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Those in Need

Is your ferret sick?
Are you doing commissions to help raise money for your fuzzball?
Have a ferret shelter you'd like to feature for donations?
Need to re-home your fuzzy?

Note the group with the title 'A REQUEST FOR THE NEEDY' and we shall feature it here ASAP.

A Message from Zombitz
"Ferrets are currently ILLEGAL in California. Why? Because there has been a law out since the 1930s banning them "because they could harm the ecosystem". Complete and utter bullshit! They are currently legal in 48 states, and California is the ONLY continental US state banning them.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to this website and sign this petition!… PLEASE!"
URGENT! A ferret really needs your help!
Read this journal for details:…
A message from :iconartistic-castaway:
F.U.R.R.Y. Ferret Rescue has a Christmas Wish!!
:holly: We want to raise $500 for the no kill, non profit shelter run by volunteers. We understand times are hard, but if you can find it in your heart to spare a $10 donation the little fuzzes would greatly appreciate it!!!!

:bulletyellow:FURRY doesn't look at Christmas the way most people do. Christmas is a time people buy ferrets on a whim and then come January and February they are given up from lack of education and simply not prepared. With your donations, these newbies can get the shots and medical care they need to be able to play with the others and be adoptable!!!

:bulletred::bulletgreen: Link on Facebook: [link] :bulletgreen::bulletred:

For more info on FURRY, please check out: [link]

FURRY & :iconartistic-castaway:
:iconazreliez: has said the following:
"Help Save Oregon Ferret Shelter

^Link to Shelter Home Page

The Oregon Ferret Shelter is a non-profit organization in northern Oregon focused on saving ferrets from all over the US and helping them find loving homes. It is also the only ferret shelter in most of Oregon.

At the moment it is being run out of the owners’ home who currently has sectioned most of her house off so the ferrets can live the best they can.

The shelter has been able to sustain its self for on the donation people have been giving and also the money the owner puts into it.

But recently the shelter has fallen on hard times and is being threatened to have to close.

So I am trying to find people who are able to donate anything they can be it sending some of their money from commissions or just donating a dollar anything will work. We are trying our hardest to save the little guys home.

Anything will truly help..."
:iconartistic-castaway: has said the following:
"I volunteer at a ferret shelter here in St. Louis. We're the only one. The president of FURRY Ferret Rescue is having his 37th birthday. Instead of gift, all he wants is to raise money for the shelter.…
^If you have face book this will work. I also think this is for a $20 flat donation.

-or- here is the paypal account where you can make whatever donation you can spare. In the message you can add 'Happy Birthday Kevin' if you'd like.


For snail mail:
PO Box 20581
St. Louis, MO 63139-0581
web site:

Any donation will help. Our Kevin's is $400. Care to help?

FURRY Ferret Rescue Thanks You!!!"
Your Founder :iconninaiso: is doing commissions for her Albino ferret Silver. Help her out?…

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WELCOME to Ferret-Fanclub

This group is dedicated to those little adorable weasels we can't live without~ FERRETS! Whether you draw them or own one this club is for it all! Are goal here is to be a friendly community of ferret lovers new and old. We strive to provide a friendly atmosphere with tips and lessons on happy ferret care. We also are here to help your adorable ferret artwork with crits, tip, and friendly advice. If you own a little fuzzy ferret come on in! Don't own one? That's fine too! As long as you love these little guys you are welcome here~ We would love to help you out in getting your first ferret if that's the case. We'll tell you all the info needed straight from our own experiences. Wanna take a crack at drawing these fuzzies? No problem! We can provide reference photos and anatomy charts! So come on in but watch where you step, there be Carpet Sharks around. ;D

This group is dedicated to those little adorable weasels we can't live without~ FERRETS!

- All dA rules apply
- Be respectful to all members. The world doesn't revolve around you. It revolves around the ferrets. :3
- Keep it at a PG level! Children own ferrets too!
- Have fun!

Submission Rules
- All dA rules apply
- Only 5 submission a day. We don’t want to flood our members.
- It must have a ferret in it.
- Try to make the ferret noticeable. We don't want humans with a microscopic ferret on their shoe. We like the ferret to be the main focus.
- No pornographic images! Keep it at a PG level! Children own ferrets too!
- We DO NOT tolerate art theft! Submit a stolen image and it WILL BE reported and removed!

How to join
- If you join, you MUST love ferrets in some way.
- Click the 'Join Group' button at the top of the page.

Adorable Fuzzies in our Icon
Tenshi the Albino belongs to :iconemotionlessblue:…
The Unnamed Sable belongs to :iconepiphany214:…
Noruh the DEW belongs to :iconsilsuka:…


We would love you to join! Just hit the "Join this group" button at the top of the page and you will be automatically approved!


We are looking for submissions of:

:bulletblue: Ferret Photography

:bulletblue: Ferret Artworks

:bulletblue: Ferret Information

All work submitted must be FINISHED and NEAT.



Hello members and visitors!
FerretsKeepUsAlive is planning on holding it's first ever contest! Problem is, they need prizes!

We would like to send this out to all of you who can spare art, points, llamas, even watches!

You may also join in on the contest if you like. ^^ But it will not begin until they have enough prizes.

So come on ferret lovers, let's give them prizes!

Comment with what you will give here when ready!: ferretskeepusalive.deviantart.…
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That way those who love ferrets but are unsure of whether they really can handle a real one, can adopt virtual ones instead. As all people say over-and-over day-after-day, please think long and hard before adopting a real ferret as they do require lots of love and work <3
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