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The Land of Ar-kinuth

Fantasy landscape concept
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Absolutely beautiful work. I would love to buy the larger prints that capture the whole image, currently the larger (24x60) ones cut off portions of the complete artwork.

Your work ALWAYS catches my eye! No matter where I see it, the thumbnail reads so well and draws me in and I am never surprised that it ends up being yours. Well done!
amazing id love to know what brushes you used for this painting?
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May I use this as a public map for my chatsite? example:
No profit is to be made of it.

You will get full credit as well.
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Nice :O

Wish I could draw like that :)
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I love your works!!
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Great work ! I love it.Heart 
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Wich brushes did you use? Where can one download them?;)
Maybe I may to use your graphics on
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Very serene.
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Simply incredible...i have a feeling of freedom when i look at it....faves definitely!
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Do you get your inspiration from Tolkien's works? It's what these pieces remind me of :) 
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Amazing! It looks great. :)
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Amazing art. Love your style
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Love the way your newest stuff reads. It hits just right.
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