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So i've been extremely inactive mostly because i lost my usb cable to upload my pics and i keep saying i'll go to walmart and buy a new one but i keep getting distracted
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I know many of the people I "watch" or who "watch" me probably don't use this website anymore.

Regardless, I still have this dumb thing because I still like it and I'm not here to get famous or whatever the hell people use this for. I have had an artist's block for so long. I think the artistic part of me died.

I use to be so full of inspiration despite being horribly depressed. Nowadays it's hard for me to get off the couch, but I'm in a better place at least, or am I?

I've been yearning to write poems again, but it's like I forgot how to. How do you go back to something you haven't been near for years?

I guess I'll just scribble things in this notebook.
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I feel like I should delete my gallery and just start over. Most of my gallery is so old and I've grown so much from it. I also feel like if I delete it someday someone may get curious and want to see where I started.

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I cannot stand living here anymore.
It's time to go home.

I am the plague
I am the plague
I need you pure I need you clean
I need you pure I need you clean
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So I'm finally living in Utah.
Hopefully I'll take some photos, my depression has been inspiring me to do so as of late.
My kidney still sucks and I think recently I passed a stone.
I have no health insurance and no job since I just moved here.
At least I have Dustin and my roommates.
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I got a feature
There's no use in denying it: this has been a bad week. I've started drinking my own urine. I laugh spontaneously at nothing. Sometimes I sleep under my futon. I'm flossing my teeth constantly until my gums are aching and my mouth tastes like blood.
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Trying to submit to groups, hopefully they'll feature my art. :)
Trying to promote on my other social networking websites as well.
Wish me luck :D
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I've had some serious Artist's block for months.
I'm not sure why.

For those interested Follow me on tumblr:
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Me and Dustin got it tonight at midnight. :3
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let my emotions control me.
Perhaps you should try the same.
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how do they work?
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I figured I should update haha.

I have some new pictures, review them pwease. I need some comments and I really need tips on how to do this whole fashion photography thing because I feel as if I fail at it. I can picture things in my head but when people do fails. My camera pisses me off too...because I haven't really fully adjusted to it yet so I have to play around with it a lot.

But, I'd really like some tips.


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My new camera is coming in tomorrow!! :XD:
I almost have 2,000 pageviews too. Woot.
I'm going to bring a lot of new cool photos and I'm really excited. I'm getting a Fujifilm Finepix S8100FD. Way better than the camera I have/had. Here's a link if you're interested.…

It's nice for me and I'm going to be really happy with it. :D

You bet your ass I'm going to take pictures as soon as I get it. I'm so excited. Leave me some comments? :(


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Waiting to get a camera :/

:iconunseenartists: :iconindiephotographyclub: :iconeliteartists:
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The title was just to get your attention.
Let me fill you all on what's going on with meh.

My camera broke. Yes, broke. When I turn it on the lens will go in and out and then say E18 on the screen. I looked it up, and I tried their methods, still did not work. No, I didn't drop it, I just simply turned it on. The only way to get it fixed is if i pay $300 dollars to get fixed, so I said Eff that i might as well get a new one lol. The camera i want is $330ish so yeah.

I got my hair cut. And once i get the chance I'm going to be taking some really cool photos with it, and i can't wait because i have nice and fresh ideas. My hair is short, but i like it. The cut looks like the girl off from Aeonflux's hair. Google it if ya want lol.

Monday, I'm getting minor sugery for my kidney. FINALLY, something is getting done about it. I'm getting a stent put in the tube that connects from the kidney to the bladder, on my left side. I have to have that a few weeks and then I'm getting another nuclear test to see if the function is any better. If it isn't, i'm just going to get it taken out because it's not worth anything anyways. The specialist told me the reason my left kidney is so bad is because when in the womb your kidneys do a 90 degree rotation and go up. My left kidney didn't rotate and just went up, because it's an IDIOT lol. That and the tube thing didn't forge right when it was connecting and gets more narrow as time goes by HENCE why i'm having trouble now. Don't freak out, i'll just have hell days the first couple days, but then I'll be fine. Promise.

Even though my camera is broke, I'm getting A LOT of features from people. So that makes me feel better :)

Hope Everyone's holidays were fantastic. I will get pictures once i'm able to get my hands on a camera or if I happen to find an old photo i like.

:iconunseenartists: :iconindiephotographyclub:
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