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German Bookcover for Brandon Sanderson's "Warbreaker" by Publisher Heyne.

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First off: your high skill level definately shows and I am by no means remotely near your level of art production. So I stand in awe. The rendering is beatiful, as are the color choices (blue knight vs orangish sky and some tempered green in the foreground). The composition is interesting insofar as the diagonal goes, and the movement of flakes of stuff and the cloak add to the dynamics of the piece. I am left to wonder though: what is he doing? Sword drawn, as if about to be attacked by something/someone to the right, just off the page. This adds mystery, which is a good thing. But it does feel a little weird. Maybe the knight suffers from delusions/hallucinations instead?
The castle in the background could do with a little less saturation in my opinion, to push it further back. Also adding something of a middle ground between the foreground (knight, rocks) and the background (castle) could add more depth to the piece. I hope you will find these observations/musings helpful. If not, feel free to discard. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/> Keep rocking!
I guess the knight is taking his focus to the side of the castle,something, maybe the rock slide that's happening right there. Maybe the castle is crumbling down. That is the action going on in this simple but good art piece
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is that lothric in the backround? or have i just played so much dark souls that i assume every single knight and or castle is a reference...
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Looks more like something out of Dark Souls.
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This could completely be recycled as an awesome Stormlight Archive cover now.  It seems even more appropriate for it.
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This is so intense. It punched my feelings. I love it to bits!
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My sister loves this book xDDDD
and i like this picture  very very much *-*
you are great C:
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Danke freut mich das es euch gefällt. :)
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vor allem....ich seh das buch zum ersten mal....ich sag zu meiner schwester -das cover ist ja mal echt ober geil!- xDDDDD
und sie sagt immerzu wie toll dass buch doch ist ^^
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I'm reading Memory of light right now, rather listening to the audiobook whilst I paint. Briliant artist for a brilliant writer. Remind me to get this good.
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This is beautiful and extremely well done, though Im having a hard time connecting it to the novel, warbreaker is my favorite book, I've read it several times since I got it, the last one being a few days ago, and I simply don't see how this fantastic piece fits in in the narrative, The only way I could relate it to it would be if it depicts an scene from the Manywar, which itself is not ocurring in the books time period... help please?
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Hey, glad you like that piece. Regarding the bookcover, its the decision of the publisher decision. I havent had the chance to read the book, maybe they wanted to keep going with the knighttheme for all of his fantasy books, since i did 3 covers with different knights for them now.
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oh allright :D thanks a lot for answering, I reccomend you read the book though, it's a fantastic read.
keep uo the awesome work! :D
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Love the title. Very intense and sets an action packed atmosphere. A man against the world sort of vibe.
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this one is so good I just want to cry!!!!
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noooo please dont! its supposed to make you smile! ;)
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I was crying of happiness
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The lighting on the sword and armor is flawless.
Lovely work.
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Wunderschön! :)
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