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Miss Maguerite

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Quite familiar concept (Naked woman without a head, and flowers =P), but im really liking this theme at the moment, so you can expect more of these from me in the future. Anyways i think this piece is one of my visually best looking as of yet, hope you like it too =) ...


Modelphoto by serp-stock:




All other stocks in this piece is also from DeviantArt, so if you recognize your stock let me know so i can link to you =) ...
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Strange image, very striking. I like the posture and the flowers in her hand.
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very surreal. nicely done :nod:
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i'm so in love with the female nudes and flower heads :faint:
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i saw this work in suchica's latest jornal. stunning!!
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i featured this work in my newest journal :)
beautiful !
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Defintely a :+fav: Amazing surreality.
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the soft, dim lighting is really beautiful. this is definitely visually pleasing! :love:
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oh, wonderful job with the colours too
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somewhat disturbing, but so beautiful too
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i like the tones in here .. and also the flowers in her hand .. nice!
one thing tho' thr perspective of the ground seems a little off, thats all, besides this, its awesome work !
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I hate that it took this long for me to come and comment on this, Ive been looking at it in my watch for over a week.

sucks to have a life.....but anyway.

You have really done a fantastic job at these images and each one is more unique then the other. waits for more...
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this really damn good !
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Nice one as always bro!
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this looks great. I love the tones. you're really good at this "style". I'm looking forward too see more.
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i so love these that u do :+fav:
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good one D, nice theme :)
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Great manipulation as usual! :clap:
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I like surreal, this is nice!

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great, looks like the last poison the well album cover.

Well done!!!
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