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Wee little kiddies Sammy and Dean. Nyawwww aren't they KYUTE!?! I've probably misjudged their sizes a little (Dean's probably a litte too big for the age difference), but apart from that I'm really chuffed with how this came out.

The story is: Their dad's out on a hunt and has left Dean to look after Sam again, even though his son was exhausted and as a result he fell asleep while on 'guard duty'. But Dean being Dean, he's still trying to protect Sam even while he's asleep :D. I'm not sure how old they're supposed to be here (I suck at guessing ages) lol.

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I finished watching the first series a few weeks ago and OMG 'The Devil's Trap' - WHAT A FINALE! *is dead*. And now they've pushed back the S2 DVD release date I'm gonna have to wait a whole other MONTH to see what happens!!! :cries:
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Sammy looks so safe and loved. Dean looks like he is still on guard even as he sleeps. Love this. xoxoox