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Watercolor Brushes

After I was done with an exam I painted a bit in order to relax. It was a disaster.. :D
But I tried to make some traditional media brushes for Photoshop and these turned out nice :) So feel free to use them is you wish, they're free, credit would be nice, but not necessary.
I made them in Photoshop CC, so I don't know which version it works with, (I assume CS4,5,6 should) I've never made brushes before.
There are 10 watercolor brushes, 2 scribble/crosshatch brushes and a watercolor texture, all drawn/painted by me.
Tell me if something is wrong, or you have any issue or whatevs. I'll try to help.

~ Edith

Have fun!
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Ohmygod Thank you so much! You're so generous, and these brushes look amazing :love:
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downloaded and they look really nice on what i am doing right now <3
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Oh! I'm really happy to hear that! :aww:
Thank you for the brushes they are really nice!! But I encounter a problem. May I know if these brushes are hi-res? Coz when I try to print it out on a A3, it looks quite blurrish and pixelated..
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Hi! Thank you very much for using my brushes! :aww:
Unfortunately I'm not sure I can help. Yes, the brushes are supposed to be fairly high resolution, but maybe not hi-res enough for A3?
Does the image look pixelated on the computer as well? Or only when you print it?
Because if it's only in print than it's possible that the image itself  is not big enough, so it upscales when it's printed.
but I'm not sure

I hope this helps somewhat :)
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gonna try these, thanks for sharing!
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thank you very much for these tools are very useful :D (Big Grin)  
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You're welcome! I'm really glad you like them :D
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i loved it!!! :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)  thankss I am a dummy! 
Really nice brushes. Cheers :D
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nice thanks for sharing ^^
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I'm really glad you like them :)
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