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Wow gross I haven't updated this in forever.

It's kind of late right now, but I'll throw an art flood together tomorrow. ♥
Hey guys!!
You know how there's that whole game thing that I've been working on?

Well it's finally available for pre-order and greenlight!

There's also a new trailer up!

I'm so excited!
I'm way too excited to really be able to say anything intelligent.

I just haven't had much to post since November because I've been really busy!
But I'm still around! ;A;
Alright, I've gone through everything, and cleaned out my gallery. Hahaha, it's so empty now!
I'm actually out of town right now, and all of my art is on my PC at home, so I'll be uploading more things when I get home, as well as making this account a little fancier.

This account is like... 6 months behind when it comes to art! I have sooo many things to post.

I'm going to attempt to do some journal CSS, and I want to actually make proper icons for my gallery folders. C:
Hey everyone!
I've decided to change my name from fetalstar to ursanova, and actually use this account more as a portfolio type thing, where I'll post my best things. Maybe I'll throw some little doodles and stuff up here too, but we'll see. c:

I'm going to clear out my gallery a little bit, and get rid of a bunch of old stuff, so don't worry! I'm not leaving! Just doing a bunch of housecleaning. C: