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MOTU - Teela

Another old drawing I did of Teela from 2002's version of Masters of the Universe cartoon. By this time I was learning some things about human anatomy, my human figure was small and this one was right after I took Burne Hogarth's anatomy book as a study base, this drawing shows how my figure got so much better.
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That is well done - atmospheric, detailed and captures her spirit really good :)

I want to ask in a humble way, if I could
1. set the colors on black and white / or maybe there is a line art which I am allowed to use? 🙏
2. print it and
3. (re)color it (with credit to the artist) to learn more and led me lead by the atmosphere of your artwork and the character/scenery in doing justice to these

You can find examples in my own 'gallery'
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Hi, sorry for the late reply. Yeah, you can do the color work, the way I understood, you want to color in paper, isn't it? No problem, just let me know when you finish it.

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What are you, nuts?! This amazing thing needs color!! XD
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Wow... That's just awesome!!
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She's beautiful :love:, I'm personally more of a fan of her classic Filmation look, but I like how you stayed away from her looking too anime like the 200X cartoon ! Great Job :w00t:!
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Yeah, I am a fan of her classic look also, specially the style that is pretty based on Alex Toth's concepts for cartoons on the 70's and 80's. She's more like a full grown woman and that suit enhances her body, that classic design is very sensual. I did this one as a sample for the comics at the time, that's why she's with the new uniform, but stayed away from that "teenage" looking, i preferr Teela as a Woman.
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Very nice...everyone loves Teela.
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Thanks, yeah, Teela is hot!
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Very, very hot!!! :)
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