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Auta i lóme - Night go over
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My Bottom 10 Episodes of MLP by Fermin-Tenava, literature

[Fan-Uebersetzung] Addict (Hazbin Hotel) by Fermin-Tenava, literature

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My Bio

Sooooo... my name is Martin, I'm from East Germany and always have been a big fan of cartoons, fantasy books and other media driven by strong characters and strange worlds.

As you see from my gallery, my interests are pretty varied, but I try to follow them on a constant basis. For the last few years, my biggest interest has been MLP, but I am or have been also a fan of Avatar - The Last Airbender, 101 Dalmatians, the Edge Chronicles, J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, Ursula K. LeGuin and several video game franchises, mostly in the point 'n click-adventure genre.

One of my recent projects has been a retrospective on the characters and episodes of W.I.T.C.H. - The Animated Series. But I've also written some reviews on MLP, Avatar, 101 Dalmatians and other miscellanous series, started one or two fanfictions (unfortunately cancelled) and worked on my own personal "dystopian future"-version of MLP, called "Friendship is Courage" or the "Courageverse".


Please take note, that I read EVERY comment, but will only answer it when I feel like I have something to add.

Also, though I have quite a bit of patience, I will NOT tolerate insults, arguments or trolling in the comment section. Please follow the chatiquette!


Personal trivia

  • I was born in the Year of the Dragon.

Chinese Astrology Dragon Stamp
  • Dwarfs are my favourite Tolkien-fantasy race (followed by Gnolls, Lizard Men and Dragons)

Baruk Khazad stamp
  • These are the languages you can converse with me (in that order).

German language level NATIVE
British English language level INTERMEDIATE
Spanish language level BEGINNER
French language level BEGINNER
  • I might be one of those "special snowflakes" you always talk about:

Fanart stamp
Overcrowded Places Stamp
Men can like cute things too
They are Just Like us
Original Characters Stamp

Favourite Visual Artist
Franz Marc, Chris Riddell, some amazing artists you can find in my watching list ;)
Favourite Movies
Pans Labyrinth, Lord of the Rings, Grave of the Fireflies, basically everything by Makoto Shinkai
Favourite TV Shows
Avatar - The Last Airbender; Legend of Korra; MLP - Friendship is Magic, W.I.T.C.H., 101 Dalmatian Street, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Dvorak, Tschaikowski, Wise Guys, Die Prinzen, Mike Batt
Favourite Books
The Name of the Rose, The Lord of the Rings, The Last Unicorn, The Tombs of Atuan, Discworld-books, Animorphs-books...
Favourite Writers
J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, Umberto Eco, Ursula K. LeGuin
Favourite Games
The Longest Journey, Gabriel Knight 3, The Dark Eye - Memoria, Curse of Monkey Island, Grim Fandango...
Favourite Gaming Platform
X-Box; PC; S-NES
Other Interests
Dinosaurs, languages, zoology in general
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M.A.C.K.I.?... C.I.M.A.K.?
M.A.C.K.I.?... C.I.M.A.K.?
New Elements of Harmony
New Elements of Harmony
Friendship is Courage
Pros and Cons: J is for Jewel
Pros and Cons: J is for Jewel
[WIP] Saga
[WIP] Saga
Ti'ama - Master of all dragons - coloured
Ti'ama - Master of all dragons - coloured
Completely Original Art
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Name: Rose-Mary "Molly" Rose Overall Stats Strength: 8 Defense: 8 Velocity: 7 Dexterity: 6 Will: 10 Luck: 4 Weapons: Martial Arts, a pair of Nunchakus, and "medical science" Her arsenal: sniding comments, manipulation, a biting sense for truth Prefered Name: Molly Nickname(s): the "Unsinkable Molly Rose" (by her admirers) and the "Unthinkable Pink Terror" (by everyone who ever did her dirty) Age: Young Adult (19 years old) Orientation: asexual, but not necessarily apathetic Sex / Gender: cis-female Species: Pegasus Eye color: Light cerulean, like her grandma Coat color: Pale Raspberry, like her grandma Mane/tail: Moderate Raspberry with light raspberry streaks - like Roseluck Physique: rather tall for a pegasus, with strong hooves and very falconian wings; wears her head either unbound or in a pony-tail Residence: She has an appartement for herself on the hospital grounds Class: Monk class Occupation: Nurse at the Ponyville Hospital, medic-in-training for the Equestrian
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Name: Moonlight Shadow Overall Stats Strength: 7 Defense: 6 Velocity: 8 Dexterity: 5 Will: 6 Luck: 5 Weapons: thrusting weapons, her environment, Thumbelina's grass pillows Prefered Name: Shadow Other name(s): Moonlight Glitter (by her parents) Age: Young Adult (18 years old) Orientation: hetero, but demisexual (she needs a deeper emotional connection to fall in love) Sex / Gender: cis-female Species: Pegasi Eye color: gradiant Lemon to Pumpkin Coat color: Lavender Mane/tail: Midnight Blue with Baby Blue-stripes Physique: lanky, but small, with very round head and pointy ears Residence: She's travelling constantly. All of her belongings (as well as a big marquee) are carried around in her enchanted bag. However, her business data is stored in a little shop in Ponyville, and she often stays with her pet lemur Thumbelina in the Everfree Forest. Class: ranger, with extra points in haggling; sometimes doubles as bodyguard Occupation: travelling agent - she either sells you
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One thought about my user name

This is San Fermin, also known as Firmin of Amiens or Firminus.

He was male. So am I.

Despite me being unaware of that fact when I first came up with it, Fermín is a pretty common first name in the Spanish-speaking world. It's not my real name, but (coincidently) it's also the name of a saint, as is my real name.


My user name has nothing to do with "femme" or "feminine", as suggestive as it might be. It's just a coincidence. Reality is full of coincidences.

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Thanks for favoring my meme.

You're welcome ^^ I was just looking for some cartoons I watched as a kid and stumbled upon it.

Hello from the United Kingdom! Thank you for the favourite and stay safe :hug:

No problem! You, too.

Thank you for the points. Very much appreciated.

Ich wünsche einen guten Abend!
Wollte nur mal vorbeischauen und mich dafür bedanken, dass du eins meiner Arbeiten zu deinen Favoriten hinzugefügt hast. Weiß das wirklich zu schätzen.

Mir gefällt übrigens die Phrase "I'm just exhausted by the world" in deiner deviantID sehr. Das kann ich gut nachvollziehen.

Gern geschehen. Ich dachte einfach, es wäre eine schöne bildhafte Beschreibung, die ich gern selbst mal wieder machen möchte.

EDIT: Wenn es ums Selberschreiben geht, komme ich leider viel zu oft in Bedrängnis, einen weltumspannenden Roman zu schreiben. Dabei ziehe ich beim Lesen oft Kurzgeschichten vor.