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Sketch 11

By Fetsch
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1 hour Sketch for Anthony Jones Artcontest. Probably doing some more if i have time.

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What program do you use? Also, where can an aspiring concept artist such as myself get lessons to draw at your level? Thanks
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Wow this is really cool! The coloring and atmosphere is just beautifully mysterious. Great job! :D
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WOW!!! can i use this for one of my songs? i will link you in the description
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Dark Knight of Neraka!
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Your fuckin shit is tite!
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Spinning Crystal Pixel AMAZING, AWESOME, GREAT, are just a few words that can describe you'r work. Keep Going!!!Spinning Crystal Pixel 
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Can I use your artwork for a fake magic card I wont be selling them or anything Im just making cards for fun 
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Simply remarkable. 
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Just a quick TLDR: I have a popular tumblr for Magic the Gathering and I make my own cards. I would like to use your art and will give you proper credit and a shout-out. If you don't want me using your art please let me know and I won't.

Contact my tumblr: MagictheGatheringDailyCard
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NIIIIIICCCCCE! Man, that's awesome. Gotta learn how to do that.
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I always do love an intimidating suit of knight armor. :)
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Absolutely astounding! Incredible!
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Wow impressive gentleman is muy Good :D
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Nice, your really good
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friggin' fantastic
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This... this is really, really cool. :) An awesome concept and with a fantastic execution. :)
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Love the darkness of the armor with that blue aura, he has that gloomy and darkly feel indeed with that foggy background and weaponry
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Must be annoying when it rains.
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love the eye slits
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