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The Mushroom Orphans: Hurt

By Ferres
Bad Encounter With A Wasp.

Guillaume the frog was able to fend it off but not before stinging Heloise.
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Very saddening 
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That is so sad!  But she's going to be alright.....right?
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This has a really strong story behind it, even though we only see a glimpse. I appreciate that in a picture!

Oh, and also - thanks for the llama!
Ouch I hope for the spider 
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Love this, unusual for me to fave non nude shots but when I really like them I do.  Well don. :clap:
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Thanks! :thanks:
Still trying to get a handle on this.
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I cliffhanger of an ending and one of a potentially very sad note. However I would urge you to consider pursuing this. You have created a story and images with real magic here that may have the potential of reaching the hearts of many children (of all ages) please consider that while you take your next steps. 
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I would like to. If I can find a place for it.
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I would encourage you to try. It appears to be a real departure from your previous works (that I'm familiar with at least), and I've found such work can strengthen your overall artistic ability.


Some wasp stings just paralyze there victims for a short period of time it does not kill them outright. (just saying) ;)
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"Some wasp stings just paralyze there victims"

Yes, I am aware of that.
The type of wasp that attacked would've carried Heloise away and have her cocooned with a larvae if Guillaume hadn't intervened.

I've seen this type of cocoon. They're like clusters of little dirt nodules with paralyzed 'infested' jumping spiders inside them. Very depressing since I like those little guys.Stare 
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Thanks for the reply I meant it as sort of tongue in cheek way of saying ' look there's a way out of this please don't let Heloise die!'

I'm not sure why (perhaps it because I've just suffered great personal lost in the past few months) but the picture has haunted my thoughts since you put it up. Which is one of the reasons why I encourage you to peruse it further. 
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Sorry to hear about your lose.Lonely 

I must confess that I did got teary working on this one. I'm digging into parts of me that I thought were long gone.
Moving 'Mushroom Orphans' to comic form is the next step. When that will be, I don't know yet.
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Thanks; triggers are strange things.

I hope you do move it a comic form, but I know how these thing go. Just know that you have at least one fan patiently waiting for more :D
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Ohh! Poor Heloise, very touching to see how worried and caring Guillaume is.
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End of the series for now. Considering what to do next.
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OK! I understand. I know that feeling.
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