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Otherwordly Symphony

EDIT: Added ugly dA watermark cuz of stupid Etsy seller trying to profit off my work. Want to avoid further repeats.

A small gift for a very talented and inspiring person - Eimear Noone, amazing conductor of the Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses and many other great pieces of music.

One of the sweetest, most fantastic people I've had the blessing to meet and definitely an inspiration about loving what you do each and every day.

Just like Link windwaker's was used to control the winds that guided his path, she does the same by guiding the music into evoking in us the feelings we got when first stepping into the distinct worlds of the Zelda verse.

It is through music that we are able to visit the places we can only find in our hearts.

Enjoy :)
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Oooooh !! \(^w^)/
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Beautiful! Just beutiful!
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This is gorgeous! I love your drawing style :)
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Wow, so amazing... great job. Clap 
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Me: Oh, that's so beauti-*notices the moon*
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Looking at this just brings you into a happy mood great job!
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Very beautiful, I really like it how the songs are displayed and the showings of different worlds. :)
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I have the full disc and for a year I listened to it before bed 
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like the 25 one
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Beautiful, The inclusion of different worlds, Made this the best thing I have seen so far!
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Just completely speechless and touched. You're amazing Farisae ^.^
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OMG ! ♥
This art is awesome, really. Eimear Noone is amazing. 

You too are full of talents ! :3
( sorry for my bad english .__. )

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That's okay! Thank you! x3
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Love the colors!
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I love Eimear Noone she is such an inspiration :D I saw the 25th Anniversary symphony orchastra in 2011 in London, and just recently symphony of the Goddess also in London :D This picture really brings to life her work and describes perfectly the magic and the life she brings with her conducting :D

I'd love to meet her ;__; your very lucky :D

Beautiful picture! Did you give this to her? x
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Oh, you got to go to both? That is amazing! So glad you had that opportunity ^^!

Thank you for your comment, and yes, I did give this to her ^^~
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This is as beautiful as the concert I saw yesterday. It was really inspiring when Eimear Noone compared herself with WW Link and told us how she achieved her dream. And the fact how all Zelda fans are one huge family.
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