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Chunli Kreuk

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Since the first time I heard about this movie, something in my head said that wasn't a good idea. I was wrong, it was far worse than I was expecting:D. This movie should be called "The Legend of Lorenzo Lamas" by how far it gone from the original source and looked like a cheap martial arts/police movie.
I'm not a die hard fan that thinks the adaptation must be literally strict to the source, but here not even the direction saves.

But, I would be lying if I was not interested to see Kristin Kreuk as Chunli, besides she has not exactly the body for it. So I make this painting on her picture depicting my vision of what I think a "realistic" chunli uniform would be. I make her Qipao dress with a police aspect, even reserched the Interpol badge, but in the movie she ended as a... piano player, gosh.

All done in Corel Painter, this a little old.

Chunli and Street Fighter ©Capcom
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Freaking amazing! This is what I was hoping for when I went to see the movie.
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So did I. Or at least close to it.
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wow! The details are incredible I love it!!
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Excellent - well done
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porra fernando..isso ta muito bacana..parabens!!!
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I had low expectations for the film to begin with....
but I actually liked it.
I don't believe that I'd watch it again, but it entertained me.
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Yeah, I do not doubt that some people like it. As for me I though it was too distant from the SF world. In the end they even show intentions to go to the World Warrior tournament, but it seens the box office didn't help.
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Metro 2033! That's the one, I remember it now, cuz I walked around breaking in russian for a week... then I was told it sounded more like Ukranian accent :XD:
The game is actually really good, guess it's different when you base it on a book rather than a movie.
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I saw some pic and videos of this game, didn't knew that was based on a book, it seen pretty good, both game and story.
I think that is much more related to who is making the adaptation, there's people who gets a source - book, game or whatever - and can do good things with it. Unfortunately, fighting games are among the unluckiest themes - I guess I would save the first MK, wich I found a fun movie, besides I missed the gore stuff.
If I was to make a SF live-action movie, I would get inspiration in the old school martial arts movies, specially chinese, because they allow the fantasy elements go through the narrative whitout trying to find a reason in extreme reality to support it, that's where this one failed, it tried to push too much for reality, and, well, SF have a boss that uses a "Psycho Power" to fly and another that gone too far in his art that ended becoming a demon. I think it would be a nice thing to try to explore it on a big screem.
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I remember seeing D-wars and I thought "Dragons, could be fun".
The movie was such bullshit, little made sense and the ending was... eh, okay, I guess? It wasn't you typical Hollywood ending but still a bit of a downer.

I don't think it's to difficult to put together a movie, but I guess the creators were more into earning money rather than doing something good (Capcom must have been influencing them).
I'm sure the actors did well, but it all seems like a money scheme rather than love for the franchise and it's characters.
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Yeah, I think they thougt: "That's the safest way...", even because the earlier movie that gone by the campy aproach. I don't understand why the japanese didn't tryed to make a movie of the franchise, maybe they know the best way of doing it.
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With Ono at the helm? Don't think so...
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Yeah, movies made from games tends to be horrible, games made from movies tends to be thins to. Games out of books... I dunno, are there any examples? I know of one, but I don't remember the name...
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