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Innocent Secrets

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This piece is a collaboration between me and signalbox, whose great stockphotography i have been using in many of my recent pieces. This was a real cool project to be involved in, and im very honored to have been allowed to use this great photo for this piece (it is not a stock!)

Light and Form XXXV by signalbox:

Additional stockcredits:

Flower by simplys-stock



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hmm cool manipulation... this hand in the flower... cool! :D
Deborah-Valentine's avatar
that is a perfect woman.....
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Thanks all for your nice comments =) ... Some people have earlier mentioned that some of my works looks a bit like Magritte's, don't remember if that was you jean-e-marre. But the funny thing is, that i didn't see any of his works until that was mentioned ... And boy thats some truly mindblowing stuff he made, really glad i saw it =P
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great stuff...
i like the colours and ideas you use in your works... they're so magritte...

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very nicely done :)
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again, this is stunning. your work is inspiring to say the least. *much clapping* .... awesome.
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This is beautiful! :D
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Wow!Nice work!The colors,the girl&the flower....I love it!:)
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Very nice work. I love the background, it goes so well with the beautiful flower. :clap:
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Looks great,the color scheme looks good, really like how you made the flower look as if it actually was there due to the hand behind it..Very nice image.
daemonicus's avatar
Great manipulation! :clap:
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Love the colors.
Nice work;)
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nice wish the flower head was smaller
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awesome work you guys, great piece.
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