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Before the storm

This is the result of an art trade with the lovely ~RosesAndThorns , being my interpretation of “what might have been” (perhaps what really was?) with Lily and Severus of Harry Potter fame. It is my second digital painting ever…and I was literally teaching myself how to use a tablet and photoshop as I went along. I really am quite proud of the finished product.

Lily was painted first (and yes, I painted those lips—it took hours)and Severus was done second. It’s a shame that the best shading I did was on him and it’s covered by his hair… perhaps I will upload WIP pics in scraps, if anyone cares. He needed to look as sallow as possible, so I played up the green, gray and yellow tones in his face. Since much of the positions, clothing, hair, etc came from my imagination, it won’t be perfect. I don’t want it to be. It’s a painting and it should look like one.

Lastly, ominous feel was quite intentional. I think there are too many cheery Lily and Severus pictures…after all, their affection was unrequited and troubled. In addition, when they were at Hogwarts, Voldemort was gaining power.

Full view makes it look so much better...

My first painting: [link]
This is an improvement, yes?

30+ hrs (probably)
Wacom tablet
Photoshop CS


Lily: *lilbittydemon-stock (I was quite flattered when my fiancé took a glance at her photo and thought it was me :))
Severus: ~fytastock [link]

Clouds and fabric: Obsidian Dawn [link]
Bark: =kjherstin [link]

Harry Potter is (c) J. K. Rowling and Scholastic Publications
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totally love this pic. It's awesome! Don't see many good pics of Lily and Severus together like this.

I can tel you put a lot of hard work and time into this! It looks great!! <33
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Thank you! This picture's quite old of these days, I'll get around to doing another one. :)
doesn't look that old. Let me know when you get around to doing another pic! I'd love to see it!
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What a beautiful couple, beautiful picture.
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Thank you very much! :)
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:) you're welcome
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It's awsome! I wish I could people.
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Thanks! Drawing people takes patience and practice. I'm learning something new each time. :)
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Ahhh I don't generally fave two drawings from the same artist at once, but I do feel that need here o.o Extremely well done!

I got caught by the emotions this piece displays. Lily looks so open and trusting and... well... tired, while Severus seems to be totally captured and entranced by her, like he just can't look away. Ahh, he's so in love, it's obvious here xD

Like has been said numerous times before, the lips are incredibly beautiful and realistic, not only Lily's but also Severus'. I also think you chose a hard angle to draw from, that's a hard position of the head.
There are a lot of nice small touches to this that make me like it. The colours of their skins, Lily's nose, Sev's chin, his hair, her eyes.

All in all it makes a beautiful picture. I like the background too, it illustrates the mood of the painting even more.

Beautiful piece, and again, I love the emotion.
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Thank you so much for your detailed comment. I'm so happy that the emotion that I tried to infuse in the drawing meant something to you! :)
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i :heart: this so much!! Lily's lips are just amazing. and severus' colouring! it's so refreshing, most people seem to make him grey....
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Thank you! Now that you mention it, there is a lot of art that has Snape sans color, which is a bit unfair and cheap considering he is still human. :)
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you're welcome! hehe it's true, so many people mistake "pale" for "no colour at all"!:)
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woah, this is amazing. lily's mouth is spot on.
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:clap: Lovely illustration. There is a lot of realism there especially with the hair. Simply awesome.
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Wow what a beautiful art :heart:
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Beautiful, not only very well drawn but also beautifully imagined, I love her open sense of trust the way she goes to sleep against his shoulder, and his protective, possessive and almost obsessive intensity with which he watches her.
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