Ferret Tips Issue #1: Loss of Income?

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Ferret Tips Issue #1: Loss of Income?

A little information on my ferrets before we start.

These ferrets are the ones who have inspired me to share tips on how to care for ferrets in all tips of situations.


:bulletpurple:Odo  is a male Chocolate Sable Ferret. He is 2 and half years old. Odo is a Marshall Ferret bought at Uncle Bill’s located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Odo was born on December 7th 2008. At his last check up he has been declared a healthy ferret. He weighs 3 pounds. Odo has two nicknames we call him. Those names are Oder and Fluffy.

:bulletpurple:Nessy Rose [normally called Nessy] is a Sable Ferret. She was bought from a family who could no longer keep her for reasons of their own. She was also bought at Uncle Bill’s in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Her birthrate is unknown. It is guessed to be in October 2010. Her weight is unknown [around 1-1.5lbs] and she will have her first check up this summer.

Today’s topic is “I lost my income to support my ferrets. HELP!”

Please note: I will be giving tips on how to support your ferret for low to no cost while your income is limited or gone. I have tried all the tips I’m about to give you. Some might not be recommended by vets if you would ask them. But my ferret has fared very well on the diets/food and items I have used.

This first issue is for those of us who don’t want to lose our beloved ferrets when our income/support for ourselves is very little to none.

Tip #1: Food!

I know we all love to get our babies the best food we can. Yet at times when our income is limited to noting we need to do our best to feed them the best. So here are some things you can do to feed your little friend.

:bulletblack:Food Banks
Those food banks we go to will a lot of times have cat or dog food, both dry and wet, sitting there for us to help support our common pet friends. Don’t be afraid to feed your ferrets these foods. Though if you get wet food you need to combine it with dry food or it won’t be nice to clean up.

:bulletblack:Combining Foods
You can combine almost any types of pet food for your ferrets as long as they can eat that type of food.

Here is a list of types of food your ferret[s] can eat.

:bulletblack:Ferret Food [not treats]
:bulletblack:Dry Cat Food
:bulletblack:Wet Cat Food
:bulletblack:Dry Dog Food
:bulletblack:Wet Dog food
:bulletblack:Meat [raw/cooked]

You can combine two or more foods to feed to your ferrets. Though when you combine the wet food with dry food make sure you have more dry food then wet. About a 2/3 mix of dry to wet.
Note: Picky ferrets? Try the wet and dry food combo. Odo recommends this for any ferret going through the “Picky” faze.
I personally have not done meat raw or cooked. Ferrets can eat these things, but you will need to do more research before feeding them these items. I recommend you do research on all foods before feeding them to your ferrets as well.

Tip #2: Bedding!

First off wood chips are very bad for ferrets. The dust can end up killing them.

The cheap to free way to go for bedding when in a income bind is newspapers [you can even us normal paper] that are ripped up or shredded. At one point Odo needed bedding and we could not afford any of the good bedding so we asked family we knew who had newspapers and got them every day if they would give the old ones to us. This cost us no money to get them or use them. And the ferrets love to play in the papers.

Tip #3: Toys!

You know we love watching our little babies play with their toys. While what you can do is make a pop box house for them out of left over 12 pack soda boxes and 24 case soda boxes. You could use any types of boxes, but these have come in handy. You will need some kind of tape to make them like Duct Tape.
How you can get the items are little to no cost. You can either buy the pop for you to dink or ask anyone you know who buys them for the boxes.

For normal boxes you can call stores and ask if they have any and if you could get a few. They are normally willing to give them to you free.

Duct Tape is fairly cheap. All you have to do is either get some from a family member or buy some for $1-$3 at WalMart.

What others have done 2.bp.blogspot.com/_F_-MaHMy1ps… i1113.photobucket.com/albums/k…

Now We Come to the End

If you have any questions about ferrets please leave a comment here or note me. I will answer your questions in the upcoming issues. Suggestions are as welcome as treats are by ferrets.
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adevilsdare's avatar
I like this article very much!
punkchica06's avatar
You also forgot to mention if you feed them raw meat you must cut up the pieces very small, I had a friends ferret who died from choking on a raw piece of meat that was too large for his throat, so be very careful I would supervise my ferret if feeding them these kinds of foods.
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Instead of spenind extra money on soda for the boxes, you can go to any shoe store and ask for some empty boxes from the back room.

The most important thing for a ferret in their food is the protein content. Cat food, and especially kitten food, is great as long as it is poultry based. Ferret should NOT eat a fish based food because they don't get enough protein from it. As far as dog food is concerned, however, many dog foods are supplemented with corn and other vegetable matter. If it isn't wet, and has a high protein content, you should absolutely not give your ferret dog food. They will eat it, but they will be starving and suffering malnutrition because of the low quality ingredients.
Sethian-Motzart's avatar
This is a very nice article! I'm a big animal lover and ferrets are jsut such cute little buggers! I look forward to having the space to get one again and I'll definitely be putting all these tips to use! I also have a few suggestions of my own that may help I know they've helped me with my other pets.

Food section. :D Homemade natural "BARF" diets are extremely low income for ferrets and are much healthier than dog and cat food since they contain none of the grains that the little fuzzy buns can't digest. it is however difficult to find 2 people who agree on raw diets because opinions vary so much. its best to take each opinion (even my own) with a grain of salt. I will say it is worth giving a try though because I've seen how well it works with dogs (My Luca, a Busky [husky mix], hated dry food and would refuse to touch it from about 3 months of age. I dropped some ground beef in front of him and he leaped upon it and begged me for more. Haven't gone back since and he was such an affectionate baby. I know it's not a ferret example, but I hadn't discovered the joys of BARF feeding when I had my ferrets some years before. and now I've rambled! lol.

toys: I don't know where you could get these, but where my ma used to work (which went out of business) we would get these huge cardboard tubes (the really thick ones) we'd bring them home for my rats and have to cut them up with a hack saw they were so thick, the rats loved the heck out of them! if you can find them (usually D.A.L.E.S. scrapped them so we got them for free) they'd go great with one of those cardboard box playhouses. Also you could go to a local racquet club and ask about their dead balls. sometimes they'll give you as many as you want.

Vet: if you live close to a community college that teaches vet techs or a college of veterinary medecine things like routine vaccinations, dentestry, neutering, spaying and such may be offered at very reasonable prices. (from the complete tightwad gazzette)

I look forward to the nest issue!