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Iron Man - Garage

Photoshop, 2 days and lot of patience...
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This is GORGEOUS!  The way he's looking up, the random stuff around, the sparks…. the colours… just lovely
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really fantastic
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This is incredible!
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BEAUTIFUL emotion, light, and tension all in one piece
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The comic billionares always work extra hard... ;)
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One of the best Iron man piece!!! Very original!
LizetM's avatar
this is really pretty incredible!
i love everything about this...the coloring, the positions....everything. fantastic job! :D
Tatooine92's avatar
:wow: Pure awesome!
disquietest's avatar
This is amazing.
Ferntree's avatar
Wowww.... amazing! I love the amount of small detail!
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Lots of patience... and lots of talent too ;)
Great work.
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Hello, your art was featured in this week Comic Hero feature: [link] :)
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Now thats just awesome! I think the sparks are a great idea and they fit well. Great artist :)
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This is beautiful!
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I like your perspective, and Tony's pose. Very nice work.
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Awesome! This reminds me of the Comic con trailer. Nice Work!
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outstanding job
i like how they showed the other iron man helments
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Very nice piece!
You don't often get to see artist renditions like this showing Tony tooling around in his uber-garage, and this was a treat! Love the sparks, and the look on his face, he's still in awe with his own creation.

Minor crit though (if you ever re-tweak this or at least, hopefully you'll find this feedback somewhat useful)... somehow his chest and back don't look powerful enough, I know he's not mega muscular, he just seems a bit thinner... I think I know what's offsetting it like that however, the blue glowing circle doesn't seem to fit the perspective of his chest properly... perhaps moving it to the left and "tilting" it outwards a bit more would fix that right up...

Either way, thanks for giving us a nice Iron Man treat we don't see very often. :D
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Awesome. I dig it.
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