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Why The Super Smash Bros Hatedom Sucks
(Note: I respect people's opinions)(This is actually made up and this is my first time creating a page for Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms Wiki)(Note: Speaking of which, special thanks to that wiki)(Note: I don't hate Super Smash Bros. in case you're wondering)(Link: of them are part of the Nintendo Hatedom, the Mario Hatedom, the SEGA Hatedom, the Sonic The Hedgehog Hatedom, the FPS Fandom, the Call of Duty Fandom, the Shigeru Miyamoto Hatedom, the Sony Interactive Entertainment Fandom, the PlayStation Fandom, and the EA Fandom.They call Super Smash Bros. "Super Shit Bros." or "Super Cancer Bros.", the latter of which is offensive to people diagnosed with cancer.If you say you like Super Smash Bros., then they'll immaturely attack and harass you and call you "autistic" or call you a "Smashfag", which is offensive to people diagnosed with autism and it's homophobic and disrespectful.Like the Mario Hatedom and the Call of Duty Fandom and the FPS Fandom, they think that the games in the series are repetitive, when in reality, they are actually not! Call of Duty and FIFA are repetitive!Some of the haters are members of the PlayStation Fandom, since they call the series a "rip-off" of PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, while in reality, they're completely different games! Smash came out in 1999 and PSASBR is inspired by Smash!Most of the haters hate the series, all just because of it's toxic fandom. SERIOUSLY, A FANBASE DOES NOT DICTATE THE QUALITY OF A GAME!Like the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Hatedom and the Five Nights at Freddy's Hatedom, they hate the series because of the fans.Speaking of which, they attack and harass the sane fans and labeling them as: "Melee purists", "Waluigi fanboys/fangirls", etc.They make a bunch of (unintentionally) hilarious, weak, laughable and very immature insult names for the series, such as "Super Trash Bros."They hate Masahiro Sakurai for making the series in the first place.Good Qualities:(Note: I don't hate Super Smash Bros. once again)They DO have a point about the toxic fanbase.Some haters are mature and respect your opinion.Idea (C) MeSuper Smash Bros. (C) Masahiro Sakurai, NintendoMario (C) Shigeru Miyamoto, NintendoSonic The Hedgehog (C) Yuji Naka, SEGAPlayStation (C) SonyCall of Duty (C) AAA IndustryFIFA (C) Electronic Arts (A.K.A EA)PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale (C) SonyJoJo's Bizarre Adventure (C) Hirohiko ArakiFive Nights at Freddy's (C) Scott CawthonAll content belong to their respective owners
:iconferrarilamborghini:FerrariLamborghini 3 3
For @Kashiopea64 and @Path-Of-NoEnd (RP)
(Note: Special thanks to @Kashiopea64 @Path-Of-NoEnd Akira Toriyama and Coolkyoushinja)(All content belong to their respective owners)Can we continue this RP?:(Meanwhile back on the surface...)Kanna: (Is with Lucoa and is showing a Dragon Ball)(Meanwhile behind a building...)(A man wearing a brown cloak and hoodie with pale skin and a ridiculously long nose appears around the corner and peeks)???: (Sees Kanna behind Lucoa) (Thinking Kanna is a human girl) "Hehehehehehehehe…" (Pulls out a machete) (Turns towards the building's wall and starts sharpening the machete) "Need to sharpen the blade... need to make it shiny... gleamy... and oh so... deadly..." (turns towards Lucoa and Kanna, ready to strike) "Ulifer will keep you all from harm..." (Sneaks up behind Lucoa) "Psst! Hey!" (Yes, I know his name should appear after he said it... :() Lucoa: "Huh?" (turns around, but sees nothing behind her) Kanna: (off-screen) "AHHHH, LUCOA, HELP ME!"???: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Lucoa: "WHA?!" (Turns around to face Kanna, but she is suddenly gone, with the Dragon Ball she was holding from earlier on the ground in front of her) "K-KANNA...?" Image and Crossover (C) Kashiopea64Roleplay (C) Kashiopea64 and Path-Of-NoEndDragon Ball Z (C) Akira ToriyamaMiss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid (C) CoolkyoushinjaSailor Moon (C) DiCAll content belong to their respective owners
:iconferrarilamborghini:FerrariLamborghini 2 1
MrRealism by FerrariLamborghini MrRealism :iconferrarilamborghini:FerrariLamborghini 3 1 What if Smile attacks Mitakihara by FerrariLamborghini What if Smile attacks Mitakihara :iconferrarilamborghini:FerrariLamborghini 3 6
Why The Bart-Toons Hatedom Sucks (UPDATED)
(Note: I hate Bart-Toons, but I'm just talking his toxic hatedom)(Note: I respect people's opinions)(Link: made a ton of hate art and hate memes out of him.On Atrocious Deviants Wiki, when a user named JeagerEX12 commented on the fact Bart-Toons became calm about Japan, an another user named K20000306 replied disrespectfully “Who ever wrote that stupid shit?!”, just not towards JeagerEX12.They have no qualms when they commented that they want to kill him, which could get them arrested, or worse a DEATH SENTENCE!Whenever they comment about Bart-Toons, they always type hateful comments.They hate toxic users, which is hypocritical since they are toxic themselves.They are flooding this site, as well as sending hateful comments about Bart-Toons on Miraheze. When they dare to criticize or talk sense to them for making hate art, offensive memes and threatened him, they blocked them out of cowardice and accuse you being Bart-Toon fantard when they clearly aren't.One of the haters keep saying: "Bart-Toons Is Really Douchebag!" over and over again. We get it! He's a douchebag, but that doesn't mean that you have to say that phrase over and over again!There's one Bart-Toons hater that sends death threats to him and makes too many hate art out of him. His rant beginning from the 7th one and literally copying it from Reception Wikis (Mainly the Atrocious Deviants Wiki and Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms Wiki) and shoved it into his own Vyond-styled rants. He didn't even credit the reasons from those wikis. Let that sink in... Good Qualities:They do have a point Bart-Toons being xenophobic, a incest shipper, request spammer, etc.Not all haters are toxic to the point of sending death threats or wanting to kill him, like the Mr. Enter Hatedom.Idea (C) Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms WikiAll content belong to their respective owners...
:iconferrarilamborghini:FerrariLamborghini 2 8
I don't want to let go... (VENT) by FerrariLamborghini I don't want to let go... (VENT) :iconferrarilamborghini:FerrariLamborghini 2 0 Top 10 Myths I feel sorry for by FerrariLamborghini Top 10 Myths I feel sorry for :iconferrarilamborghini:FerrariLamborghini 5 2 What if Grimblox and Melvin were arch rivals by FerrariLamborghini What if Grimblox and Melvin were arch rivals :iconferrarilamborghini:FerrariLamborghini 5 0 Seriously people... by FerrariLamborghini Seriously people... :iconferrarilamborghini:FerrariLamborghini 7 9 I'm sorry (VENT) by FerrariLamborghini I'm sorry (VENT) :iconferrarilamborghini:FerrariLamborghini 3 3 What if Noli was in Puella Magi Madoka Magica The  by FerrariLamborghini What if Noli was in Puella Magi Madoka Magica The :iconferrarilamborghini:FerrariLamborghini 4 1 What If Ulifer was in Kemono Friends by FerrariLamborghini What If Ulifer was in Kemono Friends :iconferrarilamborghini:FerrariLamborghini 2 4 Death Battle - Ulifer vs Jason Voorhees (Read Desc by FerrariLamborghini Death Battle - Ulifer vs Jason Voorhees (Read Desc :iconferrarilamborghini:FerrariLamborghini 2 1 SMG4 Character hate hate art by FerrariLamborghini SMG4 Character hate hate art :iconferrarilamborghini:FerrariLamborghini 9 49 The very first Nugumu fan art ever made by FerrariLamborghini The very first Nugumu fan art ever made :iconferrarilamborghini:FerrariLamborghini 4 8 Hate art in a nutshell by FerrariLamborghini Hate art in a nutshell :iconferrarilamborghini:FerrariLamborghini 7 20


:iconkeyblademagicdan:KeybladeMagicDan 1 0
Ben 10 vs Green Lantern
How do you felt about it?
:iconkeyblademagicdan:KeybladeMagicDan 2 27
i ship it
:iconbandettos:Bandettos 1 3
:iconbandettos:Bandettos 2 7
I am Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius
[ ] You love adventure.
[/] You are very energetic.
[ ] Confident and enthusiastic.
[ ] You're sharp and quick minded.
[ ] Passionate.
[ ] You can be self-centered at times.
[X] You are quick tempered.
[ ] Impulsive.
[ ] Procrastinator.
[ ] You take unnecessary risks.
Total: 1.5
[ ] Reliable.
[/] You have lots of patience.
[X] You are very determined.
[X] Your mind is very secured.
[X] It's easy for you to become jealous.
[/] You can be resentful.
[ ] You can become greedy at times.
[/] You are rigid.
[ ] You want to go in the business industry.
[/] You are extremely faithful.
Total: 5
[/] You are very versatile.
[/] You like changes.
[ ] You are talkative.
[ ] You seem to be very quick-witted.
[X] You're pretty smart.
[/] You would consider yourself to be polite.
[ ] Energetic.
[ ] You are very inconsistent.
[X] Prone to nervousness.
[ ] Cunning.
Total: 3.5
[X] You are very loving.
[X] Emotional.
[ ] Very sensitive.
[ ] You're very nurturing.
[X] You have an
:iconglazesugarnavalblock:GlazeSugarNavalBlock 2 0
Screenshots of XV2's Ribrianne.
She'll make a delightful Punching Bag.
:iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 3 41
Pyro Answers Questions!
Tagged by: Tabchumatsu 
1. Pick one of your OCs or AU
2. Fill in the question/statements as if you were that OC
3. Tag four people to do this meme

Featuring: Pyro Chillie of Guild Valor!
1. What is your name?
Pyro Chillie. Pleasure to met you.

2. Do you know why are you named that?

*snaps finger to create a fireball*

3. Are you single or taken?


4. Have any abilities or powers?

Like I demonstrated, I have fire abilities. Though they must be taken very delicately. Fire isn't a plaything, unlike my brother, I treat my powers with respect.

5. Stop being Mary Sue.

Mary What? It's obvious I'm not a girl.
6. What's your eye color?

7. What's your hair color?


8. Have any family members?

I have a mother, father, and my twin brother Cryo. I moved out with my twin a few years ago to start
:iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 3 18
If Team RWBY was in DC and Marvel
they would join a group like the Teen Titans and Young Avengers at fighting criminals,helping others and whatever in their own styles.
Ruby,Weiss,Blake and Yang be closer to the mid-level superhumans in terms of powers/stats compared to comic's characters.
Ruby would like Flash and Spiderman for their optimistic's personality.
Blake can respect the beast boy and the beast after a talk about their lives as animal like beings.
Weiss can hang out with likable rich people like Batman and Ironman.
Yang xiao long would get along with She-Hulk and Wonder woman for a sparring match.
:iconkeyblademagicdan:KeybladeMagicDan 3 2
What if Corl survived... (Sequel) by yuettung116 What if Corl survived... (Sequel) :iconyuettung116:yuettung116 2 0 BleonaDragotiYT by yuettung116 BleonaDragotiYT :iconyuettung116:yuettung116 4 4 (OC) toasty by KingDragonite67 (OC) toasty :iconkingdragonite67:KingDragonite67 8 0 GoGoRiki On Nickelodeon (7/14/2009) by RandomPerson1146 GoGoRiki On Nickelodeon (7/14/2009) :iconrandomperson1146:RandomPerson1146 7 4 The Simpsons On Cartoon Network (9/27/2009) by RandomPerson1146 The Simpsons On Cartoon Network (9/27/2009) :iconrandomperson1146:RandomPerson1146 3 0 Data Crew On Cartoon Network (2/14/2010) by RandomPerson1146 Data Crew On Cartoon Network (2/14/2010) :iconrandomperson1146:RandomPerson1146 6 4 Cartoon Network Endboard Concept (2010)  by RandomPerson1146 Cartoon Network Endboard Concept (2010) :iconrandomperson1146:RandomPerson1146 4 0 Deathstroke Defeats BatWahmen by WOLFBLADE111
Mature content
Deathstroke Defeats BatWahmen :iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 30 51




Are N. Brio Da Zuera’s videos dislike bombed and the comment section flooded with hate comments? Or are the ratings and comments disabled, showing that he can’t take criticism?
Fantastic Four (2015) is the reason why Disney owns 20th Century Fox
(Note: I respect people's opinions)
(Special thanks to the Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms Wiki)
They call it overused despite that character types like the “stupid dad” type are also overused and no one complains about that type as much.
Very hypocritical. They hate this type but they still watch and enjoy cartoons like Dumbo, Bambi, Powerpuff Girls (etc) which have cute characters.
They disrespect and attack people who like moe.
They’ll bash any anime with moe even if it is well liked by many and has more positives than flaws.
They’ll hate any character with this type even if the character is very likable.
They’re mostly from the elitist side of the anime community who look down on anime fans that like this, Ecchi, Battle Shonen, Harem and Slice Of Life.
Idea (C) Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms Wiki
Dumbo (C) Disney
Bambi (C) Disney
The Powerpuff Girls (C) Craig McCracken
All content belong to their respective owners


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