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Earthbound pgs. 01 and 02

By Fernosaur
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A short action-ish sequence based off Earthbound I did for practice.

Corel Painter and Photoshop CS.
Earthbound (c) Nintendo
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um... is this supposed to be starman jr. ness is fighting? i think the references should be double checked...
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If EarthBound was a western comic book.
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you should make one with the sanctuary guardians
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this is cool!

really cool !

this might be a big request but can you make a whole comic series out of this please
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I never really pictured Starmen being so huge -- they always seemed roughly human-sized (though more adult-human-sized rather than kid-human-sized) to me.

Of course, there are smaller ones so I suppose a huge one wouldn't be too unusual either!
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This is amazing so far

Ness used PK Flash!
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OMG Run Ness lol, fantastic job
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This game was the BEEEEEEST when I first played it, first watching the walkthrough then me playing it. ^^;

Ness is the best!! Great job, looks so.. REAAAAAL. :D
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PSI Flash!

As of now, I want an EarthBound comic, or manga, or SOMETHING.
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You and I both :(
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do you mind if  post this on my face book page
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Sure, go ahead! Just give credit back here, please :D
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ok thanks I love ithow do you makes stuff like this
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Hahaha just some practice ^^u it's no big deal, really.
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wow so is their a certaion program u hav to have or paint
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Well, I did these with Manga Studio and Photoshop, but a lot of different softwares work great!:)
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