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Porcelain ball jointed dolls Argentina

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Muñecas de porcelana de autor tipo ball jointed doll. Miden 29 cms. de alto. Esta versión en balnco puede ser personalizada usando pigmentos de porcelana, acrilicos, oleo, pasteles o mauillaje común. La porcelana no se altera con productos grasos ni por exposición a la luz solar.
Porcelain ball jointed dolls made by hand . no painted or glazed, to be personalized by teh customer. We make our own molds from an original sculpt made by us. This is not a recast, it is an author doll. Any painting media can be used to paint on porcelain, from china paint to acrilics, watercolours, oleum and make up products. The porcelain is not affected by sun light or oily substances.

More info at [link]
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To see more dolls you can go to this site Http://
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