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Deviant for 3 Years
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List of people to block
Users beware
Art thieves


1. 2ShadowHole Known for tracing art
2. Adopthem Known art thief. 
3. Classy-Crayon Not a thief or anything(That I remember), just extremely rude. Tells people to kill themselves. (Took down most things against them)
4. Cutie-Pie-Chan Ripping off characters, stealing art, and not crediting base owners (Took down most if it)
5. Emerald2002 Stealing bases, not crediting base owners, etc.
6. KatyKat-1234 Stealing art.
7. KawaiipixAddie Stealing bases and tracing art.
8. LyraBlazePonyArtitst Stealing/tracing cutie marks and selling them.
9. MSPaintProductionz Selling other's adopts.
10. MiliMichelle Stealing character and bases, tracing other's art, and ripping off species.
11. My-Glowing-Darkness Stealing art, not crediting bases
12. NeonGames1104 Stealing characters, tracing over art.
13. Openadoption Stealing characters and selling them.
14. Pretty-Kitty2004 Stealing art and characters
15. sofia23 Stealing art and characters
16. RainbowFeatherr Stealing art and characters
17. SoftehGoat Stealing art and characters
18. StarburstPone Stealing art, characters, and other adopts
19. Sweety--Adopts Stealing adopts and other characters, and selling them as their own.
20. VatchingYou Stealing adopts and other characters to sell them.
21. bellablossomyoutube Tracing over a person's character, claiming art as their own, and not crediting bases
22. doktor123 Stealing art and claiming it as their own.
23. haha--lol Stealing art and claiming it as their own.
24. kasidyy Stealing art and claiming it as their own.
25. n0va-ii Stealing art and claiming it as their own.
26. rainbowunicorn7485 Stealing art and adopts and trying to sell them.
27. shotoadopts Stealing art and adopts and trying to sell them.
28. snowflake1235 Stealing art and claiming it as their own.
29. xSuper-Cute-Adoptsx Stealing art and other adopts, not crediting bases, and tries selling things that they have no rights to.
30. micole66 Stealing art that is obviously not theirs. 
31. MewLoveMew Obvious base thief.
32. ViolentRapter Steals characters and art.
33. MafumaTheLion Stealing Disney's art. 
34. MaskyTehBest Scams people for money
35. tuddals Scams people for money
36. DarkMind78/CelestiaStellaBailey/EvilHonor1962/Fastnonsense /Socket78/@ChaosOfKevin Art thief, tells people to kill themselves. 
37. JackieBbyBear Rips off people's designs, and has admitted to it. 
38. justdontblameme Art thief, tells the original artist that they are the thief. 
39. AngryBrows Base thief, steals P2U bases
40. SofiStrawberry Base thief, traces art
41. sosi-pisos art thief
42. SwirlHealer Art thief, traces bases claims them as their own.
BondiGlow selling adopts that are stolen from off site. (
44. Captors-are-Baes Calling trans people scum. Traces art.
45. GingerDew S
teals OCs and gives no credit to the base. Troll
46. marilyn1513 Stealing OCs and adopts, selling them as their own adopts, not crediting bases.
47. doublecoockie Art thief

XxBlazingCrystalxX Copying/Tracing art
50. Avrobeat Character thief, doesn't credit bases.
51. rainbowsweetcloud Doesn't credit bases. Is a troll.
53. SoThatsWhatsUp PEDOPHILE
OhStarDays Traces art and bases, doesn't credit anyone. Moved to OhZoeyDraws 
55. Claritiies Traces bases and steals character designs. 
56. gdias Takes adopts and resells them as their own.
57. mlpfan907 Adopt thief, possible troll. 
58. Valcocoa Art and design thief, tracer
59. dArthub Scammer, do not try to get points from them
PeytinDenley PEDOPHILE
61. TotalDramaLover112 PEDOPHILE
62. LunaWolf28 Traces art, base thief
ChiimiAdopts Adopt Thief
64. Segoya Reposts art without permission
65. sleepingbearX Art thief, tells people to kill themselves. 
66. oil-pie Traces art. 
67. VUK-vukinston Adopt thief.
68. SparrowAdopt Adopt thief. Doesn't credit bases
69. LightLuna20 SCAMMER "9/11 Addict" NEW ACCOUNT HoangChauArt ANOTHER ACCOUNT jennybanda
70. DelicateDoggoDraw Traces art, doesn't credit bases
OhNeonBlaze Traces art, doesn't credit bases. (May or may not be #54)
73. ThatLittleNIGHTMARE Steals and reposts adoptables for sale
74. blinkyadoptables Adopt thief. 
75. AdoptiesForYou sells recolored adopts
76. silentpoodleoops Using a sona that she never paid for. Doesn't credit bases. 
77. DisneyFrolloVillains Uploading art that isn't theirs. 
78. DerpyPotatoes101 Adopt thief.
79. Artist-PastelBrush - SCAM ARTIST: Artist-PastelBrush
80. Onelookfnaf or Moofii Floof on YouTube- Traces art
81. PINKAMENACUPCAKES666 Traces art and doesn't credit bases
82. ga-lac-tic Design thief. 
83. AdoptableCentres Adopt thief. Doesn't credit bases.
84. CookieCatDogThing Adopt thief.
Idaglentvor123 Traces art and sells as ychs
86. SunflowerSunshower Recolors adopts
87. Undertalekittykat123 Steals adopts, doesn't credit bases.
88. TheRealBlueBerry Art thief.
89. Angel2075 FNAF Art thief.
90.PastelCookies03 Art thief, traces art
91. Allensor Adopt thief, (currently has everything taken down)
92. wuzpoppin Adopt thief, doesn't credit bases
93. RainbowDash10121 Character thief, doesn't credit bases
95. HauLeopadi/BonsaiBundle-Adopts Traces art, steals ocs and their traits to make species
97. KristelChan-Oficial Doesn't credit bases.
98. PPGRaindowdragongirl Adopt thief and troll.
99. Adoptable-Paradisee Adopt and art theif.
100. (Lots of usernames) Art thief and troll. 
101. LavenderLollies Art and character thief, doesn't credit bases; has been banned from Amino for character theft. 
102. AliceAli99 Adopt thief, recolors adopts, doesn't credit bases.
103. moonlightsombra Character thief. (Most likely a troll)
104. The-real-Pinkis-cake Adopt thief, inverts characters and sells them; doesn't credit bases; steals closed species things. 
105. Ayeshalovesmlpxoxoxo Character/Art thief
106. @xmao-tomorix Steals art, CharlottArts may or may not be their account G+ from the same account has stolen adopts
107. Melodia-Sparkle Base thief
108. llCatOgden Traces art; doesn't credit bases nor original artists.
109. irischiper Base thief, art thief, doesn't credit anything. 
110. JackieJack82 Base thief. Traces bases claims as their own. Doesn't credit bases.
111. AnimeStyleLover/Its-Me-Now  Stolen YCH/Adopt/Etc. Account.Stolen YCH's
I wasn't paying attention and ended up nearly becoming a victim to art thief in the most ugly way: this account has many stolen YCH and adoptables, including one of the most obvious a FoxFan a closed species: the artwork isnt even shown in the species' DA group. 
Please if you know the original artists notify them. They seem to be selling these quite easily- which is abhorrently appalling to the rules of the site- it disrespects the artists who worked so hard to make these YCH's as well. And preys on people as a whole: signal boost if you want: spread the word if you can before others are scammed. They've already tricked so many people.
Their gallery which is inconsistent and contains stolen art:
 (Claims it was their friend's art)
112. Cosmic-Wonders (ALSO #45 and #79) Steals characters, doesn't credit bases, TROLL
Youtube also shows stolen characters [link]
113. PonyPrincess4936 Art and character thief, troll
114. SansWifeDragonLulu Adopt thief. Don't buy from them, they'll steal your adopts and try to sell them.
115. SallyLovesSansy Adopt thief. 
116. Nightninja138 Art thief, doesn't credit the original artists
117. MagicalOreoBrownie Adopt and art thief. 
118. dasdwasd Steals art and characters from @/LullabyPrince
119. AshestoAshes423 More info here:  heavily referencing is still disrespectful
unless you ask permission
and if the artist asks you to take it down or seems uncomfortable with your 'inspired' work, then you should respect their wishes.
(moved the original journal to my stash for archival purposes, note me for a link!)

120. LikeLike-Creep Recoloring and reselling characters, doesn't credit bases, claims someone from G+ sold them to them and blocked them (Which has been proven to be false), refuses to give refunds to people they ripped off
121. AmberKittyDraws/ AmberKittyAdopts/ ZioxPone Adopt thief, block evading, seems to have taken most of it down, but I'd like to keep track anyway. 
122. Kittyx-Galaxy Art pallet thief, May or may not be suicide baiting, more info here:  Kittyx-Galaxy, Suicide Baiting, and HarassmentGOING TO STATE THIS HERE: DO NOT GO AND HARASS THIS USER IT'S NOT HELPING ANYONE
Final (For Now) Update:
I want to thank everyone for the support they have given me and the people harmed by this person. I want to say that before anything. I want to thank those who shared this journal and spread awareness of what happened, and I'm hoping that awareness will prevent things like this happening in the future to others.
Unfortunately, I am no longer being updated on the situation, so this will probably be the last update from me journal-wise. I am not sure what legal actions are being talked over at the moment, or how things are going to be handled, and apologies to those who wanted to know and wanted closure. All I can do is hope that the proper actions are taken, and this user cannot harm anyone like this ever again.
Once again, thank you everyone for helping us, and reaching out with support and kindness. It's made a world of difference to everyone involved.

123. GasterSans Using bases without crediting people. 
124. MlpFreeAdoptzzz Adopt theif


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