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We'll meet again - 1

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Another comic. Post game, and slightly AU-ish (hence Zelda's tunic) Chose to color this one now.

As for how Link got mauled in the first place, IDK, since this is a postgame kind of scenario, you can imagine that some rebel lizalfos/bokoblins tried to take revenge on Link/Zelda and one of them managed to run Link through before Link defeated them and as you can see, neither Link nor Zelda had any potions or fairies on them so they had to send Groose to get Professor Owlan since I'm sure the guy knows something about medicinal herbs (since he is all obsessed about plants lol).

Depressed myself making this one lol. Part 1 of 3~

PART 2: [link]
PART 3: [link]
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Did Link give Zelda his chain armour? Because she seems to wear one. Is that the case, it is no wonder he is mortally wounded.