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SRSLY, you make me sick.

You not being fellow dAers, but rather elements of society who are too greedy and heartless and play social Darwinism at a time the world least needs it.  You are employers who use vetting criteria and graduate schools who don't take a look at talent and give the needy a chance to even talk to them.  You are the reason America can't decide whom to elect into office and often resorts to socialists.

You are the that reason some generic pharmaceutical company that makes generic ranitidine (brand name Zantac, acid reducer) is making a lot of money off of me, and their pills are pretty darn cheap, if you want a good idea as to how much of that stuff I have to take to stop my stomach acid from punching holes in my mouth, teeth, and the rest of my GI tract.

You are the reason I spend hours and hours writing papers that range from the economic possibilities of new cancer treatments to the business of human capita.

Honestly, you stink, and I hope you're well aware of that fact.

In fact, here's a photo to prove it:… (and that's just what I take every 8 hours.)
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I think it's the latter... that stupid disease I was having never gave me a fever until 1PM... today I've been running over 99.5F practically since I woke up at 8.

Flu season is peaking right about now where I live.

(Next year, no excuses for not getting flu shot!)
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(As they say on

Well, this might be my only journal post on dA.  Namely as I find keeping too many journals (as I do now) to be a bit silly.  But by no means am I leaving dA, that'd be sillier.

Anyways, few weeks ago, I got symptoms of a sinus infection and went to my GP (i.e. family doctor), who gave me antibiotics for it.  Meanwhile, with this devastating feverish neurological infection I have, I was convinced it was a virus I got from a blood transfusion in 1984 and had nothing to do with bacteria.

I always do detailed (as in >4 times hourly!) fever checks on myself about every 14 days for the time period 1-10PM.  I mean detailed enough to FDA-approve a thermometer.  My next fever check was due 3 days after I started my sinus infection meds... and the fever had gone down by about 0.2F (on average).  Strange.  So I moved my next fever check to 12 days after starting antibiotics.

Meanwhile, I was starting to feel better.  Not the sinus infection, mind y'all, I STILL have intense sinus pain/pressure that's really offing me.  But the intense fevers and fatigues... WTF, they seemed to be remitted.  Day 12's fever check showed the fever down by another 0.6F.  I knew what was happening.

Antibiotics day 20 was when I did my (so far) last fever check.  Down another 0.5F. 1-10PM average 98.7-98.9F (normal 98.6-99.0F, and I spent my fever times around 99.8-100.0F).  My first normal body temperature day for >2 years.


I'm rid of it for now, and my GP insists I stay on antibiotics until the sinuses are cleared (for up to another 2 months), so there's more chance for further eradication.  Not sure the sinus infection will get eradicated, but this EVIL disease that has threatened to bankrupt my whole family seems to be leaving me.

It is time to move on.  I am lucky to live in a place where jobs in my field have no shortage.  Total serendipity, we will see how that goes, too.

Oh BTW, dear unknown malicious bacteria: Any relapses of yours will be treated with EXTREME prejudice.
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