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P2U Yeen Base

UPDATE (11-19-20): I am no longer using DeviantArt to sell my P2U bases and lineart! F2U/Free bases and lineart will still be available to download from my gallery, but my P2U content will no longer be available to purchase with DeviantArt points. Please check out my Gumroad shop if you'd like to buy this base/lineart and other P2U content!

:star: Purchase Here: :star:

:star: Gumroad Shop: :star:
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Hi there, it's just out of curiosity, I was checking to sell some P2U myself and it seems now it's no longer a feature we can do without core membership, is it against the rules to simply transfer points and send a file? I am asking it and I am like... of course, but I don't find anywhere where it's writen that it's not allowed. What happens with old P2U files? Are the points still transfered through the pay button?

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May I buy this with paypal?

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I'll also be paying for one of these!
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May I pay this base via PayPal?
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Of course! Just send the payment here and I will note you the files!:
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I look forward to purchasing it!!
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