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F2U Moth Friend Lineart

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I am on a mission to make more insect bases because there aren't ENOUGH

Free to use!
This base can be used to create your own characters, adoptables, and more!

- Rules -
Bullet; Green You may color and/or edit this
Bullet; Green You may create adoptables/customs with this
Bullet; Green You may sell adoptables made with this lineart for points/cash
Bullet; Green You may use this lineart to create your own original character(s), reference sheets and gifts

Bullet; Red Do not claim the lineart as your own
:bulletred: Do not remove my signature
Bullet; Red You may not sell or redistribute this lineart
Bullet; Red You may not use this lineart for commission/YCH work

Bullet; Blue If you'd like to leave a tip with points, click this link! ♥

Please credit me for this lineart when you use it! Thank you!

White BG:
2 by Ferwild-Adoptables

Artwork by Ferwildir / Ferwild-Adoptables
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© 2018 - 2020 Ferwild-Adoptables
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SourraspberryHobbyist Digital Artist
10 points Moth friend adopts OPEN 6/6


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OrbsOfWysteriaStudent Digital Artist

most wonderous indeed! much thanks for blessing us with this smol lad!

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weach Digital Artist

Tysm! I love this adorable base

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Smol-bean-queenHobbyist General Artist

Moths! We need more moth stuff! This is so cute!

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alimentalHobbyist Digital Artist

This is the cutest moth base ever! Thank you so much!! ; v ;
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ShadowFurxStudent Digital Artist
just a heads up, a website has been using this base and uploading it without credit,
I came across it while I was trying to find your base. It does have a place where you can contact them,
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princessfluff10Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is SO CUTE! I made these adoptables with this!! (If anyone’s wonder they are all sold except 1 and 6 at the time of writing this comment).

💞 Bf35b514-9461-464e-af62-a746a00cc6d8 by princessfluff10  
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serpentinesanguinineProfessional Digital Artist
thought the back wing was a tophat
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CherryCC711thetrue1Hobbyist General Artist

Yess bugs I’m using

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hannahelizabethhStudent General Artist
ah such a cute base. :D Birb petting 
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ShrekIsTheTrueGodHobbyist Digital Artist

Using! Your art is so cute aaaa <3<3

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Jxst-SolarHobbyist Digital Artist
666 favs
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Kathy-AdoptsHobbyist Digital Artist
Adoptable Moth Friends Batch #001 by Kathy-Adopts
Used! Thank you very much! Love 
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N1kk1AdoptablesHobbyist Digital Artist

The download says no file.

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rhe-not-celestiaHobbyist General Artist
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N1kk1AdoptablesHobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you!

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rhe-not-celestiaHobbyist General Artist
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BabyLullabyAdoptsHobbyist Digital Artist
Used Fall Moth Adopt (OPEN) by BabyLullabyAdopts
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Lexi181202Hobbyist Digital Artist
Umm the download for this doesn't seem to be working for me..
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rhe-not-celestiaHobbyist General Artist
i know im late but will this help
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Auradragon199Hobbyist Digital Artist
Definitely using! This is adorable!
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