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I drew this when I was in Devon back in the summer hols. I love 9/Rose so much WAAARGH why won't they get out of my head!?!? haha anyway, now this is done, I can concentrate on my kiriban thing and the other bits of commissioned art I've got stacked up. I just couldn't make a start on those while I had this one on the go- it wouldn't let me leave it alone! :tears:

I don't think the stones look quite right somehow. I was gonna make it look like quite a gloomy day with no sand or sun or anything- all pebbles and gloom like at Bognor seafront, but I couldn't get the stones looking right, so I had to kinda make it half into sand instead.

Why did I draw a beach again? I hate beaches O_o. *does the dance of weirdness*

Why can't I make up good names for my deviations? Lol

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I love this. ^_^ They are still my favorite Doctor Who pairing ever.
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you need to stop being awesome pretty soon ;ol first this, now the awesome LOM/A2A art?! DD:!!
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And I like 9! :dance:
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Awesome! First date, chips WHOOOO!
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it looks like someones looking at them out of a teliscope or somthing. I like it cause they're happyful together!! ^^
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Haha. "Bad Wolf" on the wall,took a few seconds to realize what it was. Clever!
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Haha thanks! Thought I'd just sneak it in there lol
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that Bad Wolf is everywhere...
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I haven't seen the new guy yet. Haven't had a chance to catch up to the series. But I do have season 2 on pre-order. DVDs are mana from heaven. :D
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Awesome. I :heart: Rose + 9. I miss him.
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this is amazing! looks just like them.

I really like her 'look over there' expression-so she can eat all the chips!
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i live in cornwall just off of devon nice work i like doctor who too i hate it when people say wtf is doctor who its only the greatest show in the frikken universe
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I love this pic! *grabs a chip* the chip taste almost as good as the drawing! :ninjaeat:
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I am just letting you know that I am going to favorite ALL YOUR DOCTOR WHO FANART. mwahahah. It's so awesome. *stalks, er, watches*
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haha aww thanks! :D
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What a great picture!

You've managed to capture the whole Rose / Doctor relationship there.
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*squee* That looks so awesome ^^ I miss Nine, sigh. Lovely pic!
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OMG, this is wonderful! :3 He' stealing the chips! *dies from the adorable* *faves*
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Eeee! As always...BIG BIG BIG Ninth Doctor and Rose fan!!!

Rose looks in a-"Get your own, cheeky!"- mood.

Love it!
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Aww thanks! I wish we'd gotten to see a scene like this really... but then I wish we'd gotten a whole other Eccles-series XD
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Nice work.... This is a cool little 'deleted scene'
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Absolutely adorable :]
I love their expressions and all the detail! Very cool.
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