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Chibi Paladin, LightBringer Armor by Fereshkan Chibi Paladin, LightBringer Armor :iconfereshkan:Fereshkan 6 1 Montgomery Coppersworth by Fereshkan Montgomery Coppersworth :iconfereshkan:Fereshkan 3 2 The Oracle  Chibisized! by Fereshkan The Oracle Chibisized! :iconfereshkan:Fereshkan 3 3
Another monotonous day passes by
Nothing lost, nothing gained
The garden remains the same
But wait
Was that flower always there
Was that bush always so high
Only in retrospect do I notice the transition
Subtle changes creeping inside
I'm just along for the ride
Days have come and gone
Am I still me or just a con
A part of me has withered and died
Unsure of whats growing in my newly fertilized soul
Weeds hiding the sprouts as I look from the outside
Blind to what I planted, I go away for another monotonous stroll
One day in the future when I take note of my garden once more
Hindsight will show me who I am now, and who I was once before
:iconfereshkan:Fereshkan 2 0
Fairy Metal by Fereshkan Fairy Metal :iconfereshkan:Fereshkan 0 3
Bound by Time
We are one and all bound by time
Some shorter, some longer
In this world where most insist on a correlation between happiness and success
These fools are enslaved during their climb
Trying to hasten success
Is nothing more than one step forward, two steps back
Basing our well being on this grand success is hollow indeed
Why torment ourselfs with  unnecessary stress
Reevaluate what you think makes you happy
Treating oneself to material things
Only distracts momentarily
Yet, most eyes are blind to this, sadly
Connections, friendship, and generosity is the best way to be satisfied
Altruism is truly the key to being happy
Our time may be long or short, it matters not
Find others in which you can confide
Negativity from outside or within
Affects the mind all the same
Pick your thoughts and company you keep carefully
We are all bound by time, why not spend it with a grin
:iconfereshkan:Fereshkan 2 0
My eyes shine brightly as I look ahead
Alas, the ego won't let it be this simple
Internal conflict brought about
Self loathing, destruction, and doubt
I dim my own light by resisting these words
Thoughts I have misread
I look at this self sabotage and do what comes naturally
Surly I didn't create these thoughts
It must be some daemon twisting the soul
But the truth is hard to swallow
My mouth screams BLASPHEMY as I realize I am the source of my own chastity
Fighting against our destructive side only leaves us broken wanting to hide
Yet this shadow of our self was made by shoving down our negativity
Marching forward we pretend its all fine
The shadow is still there always dulling our shine
Continuing to ignore it is our biggest crime
All the shadow wants
Is our attention and a little time
Self doubt can be an opportunity to learn
Instead of burying it back down and trying to fix ourself
Integrate the light and shadow
Ask why I'm trying to sabotage
Hug your shadow, do not shove!
All thes
:iconfereshkan:Fereshkan 1 1
Joy of Delirium
Staring out at the horizon
My mind engulfed by the coming storm
Clouds of madness whispering to me
Always there, always near
Whispering, whispering the joy of delirium
Sanity Lapses, reason collapses
Intellect no longer needed
Judgement is fading
What is right and wrong
Black and white blur into gray
As myself begins to decay
*insert crazy laugh*
Whispers always present
Whispers filling my ear
With the joy of delirium
How can I stand with the storm ever blowing
Sanity lapses, reason collapses
Solid ground turned to shifting sand
Darkness engulfs the sky
Sanity lapses, reason collapses
I can't even begin to wonder why
Why I commit this self torment
Whispers always present
Whispers filling my ear
This voice is different and so very near
My own inner voice bringing focus back
Breath in Breath out
Lucidity returned
Once more at peace with my demons
I am content
:iconfereshkan:Fereshkan 1 3
Kormen Kegsmasher by Fereshkan Kormen Kegsmasher :iconfereshkan:Fereshkan 4 2 Halfling Bard by Fereshkan Halfling Bard :iconfereshkan:Fereshkan 2 0 Dicentra #2! by Fereshkan Dicentra #2! :iconfereshkan:Fereshkan 0 1 Dicentra by Fereshkan Dicentra :iconfereshkan:Fereshkan 3 1 Smile! by Fereshkan Smile! :iconfereshkan:Fereshkan 4 2 Toketsu Headshot by Fereshkan Toketsu Headshot :iconfereshkan:Fereshkan 2 0 Art vs Artist by Fereshkan Art vs Artist :iconfereshkan:Fereshkan 1 8 Cleric of Lathander by Fereshkan Cleric of Lathander :iconfereshkan:Fereshkan 1 0


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