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I'd like to buy 40 pictures for a fic which I want to make into a picture book.  I want very simple black & white line art or ink art, minimalist, about 100 strokes per picture. (More strokes isn't bad; it's just too slow and expensive for me.)

The job is basically 4 very simple and 9 not-as-simple backgrounds, plus 70-80 figures (that's one old man 40 times, the unicorn 14 times, a salesman 5 times, a poet 4 times, a little girl 3 or 4 times, and 8-15 children and parents with 1 appearance each).

Not realistic 3D art.  Not manga. Not kawaii, but not serious or somber either.  Preferably in some style of your own.

Think of Shel Silverstein's
The Giving Tree.

Or The Little Prince.

Or The Phantom Tollbooth.

Or Ernest Shepherd's illustrations for Winnie-the-Pooh.
Or Harold's Purple Crayon.

Please do click on the links and look at those pictures; they explain what I want better than words can.

Most of those pictures have no background to speak of, and leave most of the page blank.  That's what I'm looking for.  For instance, the scenes in the garden don't need clouds, birds flying overhead, a house in the background, or even the grass outside of the garden.  The garden is just some flowers with some blades of grass off to either side.  Literally like 6-10 flowers from a side view.  The scenes indoors don't need calendars on the wall, patterns on the wall, knotholes in wood, or anything like that.  Enough to know this is a home, this is a store.

No shadows, no shading unless it's simple, like the dots or crosshatches in the examples above.  You can use grayscale, just don't go all 3D or realistic on me.  Showing each scene in profile or side view is fine.  No need for 3D perspective or fancy camera angles unless you want to.

Color is a plus, but only if each picture still works in grayscale.

Each page will have one picture and 0 to 4 lines of text.
Location headings note places where the artist can re-use backgrounds.  There are only 13 different locations or views, so you don't have to draw more than 13 backgrounds.  Re-using backgrounds is good, because repetition is part of the story's style.  This means that the figures will need to make broad gestures or expressions to make the different illustrations using the same background distinct.

Here are the first 6 pages:


Once there was an old man who worked in his flower garden every day.

[There's no ART line here because the text implies it's a picture of an old man working in a flower garden. The introductory notes have already explained that the old man is grumpy throughout.]


He grew petunias and pansies, daisies and daffodils, carnations and chrysanthemums, all for his wife.

[ART: The old man coming indoors, wiping sweat from his forehead with one hand, holding flowers in the other.]


[No text]

[ART: One wall of the old man's bedroom. In the center of the picture is a dresser or other piece of furniture, with a photograph of his wife on it, and a vase by the photo, holding the flowers that the old man carried in the previous picture. The old man is walking off-stage, moving in the opposite direction than he was on the previous page to indicate he has come and now is leaving. He still looks grumpy. You don't have to show the entire bedroom or the entire man; waist-up of him is fine here, and you want to get close enough in for us to see that the photo is of an old woman.]


One morning, the old man went out to pull weeds from the garden, like he did every morning.

[ART: The old man kneeling in the garden. Behind him, a unicorn is watching.]


[No text]

[ART: The old man looks behind him and sees the unicorn smiling at him. He doesn't react.]


After he finished weeding the garden, he walked to the gardening store.


"How can I help you?" the salesman asked.

"I need something that will keep unicorns out of my garden," the old man said.

The salesman blinked in surprise.  "Unicorns are imaginary," he said.

"Then it shouldn't be too hard to find something that will keep them out of my garden," the old man said.

All 40 need to be done by the last day of June.

Price must include rights to reproduce each picture electronically and in print, and, in case I need to tweak something for printing, whatever source file you used to make it.

If you're interested, reply with:

  • a link to artwork you've done

  • what you'd charge to do all 40 by June 30, in dollars, Euros, or pounds

  • what you'd charge as a kill fee for a watermarked sample drawing of page 5 above

  • any questions you have for me

"Kill fee" means how much I pay you for the sample drawing if I decide not to buy it.  The lower it is, the more likely I am to ask for a sample.

For faster response, email me at .



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I can't art. I GIMP. I take screenshots and combine them using GIMP to make illustrations for my fan-fiction.


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