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Jackie Winthrop :iconferret-assassin-nin:ferret-assassin-nin 0 2
Overcast Day by ferret-assassin-nin Overcast Day :iconferret-assassin-nin:ferret-assassin-nin 0 4
The Pirating Tale of Keith Croft
Chapter 1: The Beginning
            An eight-year-old boy with dirty blonde hair, light green eyes, and pale skin stands at the ocean’s shore as the warm waves lap at his bare feet. The boy breathes the salty air in deeply and smiles in content. He has always loved the ocean and dreamed of sailing across the salty waves. However, he never voices his wish of adventure as he could run the risk of being viewed a pirate, which would result in his death by hanging. So, he keeps his dreams and thoughts to himself. Thus, his parents and older sister, Evelyn, believe him to be a quiet and shy child. In Port Royal, an English island colony, it is perfectly normal to have a respectful child that knows his place. It is also perfectly normal, even required, that a male child goes to school. His parents, however, prefer to keep Keith home due to his constant illness so his father ho
:iconferret-assassin-nin:ferret-assassin-nin 2 5
She Suffers in Silence
She Suffers in Silence
Silent in her suffering,
Strong in her mind,
Broken in her heart.
Health declining,
Stress attacking,
She soldiers through.
Always considerate,
Never selfish,
Yet her heart’s still fragile.
To others a silent pillar,
A source of strength,
A fierce protector.
She loves her friends,
She loves her family,
She loves everyone.
The bubbly, outgoing type,
None is the wiser,
As she suffers silently.
Her heart shatters,
Her world crashes,
Her will breaks.
She searches for help,
Doesn’t know how to ask for it,
She feels alone.
Someone rescues her,
Makes her smile again,
Renews her strength.
She cared so much,
She failed to see,
She needed care as well.
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To Granddaddy, Grandma, Papa
To Granddaddy, Grandma, Papa
If you could see me now, you would smile.
I am in college, just like you expected.
I am avoiding dating, just as you warned me.
I am strong in my faith, because you were stronger.
I miss you dearly, but I will meet you again.
When I am sad or lonely, I seek comfort in you.
You help me enjoy life, as it can be short.
You watch over me so that I may have peace of mind.
You encourage me when I’m down.
You always made me happy; I wish I made you happy.
I don’t shed tears, yet I still cry.
I wish I spent more time with you.
I wish you could have seen me graduate.
I wish you were still here with me.
I am happy, because I know pain eludes you.
Granddaddy, Grandma, Papa,
You all taught me everything I know.
Granddaddy, you showed me how important family is.
Grandma, you taught me how to be a true Christian.
Papa, you taught me to smile even when I’m sad.
As a child, I never understood death.
As preteen, I
:iconferret-assassin-nin:ferret-assassin-nin 0 0
The Girl in the Window
The Girl in the Window
            The atmosphere of the dark room couldn't reflect the gray and rainy November day any better. The overcast sky and light fog only add to the dullness of the world outside. Inside the room, a young girl around the age of thirteen with coal black long hair and beautiful hazel-green eyes stares out the foggy window. If she were to turn around, the baby-blue carpeted floor of her room would be scattered with miscellaneous sheets of paper and pictures. On her cream-white walls would be only a picture of her older brother smiling carelessly as though he would never die from a motorcycle crash the next day. Like his sister, he had coal black hair, hazel-green eyes, and smile that could light up even the most suicidal person’s day.
            Sitting on her windowsill, under her pale and slender hand, is an older picture of her and
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Winter in the Mountians by ferret-assassin-nin Winter in the Mountians :iconferret-assassin-nin:ferret-assassin-nin 0 0 Amos by ferret-assassin-nin Amos :iconferret-assassin-nin:ferret-assassin-nin 2 0 Robin Goodfellow (close up) by ferret-assassin-nin Robin Goodfellow (close up) :iconferret-assassin-nin:ferret-assassin-nin 2 0 Robin Goodfellow by ferret-assassin-nin Robin Goodfellow :iconferret-assassin-nin:ferret-assassin-nin 0 0
As Glass Shatters
As Glass Shatters
Spring, 2044
            I look above me and see tears fall from the sky—or are they rain drops? The gray clouds skirting across the stormy colored sky promise me neither rain nor sun, as this has become their natural color—the clouds haven’t been white for several years now. Very little sunlight pours through the few breaks in the clouds. What little does, however, creates a beautiful pattern of bleached spots on the distant mountains. It is spring now, but soon we will reach a dry, bitter, and barren summer. It has always been this way.
Summer, 2044
            Just as I promised, we have reached the middle of a dry, bitter, and barren summer. Despite the heat of late June, the rain is as cold as glacial ice—probably due to the nuclear plant explosion we had twenty some years ago.
:iconferret-assassin-nin:ferret-assassin-nin 2 0
Cyrena Aria Casrendo by ferret-assassin-nin Cyrena Aria Casrendo :iconferret-assassin-nin:ferret-assassin-nin 0 0 Samantha by ferret-assassin-nin Samantha :iconferret-assassin-nin:ferret-assassin-nin 0 0 Cuddly Panda by ferret-assassin-nin Cuddly Panda :iconferret-assassin-nin:ferret-assassin-nin 0 0
Let's Talk, Quidditch Captain to Quidditch Captain
Disclaimer: Harry Potter or anything associated with it does not belong to me. It belongs solely to J. K. Rowling and Scholastic Publishing Company. I simply borrow the characters. 
Warning: Mild swearing, angst
Summary: Harry never understood why Wood was so adamant about winning the Cup or why he was so hard of a captain until he became captain himself in his Sixth Year. All of the responsibility and the idea of the major role he is about to play in the Second Wizarding War is beginning to wear on him. He believes he’s a terrible captain, but can a visit from an old friend and former captain change his mind? *not slash*
Author’s Note: Some scenes and dialogue at the beginning have been taken from the sixth book; I do not own them.
Chapter 1: Playing Favorites
When Harry started his sixth year of Hogwarts, Professor McGonagall walked up to him and announced that he is now captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. To say that Harry is
:iconferret-assassin-nin:ferret-assassin-nin 1 0
It's Sad
It’s sad;
All I have to do is look,
Look down and remember--
Remember why I did it;
Remember the hardships, the anger;
Remember everything.
It’s sad.
I look down,
I see them,
They keep me in check.
They barely glisten--
Glisten in the night.
It’s sad;
I know the pain,
The hurt, the fear;
I know everything.
I’m an expert;
I shouldn’t be.
It’s sad--
Sad to recall, to regret what I did.
Troublesome to wonder--
Wonder why I did it,
Why I stopped,
How I stopped.
It’s sad;
Sad to see--
See them faintly there,
Mocking me, reminding me--
Reminding me why I stopped;
What would have happened, if I never stopped.
:iconferret-assassin-nin:ferret-assassin-nin 0 0


Rafael Barba by Larkistin89 Rafael Barba :iconlarkistin89:Larkistin89 8 0 Rafael Barba by Larkistin89 Rafael Barba :iconlarkistin89:Larkistin89 5 0 RobinxIshiah by LhOaVtEe RobinxIshiah :iconlhoavtee:LhOaVtEe 9 10
Mature content
RobinxCal Pucktastic Chocolate :iconkehxkeova:KehXKeova 10 12
A Pucked-Up Situation Ch 1
Title: "A Pucked-Up Situation"
Chapter: 1/?
By: Chys Lattes
Universe: A (Rob Thurman) 'Cal Leandros' Series Fic, After the book 'Roadkill' ends.
Setting:  A supernatural modern paranormal story.
Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the book series of "Cal Leandros", nor do I make any money off of any fanfictions/fanworks in the "Cal Leandros" fandom. Those belong to Rob Thurman, so go buy her books already!
Rating: 18+ The series isn't for kids so what makes you think a fic of it would be? If I find little kids reading this I will hunt them down and stick a bogglet under their beds, since they might make a good snack!
Author's Notes: This came to mind while I was drawing my 'Robin and Salome' pic. I make no money off this and I don't own the Leandros Brothers fandom.
A Pucked-up Situation, Chapter 1:
A lasciviously sly smirk could be seen through the peephole between short cut curtains of curly brown hair. Cal ran a hand through his own messy black shoulder length locks and
:iconchys:Chys 11 11
The Troll's Lair by JaidanWolf The Troll's Lair :iconjaidanwolf:JaidanWolf 11 8 Ishiah by midnightsonlybliss Ishiah :iconmidnightsonlybliss:midnightsonlybliss 24 9 100 PERCENT PUCKABLE by Wolfs-Angel17 100 PERCENT PUCKABLE :iconwolfs-angel17:Wolfs-Angel17 26 52 Chibi Cal Leandros by BUtifulDeath Chibi Cal Leandros :iconbutifuldeath:BUtifulDeath 28 13
Mature content
Breaking Into Humanity :iconmidnightsonlybliss:midnightsonlybliss 6 4
What is normal?
:iconthemaninroomfive:themaninroomfive 45 52
Cal Leandros - No Matter What by KehXKeova Cal Leandros - No Matter What :iconkehxkeova:KehXKeova 4 6 Cal Leandros - Hug Me Dammit by KehXKeova Cal Leandros - Hug Me Dammit :iconkehxkeova:KehXKeova 7 9 Cal Leandros Group by KehXKeova Cal Leandros Group :iconkehxkeova:KehXKeova 4 3 Cal Leandros - Robin's Postcard by KehXKeova Cal Leandros - Robin's Postcard :iconkehxkeova:KehXKeova 6 5
Gabriel x Reader The Trickster
Gabriel x Reader
The Trickster
You had faced a lot of monsters in your life. You had faced a lot of berserk hunters. You had faced a lot of sociopaths as well.
But never had you faced an angel-turned-trickster who seemed to have fallen in love with you and was now making your life a living hell.
Well, not so much a living hell as simply showing up in your motel rooms, following you, and even ruining your hunts.  
He was currently sitting in your car, (a 1954 (one of 208) Bentley R-Type Continental, one of only 208 ever made. The car houses a six-cylinder, 4.5-litre engine.) admiring the spotless leather seats.
"Beautiful." He said, and you rolled your eyes in his general directions.
"I know. Went through hell to get it." You replied, and he smirked.
"I have a... Friend... Who has an Impala." He said, and you nodded.
"Not even half as nice as this beauty." He said, and you nodded.
"In mint condition, too." You said, and he grinned, excitedly.
"I just checked the car for you. It's r
:iconmyarmyofpeeps:MyArmyOfPeeps 380 85



Sometimes I wish I was a lava lamp. Lava lamps have life pretty easy, don't they? I mean, they don't have places to be, things to do, or even people to see. They just sort of sit on a shelf, a desk, or even an end table and do their thing; melt wax, mold wax, and move wax around. There's a give and take type of action to their lives, too. The hot melted wax rises and stretches into bizarre shapes, reaches the very top of the glass container, slowly cools down, and then sinks back to the bottom to rejoin the hot wax. They're soothing to watch, too.

They sit there all chilled out everything and still manage to do all kinds of awesome things. I have to admit that would be the life; sit down, chill out, and just let things happen as they will. I guess what I mean is that lava lamps don't care about your expectations, they don't care that you want the wax to melt faster, they don't care that you hate the lava bunch up at the top of the container, and they especially don't care about symmetry or being perfect. I mean, why would they? They're lava lamps. They're cool on principal. They don't need to impress other people by living up to their expectations. They do their own thing and still make people happy.

Unfortunately, I'm not a lava lamp. I don't have an easy life; I'd be lying if I said otherwise. I do care about time because sometimes I have to work on a schedule; I'd love to sleep in until ten in the morning but sometimes I have get up at six because I have work at eight and it takes an hour and a half for me to get ready sometimes. My family fights; I fight with my family. I get defensive when I feel attacked, because I don't like feeling vulnerable. I work hard to live up to people's expectations, and to surpass my own expectations.

You know what? Why can't we live the life of a lava lamp? Why do we have to conform ourselves to fit into our little world? Why can't we just be free from the labels, from the worries, from the troubles of our lives and let our mind wander as it sees fit? Most importantly, why wouldn't we want to live as lava lamps?  
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ferret-assassin-nin's Profile Picture
Why Should I Tell You?
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello! I'm ferret assassin nin and some of you may know me from, and others of you may not. If you don't, well, I write fan fiction, I ship Perciver (Percy/Oliver) proudly, and...I'm a major ice cream fanatic even though I'm slightly lactose intolerant. (The misery is worth the ultimate deliciousness of ice cream!!!)

My favorite color is the RAINBOW!!! I like them all minus Hot Pink. I can't stand it! (Thus I hate Umbridge even more!!! Evil, Sadistic, Cat Lady!!!) Uhm...I'm quite random and I have a very weird sense of humor. Sometimes people think I'm serious when I'm joking and other times they think I'm joking when I'm serious. Sometimes they don't even think I'm funny. However, I think I'm funny. :D

Anyway, I'm a major Harry Potter fan; I love the movies, the books, the interviews of the cast, basically anything that deals with Harry Potter including fan fiction. I'm also a Criminal Minds, House, M.D., Paranormal State, Perception, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, and several other tv shows fan. Oh, and I absolutely love to doodle.

Oh! I'm also a major Anime/Manga fan; I love Fruits Basket (Particularly Kyo and Hatori), Naruto (Hayate, Genma, Kotetsu, Izumo, Kakashi...and multiple others that will take forever to list), Black Cat (Anime Strictly; kidTrain, Sven, Train, and Rinslet), Highschool of the Dead (no specific favorite character), Jigoku Shoujo (Ai, Ai's companions, I have a MAJOR crush on Ren, and...I think that's about it for Jigoku Shoujo), High School of the Dead, er...several other Anime/Manga that I can't recall at this very moment.

As for book series, I'm a major Harry Potter fan (it's a given and listing all my favorite characters will make this an extremely long bio and take forever so...the main favorites are Sirius, Remus *I like them as a couple too*, Professor McGonagall *she's absolutely hilarious at times in both the movies and the books*, Fred and George *Gosh, I crush them so hard!!! I love their prankster and joking ways*, Lee of course *Who can't like him? Especially with his pet spider*, Oliver *Yet another character I crush on hard, including the actual actor Sean Biggerstaff*, Percy *He might be a prat, but he's an awesome prat and he's only prat because he's ambitious and rule-abiding*, Hagrid *His first appearance in the book/movie? Epic!!*, Professor Dumbledore *I miss him*, recently Professor Snape *Once I learned he's not a bad guy after all*, Buckbeak *Gotta love the Hippogriff*, Mrs. Weasley, Mr. Weasley, Bill, Charlie *who doesn't love dragons???*...and multiple others).

Some other books, as well series, that I absolutely love are: The Cal Leandros Series (I have it in for Robin, and if Ishiah ever gives him up, I'm taking him!! Otherwise the two make a cute couple; I like Promise, Nik, and Cal too *I especially like fork wielding amnesia Cal*, Ish is an awesome character as well). My favorite book in the Cal Leandros Series so far is Deathwish, but I like Roadkill and Blackout too--those are my favorites of the series. I secretly wish Cal would be able to get back with Georgina because they are meant for each other (If only they weren't so stubborn!!) but in the meantime Delilah is okay; she's a bitch, but she's one heck of an awesome woman, even if she is out to get Cal possibly.

Before I go on a tangent with the Cal Leandros Series, I also love:

Unwind by Neil Shusterman (A very creepy book and it's scary to think that it could actually happen one day; I hope it never does.)
Willow by Julia Hoban
The Shadow Children series (It's been a long time since I've read any of the books but I still have a crush on Trey).
The Left Behind series (If I can ever find the time to get through the first book!!!)
Raven's Shadow and Raven's Strike by Patrica Briggs
Hidden Talents series by David Lubar
Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers (I need to buy the next book in the series; I'm in love with the love/hate thing between Luc and Gabriel, I can totally see myself shipping them XD)
Chasing Yesterday series
Stray by Rachel Vincent
Blood and Chocolate (both the book and the movie but the movie fails to do the book justice)
Impulse by Ellen Hopkins
Identical by Ellen Hopkins (I love her in general)
False Memory by Dean Koontz
Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz (I also love him and his novels in general)
Cry Wolf by Patrica Briggs
The Wave by Todd Strasser
Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater (I need to finish the first book and buy the next few in the series!!! ><)
Venomous by Christopher Korvatin
Robert Frost (he's one of my favorite poets)
Edgar Allen Poe (the author that first inspired me to write so no wonder a lot of my earlier works are so dark...)
Looking for Alaska by John Greene. He's an excellent author.
Hm...that's all I list off the top of my head. Also, I secretly hope that one day the Cal Leandros series get turned into movies because they are SO worth it, as is Unwind.

So! I think that about sums me up. Check out some of my stories on; I'm quite proud of "Let's Talk Quidditch Captain to Quidditch Captain", "Spencer's Youngest Brother", and...a few others. My account name is "ferret assassin nin" and, ironically enough, my tumblr is "ferret-assassin-nin". Yeah...I'm not super original with my user names, but whatever! Oh! One last thing: I'm a Slytherin on Pottermore but really I feel more like a Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. And...I WISH QUIDDITCH EXISTED AND I PLAYED IT!!!!

Yep. That's officially it.


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