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Allen Walker in other style 2 by feshnie Allen Walker in other style 2 by feshnie
I did it again. Gah.

:bulletgreen: Arakawa Hiromu
Ref: Fullmetal Alchemist chapter 67 & 68
Character guide: Edward Elric
It's so...cute.

:bulletgreen: Kishimoto Masashi
Ref: Naruto chapter 394
Character guide: Uzumaki Naruto & Haruno Sakura
There wasn't much chapter at hand and I have something against Sasuke so I couldn't bring myself to use him as reference. I guess it's not really genuine Allen if you can't see the scar :(

:bulletgreen: Tite Kubo
Ref: Bleach chapter 296, 299 & 301
Character guide: Kuchiki Byakuya & a few arrancars
There wasn't much chapters to work on with this as well. I wanted to use Hanatarou...but he just..wasn't cool enough. I failed.

:bulletgreen: Kinoshita Sakura
Ref: Tactics chapter 7
Character guide: Ichinomiya Kantarou & some random ahjumma.
I had the manhwa in my harddisk. My eyes were stinging from moving back and forth from the monitor to the paper.

Everything didn't turn out all that well but I have to admit, I'm quite happy with how it turned out. I didn't really think I would do something like this again if not for :iconnefertekas:
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AwkwardWallflower Featured By Owner May 8, 2010  Student General Artist
These are REALLY cool!
Elehdwena Featured By Owner May 12, 2009
Awesome !! *3*
feshnie Featured By Owner May 12, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you XD
Elehdwena Featured By Owner May 13, 2009
You're welcome ^w^
Nefertekas Featured By Owner May 12, 2009
He's soooo frickin' adorable in Arakawa's style! :heart: you've done Edward justice =3 he looks really cute...

But I particularly like Kishimoto's. He looks grand, I donno... Looks like a young Minato. Hmmmm *drool*

About Tite Kubo's: woooh! Serious Allen! =0 he looks like an elf =3 a serious one. Nice :D

And Kinoshite's style? aww, man. I wanna cuddle and ruffle his hair T_T please lemme cuddle! <3

aww, ya did it because I nagged you so much? THANK YOU!! :hug: it's totally worth it, I swear, I'm totally in love with Kishimoto's and Arakawa's of course :D

I have to say: even when using references, you should try drawing Ed Elric! I totally believe you'd make look great. You could make some awesome pics come true XD (oh look, my avatar...EdWin thee hee!)
Haven't you tried drawing couples? Like AlLen or EdWin...or Kanda, I'd love to see your Kanda. (I'm not demanding anything, just saying I'd squeal my noggin off if you did lol)

Anyways, sorry I've rushed my comments, there's a lot more I'd like to say but I'M LATE FOR UNI! curse you -.-" catch you later then :)
feshnie Featured By Owner May 12, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I thought of using a more cooler looking Edward but there wasn't much I could use as reference.

With Kishimoto's style, I really wish there was more I could work on but I was adamant about using Naruto and that particular chapter that I had at hand didn't have enough him. Darn it.

Elf? Kyu~~ Byakuya should be very happy to hear that :D

About actually turned out very differently. I did a bad job but it's cute so it's fine, right? :innocent: Here *throws Kinoshita-version Allen* have fun!

Aww, it sounds bad when you say nagging. Rather, you encouraged me :hug: Thank YOU~ :boogie:

Eversince Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood came out my EdWin spirit is being revived! With the previous FMA version, I feel more AlWin y'know...but I've always felt EdWin about the manga. :lol:
and as for D.Gray-man...Ack! I'm a yaoi fangirl when it comes to that. :p
But I've drawn Kanda before. Here's a relatively safe: [here]

Gya~ cheering icon! so cute~
Nefertekas Featured By Owner May 12, 2009
I think you made an excellent choice for reference, he's damn adorable :D and that way he kind of brings more warmth to all the other "Allens" in the frame there.

Oh well, I think that pose ended up quite good, even though it's a bit, ummm... *searches for word*... hidden? I mean, not enough of him is in there, but it's enough I think, to tell who you based yourself upon and who the character is. You could use the images on OneManga if you can, 'cause you have all chapters avalable there.'s a cool pose you chose, I like it a lot! ^^ You did a good job on that one IMO =D

Yeah, elfish... Like tall and slim and determined :D that's what made me think of an elf.

Oh, yay!! Yes, big eyes and long hair :XD: I like that too =3
Weeeeeee *cuddles hair until oblivion*
Poor Kinoshita-Allen. His hair's gonna fall off eventually :p

Heh, saying that I 'encouraged' you kinda embarasses me :blush: But if that's how you feel, I'm so frickin' glad I did it! YOSH! :dance: 'cause I really like what you did with the Allen-in-various-styles :hug: there's sum great potential in there!

FMA stuff: AHA! Brotherhood is beggining to spawn its good effects! *does happy dance* I command you to CONVERT to EdWinry-ness, 'cause I absolutely love it. But AlWin... *shudder* eeek! :D they're more like bro and sis to me really ;) but hey, as long as there's no Elricest involved. Lol. The FMA manga has a lot of EdWin canon going on, not in massive ammounts but heck yea, more than enough for a shounen manga.
I loved the EdWin detailsnow on Episode 6 of Brotherhood :)
Since you're so good with references you could give EdWin a shot...Ah, you have so much potential that I wish I had too *sigh*

Ohhh, yea, I've noticed you're yaoi about DGM!I only like yaoi if it's pure crack, or, well, REALLY GOOD like two shirtless guy standing next to each other, mwahahah x3
But meh, DGM doesn't have any actual pairings, so I'm neutral when it comes to that :aww: you could still try AlLen anyways
nyuuu~ (I love that pompom icon)

*clicks on Kanda link*
feshnie Featured By Owner May 12, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol yeah, the other Allens seem much older than Arakawa-Allen.

Well, at the time i did this, there was no internet and my comic collections were like 1 1/2 hours away so I had to work with what I had. But if I had the help of onemanga at that time, there wouldn't have just been only four Allens
I...really wanted to try Tobosu Yana's style :cry:
but you're does look cool *grins idiotically*

Don't worry, Kinoshita-Allen used Komui's hair strengthening tonic so it's gonna stick on his head for another 1000 more years *cackles*

:hug: all I always need is encouragement :hug:. nagging gets me nowhere =p

Rofl spawn! Well, I'll see what I can do about the EdWin but I've never really drawn Winry before. Her eyes kind of scares me. it's so round and shoujo:o.
Well, I prefer the manga storyline than the first anime version. More EdWin. It's not that I like AlWin but that kind of feeling comes to me when I watch the anime :shrug:.
O'yeah! EdWin is canon in the manga! Ed just has a lot of other business to settle before he can really sit down and think about it(her XD).
If I can do it you can do it too! :boogie: Well, took me 7 years to get where I am now so I'd be devastated if I still don't have potential. :ohnoes:

Crack yaoi...? Shirtless guys, I wish I can do that. Guy anatomy is difficult. Especially when they have those six++packs(Ed)
I dunno about AlLen but Lenalee seems to be able to manage Kanda well. At least better than everyone else without having mugen shoved at their throats.

:iconcheerplz: <--slays me :XD:
Nefertekas Featured By Owner May 12, 2009
They look older, yeah =) Arakawa-Allen is just plain adowabwe ^^

Oho! Then you're a person who can work with a short ammount of resources, good work! :D
Hm, like I said: I encourage you to try the heck out of the styles you like or feel fit to your person, and when you find one or ones you really like - WHAM! - magic. :D meanwhile you'll get to experiment and make some pretty wicked sketches =3
*grins idiotically as well* ^^

Oh holy crap, the hair tonic! *cracks up laughing* that was SO frickin' awesome! Allen with long hair really looked like Ed from FMA *blinks* and TimCampy's fluffy ponytails were hilarious (he was so happy with them). And the 'stupid overtime zombie Komuivitamin virus' thing, gahaha :XD:
Mufufu, so I can cuddle all I want...
Kinoshita-Allen: *shrieks* NOOOOO! TEH PAIN!!1! *runs off*

:aww: awww, good to hear that :hug: I kinda like the 'good' nagging, not the annoying one. Lol.

*spawns about*

Huh, if you do draw FMA I'll (try to) be the first one to squeal at it, hehe ^^ I know, Winry's eyes are large and all girly, I reckon they're hard to draw while trying to stay true to the whole design =0

I'm a diehard FMA - MANGA OVER ANIME fan, no doubt there. After reading the manga, the anime just loses by far! I never got AlWin feelings anywhere lol xD but truly, my EdWinry-ness grew much stronger with the manga.
I agree...after Ed does what he's gotta do, he'll go home (even if not literally) to his awaiting apple pie (meaning, 'sex' - we ALL know that) :XD:

Ah, I just don't have the time, i stopped for too long already...But I drew for like 3 years or something, maybe more (drew as in 'manga drawing', coz I used to draw a lot when I was a kid)

Ohhh *drool* Ed's six-packs, yummm ^^ You just have to find one of those online guidebooks on male anatomy then =) I struggled a lot with that too, it ain't easy drawing them hunky and droolish-material :p

Yeah, Lenalee does manage Kanda better than all the others, they've known each other for long too.
But Allen, I think he's all about being loved and luvvable xD
I donno, maybe it's ~Pan-Zareta's fault, she got me into DGM and AlxLen :)

oh yeah, POMPOM FTW!
feshnie Featured By Owner May 12, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ZOMG! The hair tonic incident! I laughed so hard reading through that and it had chibiKanda and chibiLavi! They're teh cutest! Allen totally reminds me of Ed from the fma movie with his hair and his clothes. They even wear gloves lol! :D

You even devWatch me! Thank you :glomp:

If there is an FMA manga-over-anime fanclub, I'd totally join. The anime quality is okay and all but the storyline doesn't make me wow like the manga.
Apple pie implication makes me :lol:

I've given six packs a try and failed ultimately. I'll try to work harder. :dance:

Well, I guess it's your choice. I still have time on my side so it's ok for me at the moment. At the moment is going to disappear next month tho. :faints:
Allen has*shudders* I think Leenalee as the best friend that Allen needs because he needs support, his mind and life is already preoccupied by a lot of things (mana, noah, innocence, link -_-;; etc)
but he doez look so luvvable *glomps Arakawa-Allen*

Teh pompom luv~~!
Nefertekas Featured By Owner May 13, 2009
Awww, them in chibi-form was just adorable. What a nice touch D (I bet all fangirls glued their eyes to the screen. I laughed my head off as well) :XD:
Hmm, Yeah, long;hair!Allen does look a lot like CoS!Edward >.< the whole outfit and hair style.

YESH! I did addz you to friends/watch list! *flexes muscles for no reason* :hug:

Hm, I wonder if there is...I think I joined the manga club, actually :D (can't truly remember. I think the club manager is on vacation lol)
Uhuh, the 1st anime pales a lot next to the manga. I do like the quality of the animation of this second one better. It's more fluid :)
Apple pie implication makes anyone ;DDDDD

Eheheh, FAIL! Naw, J/K, fail is good 'cause you'll eventually work harder to make it right ;)
But don't strain yourself, I bet you'll get there with a bit o';practice and manage to make it look natural and hawtness ^___^

Yeah, I have lotsa crap to do, meh >.< ohoho, exams? Mine strat on the 16th, right before my b-day AND THAT SUX!

She's a friend now, but may grow into something else 8D *insists* lol

Naaawww, Arakawa-Allen's mine, gimme back ;__; *steals* yay! *hides AA under arm and jogs off*

(I wish there was a chibi-Ed pompom. That'd totally work. His little yellow blobby form with the antenna and all...) :XD:
feshnie Featured By Owner May 13, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Allen had his dream come true of becoming taller than those two XD. I laughed my bottoms off :lmao: the head is a precious thing after all.
I wonder if Hoshino Katsura watched FMA... *mind wanders off*

Oh~ that's nice. I should consider joining some clubs soon. hmm...
Well, both animes are done by practically the same studio right? BONES or sumthin...:? I like the anime quality of both so far but I'm totally into brotherhood! *spazzes*

Aww...must suck to have your exam before your birthday but you'd have reason to celebrate~ :party:

Yes, Rhode is evil and I hope she stays that way. Far from Allen. Gah! I hope it wasn't Allen's first kiss that she stole :cry: really insist on converting me to AlLen...but I've been too corrupted~ *cackles*

Nuoo~Arakawa-Allen!!!*grabs Kishimoto-Allen* This will just have to do than...

(Someone should really do that! it'd be like edcheerplz or sumthin. I'd use that everywere)
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NekoNeko-chi Featured By Owner May 12, 2009
the arakawa hiromu style is just too cute! xD

-is a total Edward Elric fan- soooooooooo cuteeeeeeeee.......

feshnie Featured By Owner May 12, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wonder if I've done Edward any justice by making the Allen that was based off of him so cute.

Setuju! Comel sgt!

NekoNeko-chi Featured By Owner May 12, 2009
lol, indeed. xD Edward's 11-year-old self is as cute as that, so it's all good. -pats-

Besides, with all the similarities between Allen and Edward, i doubt the chubby, cute face can make much difference.....


-fangirls over the allen pic now-
feshnie Featured By Owner May 12, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah...but the Edward I used was the 15-year-old Edward. :worry:

I definitely did a mistake somewhere...maybe the face length? It's too round?

NekoNeko-chi Featured By Owner May 12, 2009
no, it's fine~ :D there's no need for any alarm there~~

besides, if his face gets more... roundish, it'll be a whole lot cuter. \(^-^)/
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