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I'm willing to do monochrome sketches for $10. They won't be very polished (if you want a full on drawn commission, then please go to my commission page linked at the bottom), but can be full body or whatever the hell you want.

Examples would be something like these:

OP - Luffy sketch by FerioWind FMA - doodley ed by FerioWind FKMT - Fighter by FerioWind

Quality will be most like the last one, though style-wise will differ depending on what you like.

You can have up to 2 characters without an extra charge. Also, I don't mind drawing animals (real or not, so pokemon or whatever are fine).







Commission info at feriowind.deviantart.com/journ… Please note me if you are interested!

And leftover prints from Fanime for sale! feriowind.deviantart.com/journ… $10 per print and $7 for every print after the first if you buy more than one!
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Is it just 10 dollars flat??

If so, I'm totally in for it. :] I have a paypal account and everything as well.


Do you think you could draw those two characters for me?

If possible, could it be a pose where they're interacting in some way? (Their story is kind of twisted, so feel free to do something a bit different, if you'd like.) I don't want to be too demanding since this is an unofficial commission, but this is all I have the money for at this moment.
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Yes, it's just a flat $10. :) And no problem, I can draw those two.
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Thank you so much! :D You're seriously awesome.
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Umm, actually, can you give me some sort of prompt for those two? ^^; I'll have an easier time drawing if I know what those two would act like together.
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Of course, of course. :D I'll give you brief descriptions.

Damien (M): Damien is a corrupted psychopath who's created a philosophy that human beings are better dead than alive--and not because he hates them, but because he loves them. Life is so unfair, while on the other hand death is equal: when you're dead, you're dead! His goal in life is to pretty much create a global ethnic cleansing of the human race. When it comes to Kristine, Damien is manipulative and controlling; he has to keep an iron grip on her in order to use her for his plans. While he is a homicidal maniac, he wouldn't ever hurt her physically, knowing that would only push her away. He generally isn't in love with her in the first place and only really wants to use her, but he starts to fall for her when she starts twisting her own philosophies in response to the manipulations and tragedies that have happened in her life. (And Damien only pushes it a bit further off the deep-end.)

Kristine (F): She feels like she can't live a life on her own, and that fate always has a certain person she needs to pretty much "be" with at certain phases of her life. At the beginning of her life it was her father, but as soon as her father basically sold her off to Damien to get married, her loyalty role switched to him. She's pretty much been used and abused for most of her life, and while physical abuse doesn't do anything to her but push her away, she's a good victim for mental manipulation. When around Damien, she questions his psychopathic tendencies, but he always tends to manipulate her to get her to agree with him and/or follow through with his ideas. Her feelings towards him are a twisted, lustful type of love, which results in her acting somewhat submissive yet trying-to-please toward him. (She also has sexual tendencies because her father whored her out for mending business deals in the early stages of her life.)

Their relationship is twisted, manipulative, and sometimes sexual--rarely is it ever a healthy one.

<:D Hope that helps and doesn't disturb you too much? BTW this is all for a story I have in mind with a friend, and these guys' stories aren't the main focus, I swear. Lol.
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i could get a couple on friday if you want, i dont get payed untill then ^^;
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i Would like too !!
no Paypal account though >3<
should wait for about 4 years Haha XD.
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You could get a parent or a guardian to open an account then pay them back for things they pay for you on paypal.
That is what i did.:)
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coolz i will ask my brother
:nana: he kind of promised me X3
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You're welcome :)
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Ohman, I would SO commission you if I had a Paypal account ;o;
They're only for over eighteens, though... >>;
-waits for next birthday-
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