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NIER - gift

*v* Reading the LP of Nier just see everyone's reactions, and someone mentioned that Nier would be an awesome dad who could do crafts and cook, so then I had to draw this!
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It's so nice to see Papa Nier like this. Part of the tragedy of the game is that Nier spends so much of his time trying to cure Yonah that he misses out on so much of her childhood, which is not unlike the predicament of many parents today. Something about the way you drew him really conveys what could have been.
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I think this brings up one very important thing about Nier.

What's his vendetta against closed-toe shoes and shirts?
writingpunk's avatar
What's Kaine's vendetta against anything that isn't lace?
I'm gonna hate myself for it but what's Emil's vendetta against skin? 😂
Memori-P's avatar
I'm offended in so many ways 😂 DAMN
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Nice work! And one point for the ugly Nier theme. I just dont like the nice guy Nier thing
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Haha well I'm attached to Father Nier since I just like characters like him xD
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just beautiful. Nier is such a loving man =)
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Daw, that's so cute.
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Just one more month 'til christmas: one more month 'til I get this game! xD
FerioWind's avatar
Hahaha, be prepared for a depressing winter xD
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And Kaine swearing his/her/Ricky Gervais arse of. "I'LL SHOVE YOUR TEETH UP YOUR ASS!"
Boschian-Fantasies's avatar
Nier is one of my favorite video games. I can also relate to the plotline and characters as well.
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NIER IS SUCH A GOOD DADDY!!! Yonah is so cute you did a great job! >w< I squeed when I saw this lol
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Ah~ You made me wanna play NiER again~ Yonah looks waaaaay to adorable.
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:D Hehe, thanks!
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Her mother must have been quite the looker to genetically overpower nier's phisical traits luckily for yonah
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Holy crap, I didn't know you liked Nier.
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Yup! I figured I'd get it after seeing it was only $15 for the xbox, and boy was it a good buy! One of the best stories I've ever seen in a videogame!
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You are awesome. (y) The game is just wow. Pity the developers disbanded after it.
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Wait you're the guy in the thread who drew this?
I love that LP, it's open in one of my tabs right now. :'D This picture is adorable and portrays the relationship between Dad Nier and Yonah so well. <3

also you are awesome for drawing this

That LP made me really love this game, I'd play it myself if I actually had a PS3 or a 360 to play it on. :C otherwise I'd be one of the growing list to have bought the game because of the thread. |D
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Haha, yes I am! :) Thanks! Glad you like it.

And awww, that's a pity.
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YES love Nier!
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Wow, very that was a tragic game :(
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