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UNDERTALE - The Magic Kingdom

Get it?
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This drawing is so beautiful and inspires so many feelings... Thank you

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*calls Papyrus*

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can I use this for my undertale steelbook I'm making? is there a watermark-free version?
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plz add watermark in ur drawing cuz i see people use it everywhere without credit
This art it's beautiful and deserves respects
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I've actually been meaning to add one to this image because so many people mentioned that it's been used in other places... I guess better late than never!
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Hey, just a heads up, your image is on wallpapercave at… (direct link…), without credit to you. I found your original image through a tineye search and came to let you know.

It's beautiful and deserves credit given to the original artist. I love the expansive feel of the cave. Going to use this as a laptop wallpaper. :)
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Thanks for letting me know! I'm not really sure if there's much I can do about it though.
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I've seen this everywhere! Artists like yourself should be more recognized. I love how everything balances out, and everything is so gorgeous! Bravo my friend, bravo. <3
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Do you mind if I use this for my Multi-Fandom blog on Tumblr? I'm sorry, I'm just trying to find a really pretty image of the castle to use for my background imagine and this one REALLY sparks my interest! It's okay if you say no, I understand fully! :) (Smile) 
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How will you use it?
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I was thinking of using this for a background image! 
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Sure, go ahead!
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Thank you so much! 
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Awesome, I love it.
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Just a heads up I had someone try to print this at my shop today. I intercepted it, of course, but since undertale is so popular perhaps consider putting a watermark on the image? 
Great image though! Looks almost Disney-esk to me. :)
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Thanks for the warning!
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wonderful artwork :nod:
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i wanna save as wallpaper so i gotta know. ima try anyway but still.
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Resolution is 1244x700.

I have a much larger, actual wallpaper version of it, but it was a birthday gift for a friend, so I'm not going to be releasing it.
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I can use in my fanfiction? And this drawing is awesome *O*
And sure, i gonna give the credits of the art :3
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