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All Better Off Dead

By FeretStudios
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Sooo I managed to scrape up my entry to the 2013 Halloween Dreamkeepers Art Contest (dreamkeepers-fans.deviantart.c…

I decided to take a small break from all my class work and pop out a quick Halloween picture since it's coming up soon. But I neither had the brain power (durr bad for brain is no sleep) or witty creativity to think up a good costume. So I just went for, hopefully, something a little unsettling.

Art (c) Shadowofnights
Bobby (c) Dreamkeepers/ David Lillie
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Wow, I 'll be honest, this is a good change of personality, taht Bobby should do, I mean, consider everything taht happen to him, and he wants more respect, you know?
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That's why I did it. It's such an opposite contrast that it's almost shocking to see. 
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yeah, in that form, he is like my original Dreamkeeper character.
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It's amazing how much can be communicated in a picture with so little light and color.
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Heehee thank you. :3
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This just oozes creepiness.

I like it a LOT, but the best part is definitely that scythe. 

Dat lighting...pure awesomeness.
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Thank you! The lighting was indeed the hardest and longest part. My laptop is also almost always on the highest brightness setting so it was completely black the first time I saved it. XD Needed some adjustments.
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You did an exceptional job on this one, mostly on negative space management. It makes the whole drawing that much more powerful.

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Thank you! I really wasn't expecting to win but it really made my day! :love:
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Congrats on the win! :D
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Congratulations on your win!
It looks so nice and dark.  Its a good look for Bobby.  Bet people would take him more seriously this way.
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Thank you!

I always imagine if someone were to come up to me in a dark cloak, with a scythe, and sporting a menacing smile I'd take them a little bit more seriously then usual. XD Just a hunch.
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Awesooooome. I always want to do THINGS for Halloween, but it seems to fall at such an inopportune time for arting ... this looks great! So dark and sinister.
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What are you talking about? You did a Halloween piece! You always do Halloween things! And they're always so creative! Like you actually give them detailed costumes!
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ooo.  erie.  Me likes.  XD  
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Very nice work there!
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Your very welcome!Seriously it came off great and showed Bobby in more of a dark light(That hopefully won't be in the GNS) which was a nice bit of contrast compared to his nice and caring side.
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Thanks. Yeah I didn't have enough time to think up some cleaver costumes for I just went with dark. Reaper. And then I was like 'who's the nicest fellow I can put in a Reaper costume?' . . .AH!


That's my genius right der at work. XD
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