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Sketch 04

By Fetsch
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Warmup sketch before Work.

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Really love the use of color to set the mood, dark and scary. the pencil work is very good..great contrasts..love the ammount of shady detail. The shading is epic!! Awesome overall delivery, the light and dark textures of the color is inspirational! You are a very gifted artist in my humble opinion.

The background, though hazy and undefined, fits the overall pretext of the sketch. I personally like this style of work..dark fantasy themed art is one of my favorite types. And you clearly have your shading and use of color down pat. Overall..I really love this peice, what more can I say?
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You posted this such a long time ago, but it's looks so fantastic! I wonder what your works look like now. thinking sphere

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I love this piece and all your work, but this piece especially since it reminds me of s character I've created before. Good job and hope you can continue making such wonderful art.
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Hey there, it's me again, the guy who wanted to make a short story based off this pic. I was wondering if I could use this as the cover pic for the story on Wattpad. You will be given full credit for this drawing and this being the inspiration of the book still.
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hmm I wonder what the official name for living suits of armor is...
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Best ever seen.
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Looks like Slender fuzed with a knight.
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May I have the permission to write a short story on wattpad based on this pic?
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yea sure, go ahead.
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Thanks, I've really liked this pic and it made me think of a little story.
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It's like a Smooth...Silver..Shadow Knight, and it's awesome!
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OWO ! my wards can,t decripe how match this is fantastic dark artwork !
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That is so awesome 0_0 I've been describing shadow creatures in my writing for years, it's very cool to see one that is close to what I had in my mind.
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What a demonic Knight >:P
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beautiful left arm,
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I love the smoky essence you gave this whole design. It's inspiring. He looks more like a demon than a simple warrior. The light and shadows were good, particularly the gleam you give to well-polished armor, right down to the glinting knuckles gripping the pike.
I love the faceless aspect. While there is a human aspect to this creature, the lack of a face is an outstanding quality that makes him really catch one's attention.
The background is also eye-catching, as it gives the piece a mood and a theme. To me it looks like a dark and dreary place, like hell or some level of purgatory, adding to the idea that this creature is a demon.
While I have noted the more general subjects in this sketch, something great about this piece is the use of finer detailing. Golden lines are woven with precision to create interesting patterns on the armor, and darker lines outline the shape of this armor. Even the shoulder piece has not been missed.
Of all the pieces I see on deviantArt every day, I don't find too many that I think are worth favoriting, but this one I think I'll enjoy looking at quite a bit.
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you re really good at armor
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fuck... warm up? ._.
ooookay... awesome xD
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For a warm-up, it's charmed me...
Atlantian guard, leaking squid-like ink from its armour... really nice. Keep it rockin'!
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