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OP - Daily life on Sunny - 1

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So, after seeing Oda's design plans of the Thousand Sunny, I was suddenly struck by the desire to draw the Strawhats going about their daily activities on their new ship. This is the first of the series that I plan on drawing. Quality of the drawings will probably be ALL over the place, since I'm just really trying to get ideas down.

As to how long this series will span, I have no idea. Knowing my current track record on large projects, it may not last long, but I shall try my best nonetheless.

So, a shot of the guys sleeping in the men's quarters.

And a thought that popped up while drawing this. Given that there are only 6 bunk beds/hammocks in the men's quarters, did Franky make a new bed for Brook or what?
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HannibolLoveHobbyist Traditional Artist
I always wondered something about those beds they all seem to be the same size, just big enough for someone like luffy, zorro, usopp etc. but what about franky and brook it cant be all that comfortable for someone as tall as they are.
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Awww, what sweet peaceful angels..... Oh crap it's sunrise O_O *plugs ears*

Brook: Hello everyone! Iiiiiiit's morning! *plays violin* WHITE~~~ HANDKERCHIEF!!~~~

Zoro: SHUT UP!

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FirePokemonFanProfessional General Artist
Scary thought Sanji is sleeping next to Zoro unless Franky is sleeping there?
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You should have Luffy drooling in the pic.

Cool, though!
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Huh, I like that picture <3
I always wish to find one like this x33

...poor Brook xD Has he to sleep on the floor? ...hm, maybe every night one of the guys has to stay awake and look outside for enemies...or something like that...

(Sorry for my bad English >.<""")
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BananatectHobbyist Traditional Artist
maybe franky made brook an extra-long bed, since he would't fit in those beds anyway because of his height
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It feels so natural I really imagine them this way...
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CrazyWitch111Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing work!
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this is perfect. the lighting and the boy's sleeping positions... you just really captured it! great job!!
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wow nice~~!! *o* great perspective and luffy looks so cute >v<
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GrauerWolfProfessional Artisan Crafter
Out there a design-Planes of the Sunny? WHERE? O_O
I really want to know but cant find Oo
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FerioWindProfessional Filmographer
Everything is here [link]
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GrauerWolfProfessional Artisan Crafter
damn, the german One Piece Wiki hasnt it. X__x,

Thanks! ^^
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kymyitHobbyist General Artist
Very good job **
What if one bed fall over the other? X°°°D
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Ooh, how sweet! One thing I love about OP is how often we're shown "daily life moments", whether on the color spreads or whatnot... so I'm really liking your idea of doing these Sunny concepts!

And as for "did Franky make a new bed for Brook or what?"
... Silly, but when I saw those rectangular boxy bunk beds and read what you wrote about Brooke, I immediately thought of Franky making a coffin-shaped bed... That's even worse than a skull joke!
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FerioWindProfessional Filmographer
:D Oh wow, thank you! I love the daily life moments of One Piece, so this series seemed like it'd be super fun to do!

XD Hahahaha, that is pretty terrible and morbid.
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This is so perfect, in that rough-and-painterly kind of way! I love how you made it so easy to tell who everyone is, even though it's so sketchy. :)

Maybe they never needed to add another bed because then they'd have an excuse to kick someone out all the time to keep watch? XP
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FerioWindProfessional Filmographer
:3 Thank you~!

Hahahaha, I like that idea!
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It's like you sneaked into the Thousand Sunny and Took picture while they were sleeping!
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FerioWindProfessional Filmographer
XDD Aww, thanks!
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ooh cool. TBH though when you showed me the sketch I thought Luffy was reaching in his pants to scratch himself XD

..and maybe Brook doesn't need to sleep because even if he's dead tired he's already dead SKULL JOOOOOKE
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FerioWindProfessional Filmographer
LOL Well, it wouldn't be out of character for him to do so!

XDDD Hahaha, never a moment where a skull joke isn't funny!
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