or just come in and have some fun; it's a great way to discover new works and expose your offerings to our guild.
Founded 10 Years ago
Jan 7, 2010


Group Focus
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:iconsesshbeautifulplz:Hello everybody!

Come on in and cop a squat.:iconmirokuthinkplz:

Stick around a spell, :iconinuhumanplz: and enjoy the view. :iconinusexyplz:

And thanks much to o0OInuyashaO0o for making and allowing the use of his lil Inus'.
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2015 Inuyasha Calendar: Pre-Order until 12/25! by KrisCynical

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SesshoumaruxYume - InuYasha…


Two long lost friends seperated by war but reunited by her death. After many long years Yume has lost all memory of her child hood freind . As Yume is about to fall into the world of Eternal darkness she is rescued by a handsome demon with long silver hair and the mark of a crescent moon on his forehead. This man seems so familiar to her but at the same time a stranger. Will Yume ever find out who this handsome man is that saved her from death? Or will a new love bloom that will recover her hidden memories of a long lost past.

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