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Aurora Borealis by fetusflower Aurora Borealis :iconfetusflower:fetusflower 2 0
Helium In Yr Balloon
She came screaming up my branches
and hacking false pneumonia
She challenged my persona
with her raw nerve smile
Her halo in her eyes she said:
"I am the helium in your balloon!"
But she is also the stain in the bathroom
and the dust on these ancient shelves
collected over many years
of memories fresh and faded
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eat me mighty swan
Scream into the canyons
Climb out of the caverns
Wash the dirt from off your skin
I want to be underground again.
(direct me to my viking funeral,
fire floating on the water)
Echo tears my tokyo sun
Echo kills my gentle flower
Echo pollutes my twilight rivers
Echo drowns my screaming hole
(time for time to take its toll)
Eat Me, Mighty Swan!
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endless oceans of oranges
violet dawn, purified clarity
detailed calamity (she burns so slow!)
Burst into flames miss neon glow
(radioactive=sexually attractive0
give me a tip of the hat!
the face where you spat does nothing but laugh
is it that obvious?
someday the face in the mirror will disappear
conquer your dreams and make all your fears come true
oh mommmy mommmmmy where is my lobotomy?
disengaging the agreement
sit and watch it happen, just like a movie
slow motion adds suspense
work out fine details
caressing the assessment, controlling all instruments
as the right wing grazes the boulder of god
the aeroplane falls flaming into the valley
passengers screaming; losing control of their bowels
i watched it happen in my head.
another broken promise.  another white lie.
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Your Name Goes Here
the blaze comes off as completely mutual completely neutral
charmed by your self defense.  self interest.  self neglect.
your magic hands and opinionated stance on this topic make you a
well sought out tree in the fields.
personal decision total lack of intrusion
the end justifies the means
seperate the weak
explore your delusions with all the amusement of a bright eye pink cheek child
nondescript no detail no questions provide
the answers you'd so like to hear
nothing but a grimy old photograph
of a place that no one knows
a place no one has seen
a place no one had been
a vein you never found.
drinking my poison in your evening gown.
she was an illustrated miracle in motion
miracle of sparkles, mirage of censorship
dirty fingernails
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Spider Leg Dance
another day wake up nervous stomach
screaming siblings and father
covered in thin film sweat head to toe to head
though i shiver in the cold
hole in the wall january afternoon
cough hard thick mucus snot bubbles
upset stomach upset mood
nervous smile, nervous laughter
not to be confused with the real thing
giggling twitches soft kiss showdown
come on and consume me
hail the king of anvils
gracefully falling from the sky
like a ballerina bombshell
i'd rather be a hole than a head
she was so alive, not that i am dead
tired of drinking warm milk.
it happens more than i would like
i wish more than i command
set me up for the spider leg dance
she was a cold shoulder
she was a dull mother
you are a tough fucker.
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It Pulls the Seeds Apart
Oh, Martian landscapes, why do you cry to me?
There is nothing that I owe you.
What makes you think I want to say a word?
Don't you think we should communicate in colours?
I know texture.  I know taste.
I'll shake it out of you, these murder landscapes
Harsh deserts made of soft sands
Built by tired hands.
It pulls the seeds apart and examines them.
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Smiles Like Dunce Caps
Teenage wisdom.  Teenage truth.
Hard around the edges
Psychological shell to protect
such a scared and vulnerable pink interior.
Mazes full of masks, silk razors.
Hallways full of semen eyes, sailor tongues.
Travelling in herds of sheep/packs of jackyl
Teenage Lust: Homicidal
Teenage Angst Recital
Pop culture rebellion; individuality abandoned
Safety in numbers; quick to surrender.
Free roaming leeches breeding in backseats
Drama queen blues/all the old news
Teenage passion/Teenage emotion
Clean off the cannons and light all the candles
When you pull the trigger don't forget to wear a condom
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brandun obryun
United States
Hi, hello.
my name is sarcastic and moody.
I'd like to see some art that isn't totally juvenile.
  • Listening to: Leadbelly


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alina315 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2012
You have a very different type of art in your gallery. your work is just great. thank you by the way for the watch.
LegalEvil Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You've got a really good gallery. I shall add you to my watch. : D
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Ok, Brandun.
isletree Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2011  Professional Artist
Thank you so much for the nice comment! ^.^
bleedsopretty Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2009
omg hey!!!!!!! i was looking at old forum threads i had on my page and i saw onr of your posts! fuck mang! it has been a long time since we spoke........if you even remember me ??
DirtyUrine Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2009
its hard to find good noise.. thank you. on many levels.
check out my gallery..
raw0shark Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2008
You have the coolest fucking name ever. :D And your gallery looks amazing.
MotherSuperior Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2008   Writer
we were talkin to some kids.
weren't we?
LizSantiagoWork Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2008
Thank you very much. i like your work very much as well. andyes it was a very interesting dream.
bluntless Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2007   Photographer
i wish you were awake.. maybe i will go wake you up.
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