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Alternative Gust Bellows Use

"... and from then on, Link kept all his items, except his sword, hidden in his workshop..."

Made this sketchcomic in between schoolwork to answer an Ask on my Sky Family Askblog. [link] - Heehee :>

The boy is my fanmade son for Link and Zelda from Skyward Sword, and yes, he is named Daphnes after the King from Windwaker. And NO Daphnes is not a girl's name.
If Zelink or Zelink offspring/OC's are not your cup of tea, I politely ask you to keep it to yourself, please <3. Comments not respecting this will be hidden, sorry.

Other family pics:

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I don't laugh easily, but this definitely made me laugh.

I LOVE this so mush its hilarious and adorable!!!:happybounce: (link always sleeps in ALWAYS!)

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Laughed like crazy, clapping because it was so funny, then proceeded to cough from laughing so hard. A+
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He kept everything BUT the sword in the work shop?!
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He inhareted his little shit personality from his "let's push Link off a cliff" mother. XD
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...I wish I had one of those
way too adorable!!
great comic!!
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I just noticed that Daphness has a necklace made out of one of the collectable items in the game. XD
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Not gonna lie, that's probably what I would do to get my dad to wake up. Supposing that such an invention exists, anyway.
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Two words... Leaf blower
Pikachu88898's avatar
yes, thank you for reminding me that there are such things as leaf blowers in this world. unfortunately, i am not in possession of one of those. besides, the gust bellows look cooler, and probably give off faster winds than any leaf blower could.
Pikachu88898's avatar
they suck, yes. but they don't blow and man, i just realized how bad it is to read this if you've got a dirty mind. 
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True true, the Gust Bellows does look way more awesome... And it's a LoZ item to boot!
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So cute! I love it :)
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Dignity Laugh 
Oh Daphnes. X3
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Oh my so much KYOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!  I despise myself for not faving this when I had the chance!  And little Daphnes' face while he's literally blowing his papa away... priceless!!

For making this the most adorable family ever, you get... ALL THE INTERNETS!!!  :iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz::iconfreeinternetplz:
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