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Eleanor by Ferretser Eleanor by Ferretser
i'm not going to try doing backgrounds in art till i learn how to do them, so no backgrounds for a few months or  y e a r s
i'll pratice, no """realistic"" or interesting backgrounds at least. it'll take me as long as it took me to become pretty ok at art, than to be pretty ok at backgrounds. 3 more years till any of my posted pictures will have interesting backgrounds-

it's annoying how my art **has** to be realistic, or else i'd get a shitty grade in art. for GCSE art, i can't do a cartoony drawing of my oc :,)
i really don't want to do realistic art but, i'll practice drawing people and animals realistically ((not shading,, just the outline of them ((

i tried to do a background for this but it looked really bad so i put a rubbish one together in 2 minutes. --hope fully i can stop doing that and make some good backgrounds.
Ferretser Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
o ye and this is a custom from Neytherm  ((or ZosiQ as i remember her,, but she changed her user))
this custom is like 1 year old and i didn't draw her much, but she's really awesome ovo
Neytherm Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Oh myyy
I remember this <3
Geez, she looks so cool in ur style :"0
I'm so so glad u like her design owo
Ferretser Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol tyvm ^^
She's really cute, I'm sorta sad I didn't draw her more, I don't draw many of my adopts a lot but I know with Casper, the galaxy cat custom you made for me, I used him in a few animations and art so I think that's quite good ^^
Aaa I should do that Eleanor rigby pmv I've wanted to make for a year now... lol
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November 7, 2017
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