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Cri'ru - Chapter 6
The sun of Neako rose above the summit of the Nahali Nexus—coloring the horizon aglow in rose and lavender hues. The clouds from the storm had broken up, allowing the sun to shoot bright milky golden rays between them. Their light shimmered on the waters of Loa Lake as the waves lapped calmly along the muddy shores on the borders of the forests.
Kameilo crawled along the mud, reaching the shore, having made a long swim through the cold waters and the fading storm. She was soaked to the bone, cold and stiff, tense and shivering. Her body hurt everywhere with stress and weakness.
Breathing shallowly, she turned her eyes up to the forest ahead, jaw quivering, her eyes showing sags of fatigue.
She was tempted to lie on the hot sands and warm herself in the sun, as she had years past on Neako in peace and tranquility, and as she had on Marea her home planet before that.
But she knew she couldn’t. There was no time to rest. The Rikiti would be looking for her, knowing she had esc
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Loren John Presley
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Ferroth here! :)

For a time, I was an illustrator and media artist for micro-enterprise corporation. Now, I devote my full career to my own artistic projects and freelancing for others.

Would you like to commission my skills? I am humbly delighted. Send me a private message and we can discuss what you'd like to have done.

Breakdown on my costs

Line art illustration - $20 (Clean line work only)

Simple-colored illustration - $40 (Cell-shaded color)

Fully Rendered Illustration $80 (Fully-shaded, textured,
with the scene and subject properly lit)

You can also find me on Patreon!…

Currently, requests are closed for everybody as my schedule has gotten quite full. ^^; my apologies.
Hey everyone!

Its my immense pleasure to share with you The Character Consultancy’s review of Kameilo! :) Haylee does a fantastic job of describing fictional character‘s personalities from a psychological perspective, how they develop, what drives their motives and ambitions, etc, utilizing her expertise in psychology and referencing her sources in her studies. She focuses less on what characters look like and pays attention to the very important element of who they are inside. Its real neat!

Please do check out The Character Consultancy!
You can find her on YouTube and Patreon in the journal below! 

Kameilo - Character Personality Video by characterconsultancy

If youre serious about your fictional characters and their stories and you’d like consultation on your fictional character’s development and personality, she takes commissions for her very helpful and enlightening services.

:iconcharacterconsultancy: (Haylee of The Character Consultancy)
  • Watching: Kameilo Personality Profile


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Shy Tyriq
Sanga passed by young Tyriq, the canine captain, who was still new at his job being appointed bodyguard for the  beautiful and terrifying feline empress.

”Captain, come with me, to the bathing chamber,” said Sanga, authoritatively.


”Dont ‘huh’ me, captain. Just do as I say.”

Tyriq replied, “Y-yes, your highness!”

Following her into the chamber, Tyriq saw a bath had been drawn with cleansing herbal waters.

Sanga looked over her shoulder as they entered. “Lock the door and stand guard,” she ordered.

Tyriq nodded bowed, answering, “Yes your highness.”

He turned and passed through the doorway, about to shut it on his way out, when he felt the desert queen’s feline claws grab him alarmingly by his own tail!


Sanga screeched, “Where are you going, Captain?!”

“To stand guard outside the door while you bathe your high-whoa-oh!”

Sanga pulled him back inside by his sensitive tail, glaring at him with her heterochromia eyes.

“And leave me unguarded should a Gepsi assailant be readied in there?!” she growled.

Tyriq froze, replying, “I’m guarding you inside there?”

“And you will protect me with your sword, and your own hide if it means it.”

Tyriq answered, feeling hot in the face, “I-I think you ought to bathe alone, though...heheh.”

Sanga’s lip curled up, revealing one sharp tooth.

“Are you claiming to think better than me by advising me to bathe alone?” The empress asked. “This is a simple question and I will tell you the correct answer. You will answer ‘no.’ If you answer wrong, I will have a bath drawn for you in a stew pot of boiling waters and have your feet boiled and blistered therein.”

Tyriq gulped, horrified, and shook his head enthusiastically. “The gods forbid I should ever claim to think better than my queen, my queen!” he said, sweating in terror.

Sanga released Tyriq’s tail. “And I do forbid it, on their behalf...”


So I was going to sleep tonight. Then the car alarm across the street went off again. ^^; Eh.
WIP - Oh No You Didnt
A little starting animation of Tryx gasping and saying “Oh no you din’n!” :D

Taking a tiny break from animating Sanga dancing for just a bit.
Time to Hit Maintenance
Mina Silverfox had been deployed into Aeloron Walk, a riverside parkway where humans and many androids enjoyed community. Digital trees and grasses let their silicon leaves brush about in the wind, while the the bubbling of the brooks resounded between the paved walkways, lit by fixed lamps.

"Mina, do you read?" Faraday's voice played in Mina's internal communicator. "I've found the rogue mine. Sending a ping to you now."

The android ferret's coordinates registered into the android fox's mapping data.

"Any idea when the little guy's set to blow?" Mina replied, servos whirling in her joint as she sped toward Faraday's coordinates.

"No way in the Nyctosphere am I going to try and interface with this thing to find out," Faraday said in Mina's radio feed. "I'll need your 'negotiation skills' here fast."

Soon as Mina turned a corner by a fountain beside some willows, she saw Faraday keeping a distance from the OZed mine that had sprouted out of the electronics of a willow tree, almost like a mechanical fungus.

Faraday spoke to Mina, using his synthesized voice this time. "I've noted this explosive's features and workings. This should help you interface with it better I hope."

With a nod, Faraday beamed his analytics of the mine to Mina. The fox comprehended the weapon's sensors, actuation triggers, logic cores, ballistic chemistry, and power roots--all in a fleeting thought.

"This is one big, bad boy," Mina replied with a smirk. She hailed the nearest listening station via satellite radio. "Silverfox to OZ-LS-54, know whose feeding this lug?"

Scrattle, the flying fox droid's voice returned in her internal coms. "Faraday's been relaying the waveforms from the mine's energy pulse," he answered. "It's drawing power from at least a OZed Grade C capacitor station from long distance--probably twenty-six clicks underground."

"You sure?" Mina asked.

"Positive," Scrattle answered. "Or I got my transistors in a twist!"

"Twenty Six kilometers should give ample time to shut it off before it transmits a detonation signal," Faraday calculated. "Rarely does OZed sprout mines so far from their detonation reservoir. Usually, the closer the capicitor station, the more tactical and deadly the response they get against us."

Mina smirked and hailed the mine's AI.

Interfacing to OZed Operations....../
Stealth-Probing Credentials........./
Successful! Writing to mask login vars.

OZed ID: [Login Mask]
Authorization Key: [Password Mask]

Access Granted

echo OZed Instance ID && directive

WARNING: Clone login detected! Attempting to mask..../

That's all folks!
Detonating in...1


Mina had reacted just in time, shielding Faraday as the mine detonated with a deafening explosion! Mina's audio receptors blew from the close-rang blast and her computer vision went noisey! Her gyro readings went wild as she felt debris impacting her side, flames scorching her artificial fur and prosthetic skin coat! She lost communications with her left leg and her left pawed hand also went inoperative.

When the blast cleared, Mina's vision returned. Her exposed optics rolled forward in their cranial sockets. The frame of her left leg had been melted down and a clump of debris had torn away her hand.

Faraday--more or less fully intact--staggered a bit soon as Mina released him, looking displeased at what had happened. His jaw kept opening, presumably as he chewed her out for doing something wrong--Mina had no environmental audio input.

The android ferret must have realized, so he used internal coms.

"For the love of Newton!" Faraday exclaimed.

"Whoa!" Scrattle hailed then. "There was a spike here in my readings! You two okay!"

"I'm fine," Mina said.

"You're missing a leg and half an arm! Mina, that might have been the end of you! And me!"

Mina held up her arm, fingers still dangling from servo power cables from the wrist actuators. She smirked. "I'd say for being in a blast at close range, I still look fairly presentable."

"What happened!" Faraday exclaimed. "You didn't try anything obscenely against protocol again, did you?"

"Was being monitored live by another OZed agent. It detected two logins and that triggered it. Just bad timing," Mina replied nonchalantly. "You're welcome, by the way. Saving your life and all that."

"Melting mosfets, Mina!" Scrattle groaned, apprehensively. "I don't know how you do it, dealing with the action up close! You got ball bearings of steel!"


:dummy: Hey everybody! Who's ready for Inktober? Cause I know I am! (kidding!)

So I doodled tonight. Nothing special here. I had fun with the story though. :)
Rumbling with Life
A gift I really wanted to give my friend :iconmyntypaws: based off this very charming toy bunny that vibrates.

Hope you like it, little bro. :hug:


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