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Fallout 2

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Yeah is a deathclaw skull
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I wish I could drive in the fallout games
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Makes me wonder like a lone wanderer, shoud bethesda add drivable vehicles in the series??
I don't know about you, but i think it would be a wonderfull idea. Aspesialy with the crafting mechanich from fallout 4 and soon to be fallout 76, i would like it to be in game instade of just waiting for a mod of it to be made. But then again maybe it for that best.
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It’s just the damn engine, it can’t handle vehicle physics.

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Ho man how naive i was back when the game series was still hanging there, but then Fallout 76 came and pretty much god dame ruined not only the series, but also Bethesda.

Now i hope that they don't get these here ideas, for they would shorlly fuck it up.
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If you think about it the game didn't ruin bethesda, they ruined themselves
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Yeap, i shore noticed it as soon as the hype for Fallout 4 died out and boy they are kinda dead to me, though not as dead as Blizzard this.
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They did sadly make fallout tactical so vehicle did exist at one point even if the game was terrible

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Best game in the series.
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Player-controled vehicles needs to come back to fallout.
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yeah! like the that red bikes :D
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Ha! But I'm pretty sure that motorcycles would be better, and the cars.
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Goris won't be happy...
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It's beautyful *_*
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Siempre me pregunte como le hacia el Highwayman para llevar una party full de 5 personas donde un par de ellos eran un supermutante y una garra mortal en miniatura. 

Pero si que quedabas como el mas guay del Wasteland. 
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ahaha si como coño entra marcus ahi
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Goris va en el techo, seguro. 
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en la maletera o el techo hahaha y el robot no se donde va desarmado
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I LOVE this! Great work man :)
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Nice! I want cars in Fallout so bad! 
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This is the car you can drive in Fallout 2
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well play fallout 2 ;D hahahah
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