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Cover Illustration

Cover Illustration for a Indi book.

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hello can you edit and add stuff for my illustration thorught photoshop. payment is adjustable!
please let me know! 

First off, great piece. Second, what would a commission like this be priced at?
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Anything that inspire that coat? Or is it completely from your own creative mind?
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Its all from mind, japanese influence obviously though. :)
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Cool. The sleeves remind me of 15th century European cloths, that's why I asked.
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Awesome Bro *o* I liked that. Nice work *-*
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gorgeous minimalist. I like the spatters of particales on the pure background. In fact the more I look at it the more I like it. I'm noticing a myriad sibtle additions that relly improve the overall piece. The detail on the tunic, and ending on the bottom.
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thanks alot!
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What book? WHAT BOOK!?!!
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its an indi book comming out soon, a trilogy.…
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nice. I'd love to read it :D do you know anything about any translations? polish maybe?
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i dont know, i think you better write the author an e-mail she will know :)
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yeah, u're right
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Awesome cover, any more info on the book please?
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amazing *-*
really love it
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Japanese version of Enzio ?
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wooaahh !! BRAVO !!
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Wow! Amazing art work. I really like the pose and the expression of the character! Wonderful job! Well done! :D
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Waaah <3
So simpel. Ich liebs. Der weiße Hintergrund wirkt hier super!
Ist das Muster eine Textur, Handgezeichnet, oder ein brush? Bin mir nicht sicher und neugierig!
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ist ne textur :)
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