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SRSLY, you make me sick.

You not being fellow dAers, but rather elements of society who are too greedy and heartless and play social Darwinism at a time the world least needs it.  You are employers who use vetting criteria and graduate schools who don't take a look at talent and give the needy a chance to even talk to them.  You are the reason America can't decide whom to elect into office and often resorts to socialists.

You are the that reason some generic pharmaceutical company that makes generic ranitidine (brand name Zantac, acid reducer) is making a lot of money off of me, and their pills are pretty darn cheap, if you want a good idea as to how much of that stuff I have to take to stop my stomach acid from punching holes in my mouth, teeth, and the rest of my GI tract.

You are the reason I spend hours and hours writing papers that range from the economic possibilities of new cancer treatments to the business of human capita.

Honestly, you stink, and I hope you're well aware of that fact.

In fact, here's a photo to prove it:… (and that's just what I take every 8 hours.)
  • Listening to: Dope, "Sick"
  • Reading: dA, apparently
  • Watching: My life go down the drain
  • Playing: The "send 5,000 apps to grad school" gam
  • Eating: Foot (still)
  • Drinking: Probably too much
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Submitted on
December 28, 2010